You need training sissy!

sissy training phone sexLook at you, back again for your training hmm? You’re looking particularly faggot fairy princess like today and I plan to take full advantage of your sissy bitch ass. I even got you a few things to dress you up in and get you on the right track to becoming more of the little fag you are! Panties galore for your tiny little dickie… it fits in these tiny undies so easily! We might not even have to cut it off… it’s just like the size of a larger clit now wouldn’t you agree? There you go… now all we have to do now is shave your entire body because we both know a real woman, a classy lady keeps herself smooth as butter! Mmm, now now, I know this is hard for you to admit, but soon you will be transformed into the best sissy whore of them all and you will feel so much better so stop your bitching and your crying because you have oh so much more coming your way! And by that I mean by the time I am done with you, you’ll know how to suck cock and ride cock like any other slut out there and you will learn to love it too! I’ll make you of course. Don’t forget who is in charge here, you still totally disgust me and your fucking faggot ass is beyond pathetic you little sissy bitch. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am going to help you get to the ultimate level of sissy. So pick your toy, the toy that is going to be shoved fully into that tight little ass of yours and then forced into your mouth to suck and deep throat. I warned you that today was training day so don’t fucking bother wasting my time trying to get out of this. You wanted to be a girl, you gotta act like a girl. You’re my sissy slut now.

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