You dirty little nasty thot

Toilet Slave Phone Sex

Webster is the guy who lives across the road from my grandmother’s house he’s really weird too. Webster is around 50 ish he could be older though And he’s a grouch. he’s always screaming out of his door at me calling me names like trifling. Nasty slut and so many other names I look at him and laugh. You old motherfucker you don’t know me that’s what I shouted out to him. One day he looked at me and said bitch I know you I know you’re a your a trifling thot and you don’t hide it well. I laughed at him and pointed the middle finger at him I said fuck you old man you don’t know me you don’t know anything about me then that old bastard said I’ve got $300 tell me how good I can get to know you for $300 you fucking slut. I laughed at him then I walked to his front door he said no come in bitch I want to get my fucking dick sucked so I fell to my knees I told him to give me the money And I grabbed his cock and started sucking it like a fucking whore. He was telling me I told you you were a fucking whore you’re just a thot suck my cock bitch and I sucked his cock until he spewed juice all over my face. So I guess I am just a fucking thot

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