Yes daddy

hot ass sexLike being a good slut who loves to obey her master. I have dabbled in the sub-scene and have figured out that I love getting my pussy and ass played with after I have had some fun discipline sessions. My new sugar daddy is one who doesn’t like vanilla sex all the time. Yes, we do all that lovey do very shit but a couple of times out of the week we pull out the toys. It started one day just hanging out playing with my daddy; He wanted to spice up the mood a bit, so he pulled out a whip and a paddle and started to hit my tight bum. It was getting me all worked and up and ready for some hot ass sex with him. It drove daddy crazy how wet I had become. My pussy juices just started to run down, and my legs were open sesame. I couldn’t wait for that daddy dick. Daddy shoved me on the bed and begun to take what he wanted. My sweet pussy was being pounded inch by inch. I was all flustered and had become warm with the rush of being spanked that I was feeling rush. My ass and pussy were burning and pretty much beet red at this point. I could feel the wetness everywhere, and daddy could get too. I was such a perfect princess for my sugar daddy. I think I made daddy very proud.

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