Wild things

What do you get when two naughty nymphos link up? You get a hell of a party. When my friend Cassi invited me over to her house, I knew we were going to get into some naughty fun.

I for one find her brother so cute, so there was that, I find her cuter, so I knew something was going to go down. 😉

We invited a couple of our friends to come and hang out and join us, and while we were chilling in the living room, we all could hear some loud porn on the surround system.  Of course, we wanted to know what it was.

We walked in on her brother jerking his hard cock and watching some nothing other than teen orgy porn.

Silly boy, why not take advantage of the teen sluts downstairs?

Guess we were teasing him too much he had to resort to porn, or maybe it was his plan all along.

  Anyways his plan worked cause we ended up coming on to him hard, as much as he tried to resist we kept persisting and when four cute whores want your dick, of course, you are going to cave in eventually.

I knew Cassi was down with the incest thing and that in itself drove me wild.

She took the lead, and I followed.

I liked seeing her go down on her older brother and ultimately I loved eating her young bald pussy.

So as you can see whenever we end up hanging out, we tend to do some crazy things together. 

We have done it all. I especially like how sweet an innocent we both look, but we are total dominant nymphs who can make any guy or girl do whatever we please.

So, get to it and come fuck with us. Let us mind fuck you and give you the best phone fuck ever.

We can make your cock grow and burst real quick. 😉


young bald pussy

young bald pussy

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