Whiskey, Sex, and Thunderstorms

Phone SexWhiskey, sex, and thunderstorms. That says it all! Three of my favorite things.

Put them all together and you know something good is going to happen!

We have had  a hundred degree heat and no rain for two weeks so when I heard there was a storm coming, I grabbed a little Jim Beam and a blanket and sat out by the water, just watching it roll on in.

The cool breeze felt so fresh as it calmed the sweat dripping from my tits.

The lightening streaked across the sky and the power went out. With nothing to do, my neighbor decided to come out and hang with me.

We took turns taking shots as we lay on the blanket just letting the breeze wash over us.

The sky opened up and drenched our bodies with rain and I could see his first instinct was to run but as he looked over and saw my thin cotton dress soaked against my skin, he decided to stay!

The coolness of the rain only intensified the heat of his hard cock as I ground my wet pussy against him.

I could feel his hard head sliding against my clit as he parted my lips and pushed deep inside me!

He pushed deep slow and hard in perfect rhythm to the low strong rumble of the thunder.

I wanted him so bad, I couldn’t pull him far enough inside me!

His penetrating thrust continued as we rolled around in the rain while our bodies clenched and consumed each other!

The power and intensity was overwhelming and I couldn’t hold back!

I could feel his juice rush deep inside me, causing my back to arch as if being pulled up into the storm!

I had never felt such an intense orgasm as my insides rolled and rumbled with every powerful thrust of his massive meat!

We stayed there for hours after we were done, just letting the rain wash over our skin. Our bodies were so relaxed, neither of us wanted the feeling to end.

Yup…whiskey, sex, and thunderstorms…a perfect combination!

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