Where’s The Golden Egg

Hot ass sexIt’s Easter weekend and our family is ready to celebrate with our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Of course we love getting the little ones together to ¬†decorate the eggs before Daddy hides them all over the house and yard like every other family. But our Easter egg hunt has a twist that is kinky family fun for everyone. Daddy puts everyone’s name in a hat and picks a name. Whoever he picks has to put the Golden Egg inside of them. No one knows who it is except Daddy and whoever has it has to hold it in either their ass or twat. The rules are simple, find the Golden Egg, and you must use your mouth not your hands. We spend the entire day searching each others holes with our mouths looking for the prize while Daddy films, takes pictures and jerks his cock with delight. Daddy loves making the Holidays interesting for us and we love playing Daddy’s games. Young and old we all enjoy the festivities. Happy hunting….

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