Waves of Death

You are the most evil man I have ever known. You control my pussy and my clit so much that I cannot have an orgasm unless you allow me to. Your favorite kind of torture is pain and vibration to the point where I want to cum down my legs, but you just won’t allow it. I know if I cannot hold back that you will kill me. But you spend hours on my clit, with all your toys and even your tongue. My ability to hold back is waning, I am becoming exhausted.

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I hang from the rafters, my nipples are numb from the clamps that are in place to make sure I cannot squirm away from you. You have been playing with my pathetic cunt all morning, and speaking to me so gently, trying to convince me to play into your game. I am not allowed to beg or even look at you, and you show me no mercy. The blades of your knives and the vibration from the dildo have made my clitoris tingle so badly I have pissed myself. But I won’t cum – not until you allow me to.

I am sweating and I try to take my mind anywhere else, but my legs are like rubber and my pussy is on fire. I can feel the orgasm licking at my body and I know you can sense it too. I try my best to hide it, but my goosebumps are giving me away. You stand next to me and begin to kiss my neck. Such cruelty for a fuckpig like me, to lick my body as if you have affection for me. The waves of orgasm begin to run up my back, and despite myself my cunt begins to throb. Your hand is between my legs, and so I know you can feel it. I have lost the game, and now I will lose my life…

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