Wallet Rape Fantasy


Financial Domination Phone Sex


It’s time to drain you completely, piggy. We’ve had some fun really rinsing that bank account in the past but I think we should really humiliate a piece of shit slime like you properly. I’m going to put a collar and leash on you and you are going to have to walk on all fours up to the atm like the little filthy pup you are. What’s your pin number, oinker? Say it louder, I want the pretty girl behind us in line to hear it too because I’m handing the card to her next. The only thing that makes my tight pretty pink pussy wet is when I hear the sound of the cash machine dispensing my money. Now that you’ve handed over your entire paycheck, I think we should check the balance on your pathetic savings account. Kiss that vacation goodbye- disgusting worms like you do not deserve to rest. You’re only point of existing is to make a perfect FinDom Princess happy. I hope you can get used to ramen noodles. Toss the seasoning packet, you don’t even deserve the luxury of flavor. Call me next week as soon as your direct deposit hits, or we’ll be working some blackmail into the mix. 😉

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