Unleashed by pornography

Young bald pussyI look forward to every second that I can devote to watching pornography and and playing with my young bald pussy. That’s how I start my days, every single day. I think about ways that I can spend time watching porn and moving away from everything else so that I can spend as much time stroking my Pervert’s penis and being naked while watching porn. My whole entire life is focused on that fact that every single fucking day revolves around my perfect cunt. I love what pornography does to me and my Pervert. It’s unbelievable how it just takes overpowers your body, it feels soooo good! My whole existence is based around pornography, literally! Knowing that my Pervert and I work every day around watching porn and maximizing our time so that we are able to be as indulgent as possible. Our eyes are glued to the screen when we watch, it’s absolutely mesmerizing to see endless naked bodies and filth! Pornography is our fuel and the transmitter for all sexual energy! It drives me completely out of my mind and I love that. It’s always a sexual frenzy with my Pervert and I love being that way with him! We are literally unleashed by pornography! We build our whole entire life around it! Everything else is secondary next to sex and our addiction to deviant porn.

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