Under Arrest

Nothing’s better than some dirty role play – especially when I get to dress up in a sexy outfit and take charge. I put on my Officer Slut uniform and suddenly my wet pussy has all the authority. I sneak up behind my man and cuff his wrists together behind him. “You’re under arrest,” I whisper into his ear as I slip my hand into his pants and wrap my fingers around his growing cock. He feels so hard in my hand that my body quivers with anticipation. I push him down onto the couch and he see’s me standing there. My round tits look so luscious in my uniform and my long, tan legs go for miles when I stand over him in my high heels. His cock is standing straight up, as hard as a statue. I drop to my knees in front of him and slowly run my tongue around the tip of his pulsating cock. He had the right to remain silent, but when I opened up wide and slid my mouth all the down his shaft, he let out a loud moan. That was just a little tease. I wanted him to fuck the police, and I wanted it bad. I stood up with my back to him and bent over so that he could see my pink pussy drip. I sat right on his cock and slid my pussy down around his dick, bouncing up and down while he squeezed my firm ass cheeks in his hands until I made him cum deep inside me. Law enforcement at it’s finest, if you ask me!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Savannah
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