Uncle Ray’s Foot Fetish

When I found out Uncle Ray was coming to town I got wet instantly. I called the salon and made my appointment for a mani/pedi. Then I went out and bought a new and slutty fuck me outfit just for Uncle Ray.
I know that what I am wearing won’t matter as long as my feet are soft and have a fresh pedicure. He appreciates the way the rest of me looks and he loves to play but the highlight for him is when I let him take my feet into his mouth.
He licks and sucks them like a man eating pussy. No other guy has ever mouth fucked my feet like Uncle Ray does.
His cock gets so hard and my pussy gets so wet all I want is for him to fuck me. But I know I have to be patient.
First I have to take his cock between my feet and jerk him off. Curling my toes around the head of his dick and caressing it gently with my feet until he cums all over my toes.
He always takes me then and kisses me deep running his hands over my body and getting us both hot and bothered before he lays down for me and lets me ride his dick hard and deep, pinching and pulling my nipples until we explode onto and into each other.
I love Uncle Ray’s foot fetish and the way he makes me feel.

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