Trust me you can take it!

tranny phone sexMy sweet lover Frank was so intimidated by my giant dick, he was afraid that it would hurt but after some gentle pushing it all just slid right on in and I was able to fuck him for hours and hours. Now of course, he’s addicted to my giant dick and really, who could blame him? I’m a beautiful woman in every way, I just happen to have a big, thick cock, honestly I am the perfect package and he knows it! That’s why he treats me so well, he’s always spoiling me rotten and indulging my every whim, honestly he is the perfect boyfriend. Plus he’s a real man, a man that knows how to take control and make me want him so bad! Usually I’m so dominate but with him I can indulge my softer side and let him take control and fuck me however he pleases to. We really have the perfect relationship, I don’t see how it could get better!

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