Traffic Court

hot phone sex shannonIt’s been a long fucking winter. Now that we are finally getting some sunshine and warmer weather, my head has just been in the clouds. I was driving my car with the music turned up loud, when I suddenly realized the traffic light in front of me changed to red.  It was too late and I floored my car through the intersection. I made it fine but the oncoming car swerved and hit another. I pulled over so I could make sure the drivers were okay. Good thing I wore my super mini skirt and low cut blouse – I was going to need their help today. I sauntered over in my sexiest walk and was all apologies. Both drivers were men and they give me more than a few up and down glances. Mike was a friendly shy boy, who blushed when I looked him in the eyes.  David was an uptight business manager and even though there was barely a scratch on his vehicle, he was threatening to call the police. I could not let that happen.
I pouted my pretty face and asked if there was anything I could do to convince him not to call the police. Mike said he was fine and did not want to press charges. David was adamant that further action be taken.  I pleaded with Mike to please help me get David to change his mind. I promised him he could have anything he wanted from me in return. His eyes twinkled and I could see the bulge in his jeans growing.
Mike took David aside but I could not hear their conversation. All I know is that David stomped off and drove away.  I looked at Mike and he was smiling ear to ear. He bent down and told me to follow him to his place and he would explain everything.  I happily followed Mike for the short drive to his house. I was curious to hear how he got David to change his mind. I walked in behind Mike and he quickly shut the door. He was a very tall man.  About 6’6 and 220 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair. He bent over and looked at me with very serious eyes. “Do you realize you could have killed someone tonight?”  My eyes started to well up with tears. I said I was sorry and that it would not happen again. He gruffly pulled me by the arm and tossed me onto the couch.
Mike sat down next to me and told me I was going to have to make it up to him as I promised. I looked up at him and heard him unzip his pants. My eyes looked down and saw his giant cock standing at attention. I got on my knees in front of him and freed his cock from out of his pants. I looked up at Mike and stared into his eyes.  I opened my mouth and kissed the head of his penis. I slowly began to lick the underside of his shaft.  I could feel him grow harder as I made my way to the base of his cock.  I cupped my hands around his balls and then gently gave them a squeeze. I lifted my head and opened wide to take his throbbing member into my velvety soft throat. I bobbed up and down on his manhood sucking and licking as hard as I could. Mike’s breathing was becoming ragged and I knew he was close. He shot his hot load deep in my throat and I sucked down every last drop.
After Mike regained his composure, I asked if we were all good. He smiled and said that I had learned a valuable lesson today. Puzzled, I gave him a questioning look. He laughed and pulled out his badge and flashed it in front of me. Turns out Mike was an off duty officer and had told Dan that he would prosecute me to the fullest. I guess in his own way he did.  We exchanged numbers and have kept in touch. A girl never knows when she might need a get out of jail free card

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