Too Much is Never Enough

There was a huge gangbang at my place this past weekend. Lucky me – I was the only girl there. Of course, I could have invited more girlies, but I wanted all those huge hard cocks and mountains of cum all to myself. I was going to be a greedy little cum whore. As the guys started showing up, the fun got going quickly. I made sure to wear black so that I could see every drop of cum as it landed all over me.

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The first five guys stood around me while I knelt on the floor. They were so worked up as I took each of their cocks in my mouth and sucked them off that they would just squirt cum all over my face and head. So much cum came out, as I had told them to save it up for a few days. This cum hungry whore wasn’t messing around!

More and more men showed up, bringing guys I had never met before. It was such a turn on that they had all come over just to fuck me. They practically carried me to the bed, with their hands groping my huge tits, and tossed me down. So many of them all over me at once, squeezing my ass and sucking my nipples. I was in gangbang heaven. Then their fingers and cocks explored all my holes and I got pounded by every cock that walked in that night. I had such a good time I am having another party – wanna cum?

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