Time for Ballwasher to go in the Burn Book

Biggest cum shotThe rumors are really true, the Faggot Ballwasher himself called me up to tell me about his biggest cum shot and confess to me what a horny cum guzzling fag boy he really is deep down to his core! In fact, he’s such a good cocksucking ballwashing faggot that he knows his way around these dicks like an absolute pro. The way he manhandles cum-filled nutsacks is unlike anything I have ever seen! I had heard through the grapevine that he loves having his asshole fucked while gagging on a throbbing dick but I only took those rumors with a grain of salt. But now, I have actual proof! Even though we had just introduced ourselves to one another, he had already told me all about his affinity for bulging boners. He spilled his little heart out to me and told me that the biggest penis he has ever swallowed down his throat was ten inches long, that’s pretty fuckin large if you ask me! I really cannot believe how fucked up he truly is, I had to find out on my own just how filthy of a Ballwasher this faggot is on a daily basis! He really is that fuckin depraved! Little does he know that I went and spilled his little secret to my bestie Caprice. We giggled and laughed all day long about how humiliating that must be for him to know that we consider it a hobby to make fun of him and his pathetic micro-penis as we bask in his pathetic fag-boy antics. If anyone deserves to go in my Burn Book of faggots, it’s Ballwasher! Caprice and I are going to literally let everyone know about this mess, i’m sure they’ll all get a kick out of it just as much as we do! There’s even a few new girls here at the company who were recently hired, Caprice and I will be sure to fill them in on all the juicy details as well! It’s only right that all of our hott friends are well aware of how much cock control we have over him! Ballwasher is the nastiest faggot that I have ever had the pleasure of humiliating, put that in the Burn Book!Cock control

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