Time For A Lesson

strap-on phone sex melindaThe girls are watching. They are snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow. Their phones on record. Like little directors they are telling mommy and her beautiful blonde friend exactly what they want us to do. “Look this way Mom. Give me a pout. Pinch a nipple. Now pull it. Good, good. Lean in. Stick your tongue out and lick that nipple. Go Mom, you got it. Make it hot and sexy.” ¬†Listening to them tell me what they ant me to do is making me wetter and hotter then what I am actually doing. Finally they can’t stand it any more and they start to sound like they have run a marathon. Breathing heavy I can tell they are both getting horny themselves. Their sweet budding and bald little pussies are starting to get wet right along with mine. Tiny nipples hardening and showing through their thin shirts as if the temperature in the room just dropped to below freezing. As the youngest one instructs me to buckle on the strap-on I know that the filming is about to stop and they are about to join us. Right on cue they put the cameras down and get on their hands and knees begging me to fuck their tight little holes with the strap on while asking my girlfriend to lay in front of them so they can taste her sweet honey pot. Every time I think they are going to get a lesson in something new they teach me just how much they have grown and how much they love sex. They are just like mommy!¬†hot phone sex special

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