There’s A New Sitter In Town

adult phone chat You knew as soon as you saw me that you wanted me to be your new sitter. I knew as soon as I saw you that you needed some sitting of your own. I couldn’t believe that the Mrs didn’t notice how you were looking at me or how I was devouring every inch of you with my eyes. There was no mistaking the growing dick in your pants. I wish that you could see the growing wet spot in my panties. You hovered over me while introducing me to my charge and I couldn’t help letting my hand run across your hardening dick. It felt so delicious! All I could think of is how you could slip back home with out your obviously oblivious side kick so we could have some fun. Excusing myself I went to the bathroom and slipped my now soaked panties off. I placed them in the cabinet under the sink. When I returned I made sure to flash you my sweet bald pussy before whispering in your ear that I left you a treat under the sink. When you returned from the bathroom your smile told me you found it and when you leaned in to talk to me the smell on your face told me that you tasted it too. I was hoping that the juices would not run down my leg and give me away. The only thing I could think about was that hard cock so deep inside me that it shoved my ovaries into my nostrils.

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