The weekend

hot phone sex chloeI was ready to go out and be wild! I couldn’t wait to run into friends this weekend, and get some yummy goodies in my mouth. I am at my friends house party right now, and you would not believe who I see. I see my mothers best friends husband. I didn’t know he liked parties. He came up to me and asked me what I was doing there. I laughed and told him I was there to suck his cock in front of everyone. Little did I know his response was going to be “well you better get to it, if you don’t want me to tell your father you are here”. I sure hope he wouldn’t tell my father, but anyways who cares if he did. I just know that I am going to suck his cum right out of that cock of his and make sure I let him fuck my face so good that he won’t tell my daddy anything. I get on my knees in front of everyone, all eyes are on me. I unbutton his pants and whip out that monster fat pole and put my lips around it. I shove it deep in my mouth, so deep I could choke. I can tell he likes it when I look up at him with my eyes and see his face. I  grab those kumquats full of juicy sweet cum, they feel so full and ready to explode. He pulls my hair and takes my bra and shirt off in one swoop, and tells me to open my mouth wide. He shoots his load out all over my face,  in my mouth, and all over my little titties. Talk about getting some goodies in my mouth, now all my friends want a turn!

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