The Perfect Date


The Perfect Date

You are so tall; I would have to climb up on a step ladder to look you in the eye.  But the place you belong to look up at me is on your knees.  You ask me what the perfect date is.  It starts with you making reservations at my favorite restaurant and surprising me with a bottle of expensive wine. As we are sipping wine and enjoying a pricey meal on your dime, you slip your shoe off and start to rub your foot all over my sopping wet pussy under the table. I occasionally adjust myself to accommodate your toes and gentle massaging, I lean back and stare at you while sipping a glass of wine and edge me into a constant state arousal.  We chit chat and talk. You stop foot fucking me as we start dessert.  Towards the end, you give me one of many pieces of jewelry to show your appreciation of the hot piece of ass that lets you fuck her.  It’s a bracelet, tasteful but with large enough diamonds for it to be noticed from across the room.  This is the goal, being seen with a woman like me that is quickly noticed from across the room by everyone.  I know your cock is hard, and more than anything you want to sink yourself all that way up my ass.  But you still haven’t earned it.  It’s still early and you have so much more pleasing to do for me yet.

We skip the movie; I tell you it sounded boring and stifle a yawn.  Instead you take me to this scenic spot in the park where we can see a foggy view of the city next to the river and bridge.  You go down on me there, in full view for anyone to watch if they happen to be crossing the east side of the bridge.  We attract a couple of on lookers, I’m certain I see one holding their phone and recording my back arching and thighs locked on either side of your head.  Nothing would please me more than if a cop came by and ticketed us (which you would pay for, of course). Watching you give them your information while your mouth is glistening with my pussy juices would be the high light of my evening.

Finally we stumble into my apartment after we make a few stops at a couple hipster pubs on the way.  We are both nice and tipsy.  We play our favorite game; you get on your knees and beg me to let you fuck me.  I act disinterested, play on my phone while lying naked on the couch.  I rub my nipples and stomach as you plead with me.  I order you to rub your cock for me, show me how hard you can get.  I force you to bring yourself to the point of cumming, and then scream at you to stop! When I finally just want your cock inside of me I spread my legs with a smile and purr at what a good boy you are.  You spill your load inside of me and it drips out and leaks all over my labia. I hold your heaving body for a bit and stroke your hair, telling you what a good boy you are. 

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