The Helpful Neighbor- Part One

phone sexI recently moved into a new duplex with one of my friends. I’m mostly alone during the day so I try to fix things up around the place. Well my lightbulb in my room went out and I don’t have a step-ladder to go up and change it. So I figured I could go ask my neighbor. His wife did just go out of town and asked us to check on him from time to time.
I went over and knock softly and he came to the door. He was shirtless and just in some sweatpants. I tried hard not to stare down too much. I’ve been trying to be good. He’s older than me but still in decent shape, I blushed slightly as I explained my problem. He offered to lend his step-ladder and come help me change it. So I led him over.
I watched him get up and fix the light. I hadn’t notice that I had started to grab onto his leg while watching him and biting my lip. He looked down at me and gave me a little smirk, and I felt myself getting more turned on. At this point, I lost all care that he was married. I wasn’t meant to be behaved anyways.

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