The Camera Catches it All

The camera is rolling and I am here to make your film the success you want it to be. The cameraman knows he will get to fuck my dead body when its over, and it turns me on that he agreed to that form of payment. He knows my pussy will still be warm even though my body will be lifeless. You start by fucking me as if it were a normal film and not a snuff movie. I am dressed up, makeup done perfectly, and I am not even scared. I crave the sting of the blades to come and I have been groomed for months for this day

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The weeks in your dungeon as you used the knives and pins and needles all over my body. Draining my blood to the point where I passed out. You had to find my limits. You had to find what would look good on your tape. You transfused the blood back in and brought me back to keep the experiment going and bring my tolerance to a level that your clients will eat up. Finally a girl that you can slit her legs from knee to pussy and simply smile back at you.

You begin with the blades and my sweet fresh red blood pours out. My nipples come off like a knife cutting through butter and they fall to the floor. I see the cameraman’s cock get hard because he knows it won’t be long now. I take a knife in my own hand and begin to poke it right in my gut. Not many girls can manage this move – you have been the best teacher. I start to choke on my own blood and it pours out of the corners of my mouth. No screaming, just smiling. The taste is glorious and you are so proud. I begin to feel dizzy and cold, and thats when you place the big blade by my left ear and swiftly pull it all the way to the right. My head falls back and you cum deep inside me. The camera stops rolling, and its his turn now.

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