Teasing on the Bus

phone sexSo I needed to take the bus today, I’m visiting a friend and she lives in a city much bigger than my little neck of the woods. She took me out to lunch and then half way through she gets a call from her boyfriend. So she ditched me, with little to no warning and gave me her bus pass.

Of course I was mad but went to the bus stop anyways. On the bus I was looking out the window and was thinking how badly I needed a orgasm. Without thinking I just put my hand up under my skirt and started rubbing my bald pussy. With the vibrations from the bus ride I very quickly got very wet.

I glanced over and saw this older man watching me. I smiled and turned facing out to his seat with my legs wide open. I stared at him intently while I played with myself. Giggling when I saw how hard his cock was getting from the bulge is his pants. He looked so nervous, as he glanced around rapidly before pulling his cock out for me to see.

He started to stroke it, as I started to rub my pussy harder. Letting out gentle moans for his ears to hear. I got a little louder when I started to cum, I couldn’t help it. That sent him over the edge and his cum shot all over the back of the seat in front of him. *Giggles* That was fun.

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