Taken Slave

BDSM Phone Sex


I was stolen. I woke up with a headache and I have a blindfold on. Was this my Masters doing? Is this a game? I heard some guys talking about what to do with me. I hear the words ransom and blackmail and my Masters name. Now I am scared. I was stolen!  I am suddenly jerked upright and slapped. “On your knees bitch! Take this big black cock and suck it till I come!”  I am slapped again. I am crying. I do not want to do anything that will displease Master. I am scared so I start Sucking and licking this massive Cock I can not see. I am gagging as my head is shoved all the way down. I am thrown on my back to be sexually taken by force. I am screaming because I know this isn’t right. I am somebody else’s property. I am being fucked by two men each taking turns with my ass and cunt as I scream they laugh. I want to make it clear I am not okay with this in case Master finds out. I know it feels good to have so much cum in me but I continue to fight as if I do not like being used this way. I begin to surrender as I feel the hands and cock of the master. He soothes me and penetrates me telling me what I good girl I was.

Blackmail Phone sex


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