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Pussy Licking Babysitter

Phone sex

There is nothing sweeter and juicy than fresh, virgin cunnie. It’s sweeter than strawberries and cream. Tonight, I was babysitting for a sweet lil angel. Her mommy was out with her friends and her daddy was sick. Apparently, he was well enough to request us girls to put on a little show for him! He sat on the recliner wrapped in a blanket and requested for us to do a little roleplay for him.

Daddy wants us to pretend to be sweet, cuddly sisters. First, he wanted us to hug each other and rub our hands all over each other’s ass and small tits. I could tell he was getting really horny! I decided to take the next step and make out with his sweet little angel, shoving my tongue past her plump lips. Daddy seemed very pleased with this and I ask him if it was okay if we got naked. After all, sisters are very close!

His sweet angel helped me pull down my skirt and I slowly lifted her little pink dress off, making sure to caress and rub her ass and pink nipples on the way up. I started licking her pretty little buds with my tongue and then licked her all the way down to her panties. Her daddy was rubbing the bulge in his pants excitedly! I could tell she was already really wet because her panties were practically soaked through. I pushed them to the side and began licking and rubbing her yummy slit.

We made sure she was positioned in a way for Daddy to see everything as I licked and slurped on his babygirl’s bald pussy. I ran my tongue up to her rosebud and licked the rim around making her moan and giggle. My cunnie was dripping wet and I too positioned my ass and cunnie so daddy could see us play with each other’s dripping holes until we came on each other’s lips. Daddy stroked his cock nice and hard and then came up to us and let us lick off his cum and swap it between our mouths. He was just as yummy as his little angel!




Pervert maxed out his credit cards

Financial Domination Phone SexMy pervert loves having financial domination phone sex with me, so much so that I made him go broke! To say that he is addicted to my filthy bald little cunt would be an understatement! Our sexual deviancies and kinky antics consume his life. We live for pornography and being the grossest nymphomaniacs together while we live out all of our wildest fantasies. My twisted pervert ended up maxing out all of his credit cards on me, haha it’s fucking hilarious quite frankly! We had to take a little break from our fucked up phone sex that we have together but now my pervert is back with a vengeance! Not only did he pay off all of his credit cards but he was also able to hugely raise his credit limit! We are back in action and picking up right where we left off like we never stopped! My filthy pervert loves everyone knowing that he emptied his bank account on my sexy ass and that now we have absolutely no fucking financial limit whatsoever! My fucked up pervert is gonna have me wiping my pussy with Benjamin’s, hehe. He has been a good boy and watched nearly 150 hours worth of porn and even drank dozens of gallons of his own urine! He feels sexiest and nastiest when he’s butt ass naked in his backyard, totally exposed and taking a shit in the soil for all of his neighbors to see. He really is a sick in the head motherfucker and I can’t wait to suck his finances dry while he makes it rain on me. I’m his perfect little cunt princess.

Girl on Girl Pussy Eating

2 girl phone sexI’ve always loved cock, but lately I’ve been thinking of trying something a little different. What would it feel like to have my pussy eaten by another girl? After class I headed back to my dorm and my roommate was already there lounging around in her panties. She was cute. A sophomore like me, dirty blonde hair, perky tits and a nice little round ass. She would be perfect for my first girl on girl experimentation. How to approach her though? I decided to be bold. I walked up to her bed and told her she looked hot as fuck in those panties. She blushed and thanked me. Then I told her she would look even hotter with her face between my legs. My pussy was already getting wet. I asked her if she would like to taste me. She stammered and blushed some more. I reached out and touched the crotch of her panties. It was predictably wet. I started rubbing her while she squirmed and started to moan. I kept rubbing her through her panties until the fabric and my fingers were totally soaked. It wasn’t long until she was cumming from having her little clit rubbed. I sat back and spread my legs and beckoned her forward. I asked her if she wanted to be my little pussy pleaser, but I already knew the answer. I pulled my panties down and pulled her face into my pussy. She immediately started lapping at my clit. Still holding her by the hair, I pressed her face even harder into my pussy and grinded my cunt on her face. I could feel my orgasm building and suddenly I was squirting on her face. Her pretty face was totally drenched in my cum.
I think my roommate and I are going to get along just fine

Toy for Boys

Phone sex

Last night, I sat for a couple of brats. I told them that if they were good lil boys, I would give them a nice little treat. I stripped naked in their bedroom and fondled my tiny teen babysitter cunnie for them. My wet pussy was just begging for an orgasm when I noticed a fabulously shaped toy under their bed. I then laid down and began showing them how to play with this special toy. I slowly inserted it into my asshole and squealed with delight, “Remember that treat I told you tikes about?” They nodded their little heads feverishly, “Okay, well your special treat is my delicious pink pussy.” They began suckling my cunt eagerly as I fucked my asshole with their toy. Their little tongues swirled around my clit hungrily and I moaned in intense pleasure. I came in their mouths over and over again. They were being such good little sluts in training! One day, they’ll make fine little pussy lickers for my various clients that like to come over and play.

CBT Phone Sex with a Sadistic Teen

cbt phone sexYou filthy dog whore. You do not deserve that dick! I have you tied to a throne in my dungeon. Your completely naked and your dick has been tied with then wires to jut out just enough for me to torture. I brandish a cigar cutter and give you a little snip, clipping off the tip of your pathetic dick. Blood gushed everywhere, and I rub that hot iron smelling blood all over my perky pale tits. My pussy starts to drip as I tighten the wires on your dick and see the blood start seeping out more. I pull a hot iron poker out of the fire and shove it straight down the tip of your bloody dick.  Your screams give me an instant orgasm. I climb up behind you and ask you if you are ready to meet your maker. You have one request you mutter, “My Balls I want to eat them. Please Mistress!” I oblige and get my shiny medical scalpel. I bend down and expertly cut off each nut. Your head bobs to the side and your mouth opens wide. I shove each testicle down your worthless throat. You gag and gulp them down. You have a smile as I grab your head exposing your throat and begin slicing slowly so you may enjoy your death.

Daddy disciplines me sometimes

naked teen pictutesNot only did I get horrid grades I also maxed out my daddies card. I had no way of hiding the mess I created. When I got home my daddy was angry. I apologized and tried to tell him how sorry I was. He wasn’t having it one it. Actually he had a bigger issue with me. He had a ton of naked teen pictures in his phone and they were all of me. Daddy installed a tracker and he was getting all my text messages and all the pictures I was sending. I was in deep shit. He told me to bend over. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Daddy began to slap my tight ass till it was bright red. I could feel each hit pulsate my body. I was begging him to let me free. I noticed his boner and how much he was aroused. I knew daddy wasn’t done with me. He rocked out with his cock out and began to pound my tight ass till he filled my bum.

Hot ass sex

Hot ass sex  My sugar daddy just loves watching me eat teen pussy. I have been looking forward to eating sexy little cunts for a while now. We took her to dinner and bought her a dirty martini. Daddy took him to his place and got us naked. We lined up for him so he could see our sexy assess and cunts. I got my pussy fingered from the back and then I started to eat her pussy right up. He bent us both back and fucked our pussies. He had us begging for his money cock. Every time we let him in our ass hole that was money to get our hair done or nails. I think we should make her our sugar baby girl. She is so worth it. Her body is gold. Plus I get a juicy snack from time to time.

Uncle ben

hot ass sex uncle ben has always been hands on with me I was just his type. He would always tell me how much I turned him on and how badly he wanted hot ass sex with my tight twat. i was happy to oblige with his pleads as I got older because I noticed he had so many lady friends stopping by. Uncle ben wasn’t prince charming but he had something that kept the hot girls coming in and out. It wasn’t money so I put two and two together and knew he had to be packing down below. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I purposely walked in on him while he was showering one day that I decided to pay a visit. I got in with him and let him bang my pussy in the shower. Once I saw his monster cock it was game over. I needed it badly.

Wet bald pussy for that cock

Wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy is fuckin soaked as i’m getting all packed and ready to go on my annual end of summer vacation with my girlfriends. We have all been eagerly awaiting this trip and all the fun that we have planned and in store for us! My friends don’t know this part yet but I have a very special surprise for them! I have also invited one of my African-American fuck buddies and his massive monster cock friends to come on the trip with us as well! It will be perfect, all of us together exploring new places and each other’s body as well, lol. One of my friends is a virgin still and she promised me that she would lose her virginity by the time summer is over with. Well, it’s now the end of summer and we’re about to go on our sexy vacation and she still has not had a cock inside of her! She’s definitely more shy than I am and claims to be waiting for a special person to lose her virginity too. Well, I call bullshit! She is all talk and it’s time for her to get fucked by a big ass dick! It’s going to be so funny to see the look on her face when I show her my black friend who’s gonna pound open her hymen. Even though she will be timid at first like how she always is with everything, i’ll reassure her that with some lubrication she will be able to fit that shaft inside of her and she’ll be bouncing up & down on it in no time at all! She is gonna get the biggest cum shot ever out of that boner, I can’t wait to see how drenched she is! I’m so excited for all of the nasty shit that awaits us on our vacay, it will definitely be the trip of a lifetime!Biggest cum shot

Doggy Style

Master is so good to me, always treating me like his little bitch. Who’s a good girl? I am a good girl! My favorite thing in the world is when master walks me on the leash. Sometimes we will play with squeaky toys, and if I don’t bite his hand he will pet my hair. I am masters property forever! When I am a bad doggy, He smacks my nose, and yells at me. If what I did was really bad, he will kick me in the ribs, and choke me. It is not abuse! It is what I love, and master is just pleasing me because what I love is pleasing him. I want to be his toy, I want him to control me, and I want him to beat me. I know most people will neve understand our love, but that is ok, as long as we do. We get a lot of glares when we act like ourselves out in public, and one lady even called the cops on master for “abusing” me. That is so crazy to me, and when I was explaining that master doesn’t do anything I don’t want, he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Master and me don’t deserve all of this, people should mind their own business. I mean, who doesn’t like being choked and beaten? Our relationship is built on things like that not just being in the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, it is phenomenal in the bedroom too, but we also like it without it being sexual. I genuinely love being controlled. If master didn’t control every aspect of my life, I have no clue what I would do. I just want master to tear up my pussy, doggy style, and treat me like the bitch I am.


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