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Potty Training with Dada

toilet slave phone sexDada said I am a big girl now and it was time for me to be potty trained! He took my diaper off and smacked my little bare ass it felt so good my little tight pussy started to get wet! Dada says a good girl will listen and do whatever he says, I love to please my dada so I climb into his lap so he could cradle me. I love when dada touches my body it tickles and makes me giggle and dada love that I could feel his cock getting hard it felt so big under my little butt I swirled my tiny hips back and forth, hearing daddy moans lets me know I am doing it right and I giggle again, grabbing his face with my little hands to kiss him. I didn’t know what potty training was but I like it! dada told me to sit on the small potty and pee, I giggle and told dada I couldn’t go pee pee so he reached down and massaged my pink clit and the tingling sensation began to grow and I thought I was peeing but it was my sweet little girl cum this made dada happy and he kissed my little lips, I can’t wait until next time to potty train with daddy.

Naked Teen Pictures For My Teacher

Naked Teen Pictures

I sent some naked teen pictures to my teacher and finally got him to fuck me. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game for months and I was ready to go all the way. The pictures I sent to his email were going to be enough to ensure that his dick ended up inside me before the end of the day. I showed up at his classroom door at the end of the day. Everyone had left for the day and I was ready to play. I walked over to him sitting in his chair and asked him if he got my naughty pictures. He had and he was eager to see my sweet young pussy in the flesh. I pulled my panties down from under my skirt and sat up on his desk, spreading my wet cunt for him. He buried his face into my sweet honey pot. Then he stood up, pulled his cock out and fucked me right there on his desk. When he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, I got on my knees and took his load down my throat, drinking up every last drop of his creamy delicious cum.

No Hair More Fun

Young bald pussyPicture me and you alone in a room. I’m sitting across from you in a tiny skirt and I spread my legs to show you my pretty bald pussy. I like to keep my pussy bald because it feels so damn good when you’re fucking me from behind and your balls are slapping against my bare pussy. And when you’re eating my cunt being bald allows you to lick all over my pussy and suck on my fat pussy lips. I spread my legs and your jaw drops and your mouth waters. I spread my legs and show you my young bald pussy and you’re putty in my hands. Have you ever seen a cunt as pretty as mine? Take your hard cock and tease me by rubbing it up and down my slit before slipping inside my tight wet hole. You can have me in any position that your dirty mind can come up with, and I’ll even let you take a picture of my young bald pussy to always remember me.

Wendy Needs To Get Some Hot Ass Sex

Hot Ass Sex

I was really needing some hot ass sex the other day. I woke up in the morning and could feel that my pussy was already wet. So, I texted one of my regular booty calls and asked him to come over and some fun with me. He was there in less than ten minutes and when he walked in my door I could tell he was ready to fuck me. He pushed me onto the bed and ripped my panties off. He smiled noticing the wet spot on my panties and gave them a sniff. I sat up and grabbed his head, telling him the real thing smelled even sweeter. He buried his face into my little cunt and licked up and down my clit. I was soaking wet when he pulled back, wiped his dick out, and shoved it inside me. He gave me the pounding I was needing to start my day off right. When he was about to cum he pulled out and stroked his cock off onto my belly and left me there to clean up the mess.

Naked teen pictures for Mr. D

naked teen pictutesNaked teen pictures were on his mind. Mr. D had sent me a message it was urgent he wanted me to get as many friends of mines in a group and he wanted nudes from them. I had no idea how I could make such thing happened. First of all my friends are all drama queens and super noisy,  They all have a big mouth and whatever I do or say with them gets around. The last thing I need is a whore reputation. I disobeyed I lied to Mr. D and promised him something I knew I just couldn’t do. Of course, he was furious and I got my punishment nice and hard on my tiny hiny, I got whipped so much my ass was beet red. He told me I could yell my safe word, but of course, I knew his twisted mind and I knew that safe word would cost me something else. So I took each whip.

Shaving My Cunny For You

female bondage


I barely have any hair on my tiny little cunny but you love showering and bathing with me and so I asked if you’d like to help me with a little trim work around my pussy. You were glad to sit beside my bathtub, running your fingers up and down my cunt and legs- teasing me but getting ever so serious once it was time to involve the razor. You helping spread and hold my legs apart so that I could reach between and make sure my cunny stays so perfectly clean and trimmed for you. I’m happy to do anything that makes you happy, even if its as simple as just making sure this pussy looks deliciously young. It makes your mouth water just looking at it and reminds you of all the other pretty sweet cunnies you’ve been able to pleasure over the years. I stand up out of the bath and you get your final look- giving you a wet kiss. Can you put me to bed?

Hot ass sex with caprice

hot ass sexHe wanted me to be his sex toy. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but my boss was about to turn me into the police. I messed up big time and stole money from the cash register for several months and my punishment price was getting pretty hefty. I ended up begging him not tell my parents or call the authorities. This guy has been like an uncle to me most my life. I  made an honest mistake and now I am to be used by him and become his personal entertainment day in and day out. I couldn’t believe what I was doing just to avoid getting in hot water. I have never swallowed more jizz in my whole life than I have this past week. I am being hand cuffed tied and used because this was the deal. I have swallowed his cock hole in a matter of a few seconds and gagged on it til I had tears running down my cheeks. I am doing all this to keep him quiet. I am bound to be his fuck toy.

Fun With Diapers

adult baby phone sex


Sissy, you finally confessed something to me that I never thought would happen but here we are- You love wearing diapers and live behind the scenes as an adult-baby! That’s just so cute- so let the Princess put you into your crib for awhile until you make a big doodie in your diaper. Don’t worry, I’m going to change you but first let’s cut a hole right where your asshole is and let me fuck you through that diaper with my strap-on. Don’t cry little one, you love having that grow up man-ass pounded through your nappy. Here’s a rattle for you to shake in case the Princess pounds too hard. Here’s a bottle full of the princess’s very own tee-tee for you to sip on too, sweetie. Just let me do what I need to and make sure the Princess enjoys every moment of your messy little diaper. Good boy! Now off to sleep you go in that cradle till tomorrow. Ni ni 😉

Big tit fucking

big tit fuckingBig tit fucking is exactly what I love I love seeing you so turned by my body. The other day I seduced my professor. He was just staring so hard at them I had to show him exactly what I was working with. I had my professor fucking me hard and long right in the middle of the same classroom where he does all his lessons. Now he was giving me a hands on a lesson . He was rubbing on my clit so hard that I was wet everywhere. I couldn’t believe how quickly things were escalating one minute I am just asking for my make up work and figuring out my new schedule the next minute my professor is fucking me like the little slut that I am. I definitely enjoy being the professor’s little helpers. I am so excited to make up all kinds of work, Especially if the payback will be this great. I loved feeling him deep in me and teaching me how to take it.

I Love To Share My Young Bald Pussy

Young Bald PussySharing my young bald pussy with married men is fun to me. I love being the teen whore of their fantasies. When I was a school girl slut, I used to babysit just so I could fuck all the Dad’s in the neighborhood. It was always so easy, all I had to do was wear a short skirt with no panties and flash my wet bald pussy at them when their wife wasn’t looking. I know they would spend days stroking their cock to the thought of me.

There was one married man I used to babysit for that made me work for it. I tried all my tricks and he still hadn’t tried to fuck me. So I took things another step further. I stole his cell phone when he was about to go out to dinner with his wife. Then I spent the night taking very dirty naked pictures. When they came home, I asked him for a ride just like every other time I had babysat. When we were outside my house, I told him that no one was home, inviting him inside to fuck me. He didn’t take the offer, so I pulled his cell out and showed him my naughty naked teen pictures I had taken. I told him that he was going to make me cum or I was going to show them to his wife or maybe even his kids.

He had no choice but to give me his dick like I wanted. We went inside and I took him up to my room. The sex was amazing, he had an even bigger cock than I had been imagining. He filled and stretched my tight young bald pussy until exploded. His cum showering my entire body. He loved fucking me so much that I don’t think I’ll have to force him into it anymore!

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