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Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone SexI love being daddy’s girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been his little angel. Mommy use to mind, but I think she has come to accept the fact that I am daddy’s #1 girl. One time, when I was still a school girl, he had a surprise for me. He had a friend who wanted to meet me. This friend was daddy’s age. Mommy was passed out from valium and booze. She wouldn’t have heard an earthquake, let alone my screams and moans. Daddy had never shared me with anyone before. I was confused, but being a good girl, I always did what daddy said. I still do. Turns out daddy owed this friend a hefty sum of money and he didn’t have any means to pay it back. That is when daddy came up with the idea to rent my baby girl pussy out. He told me that if I loved him, I would do whatever his friend wanted. I was scared as fuck. This man was black and burly, extremely tall. He seemed rough, not like daddy at all. His cock was huge. I tried to hold back the tears as daddy’s friend penetrated my bald little cunnie. Daddy’s dick was half his size. This was the first dick other than daddy’s I had ever had. It was like losing my virginity all over again. I cried as his big black cock pushed its way into my tiny pink cunnie. Daddy gave me a shot of something called Fireball to help relax me. Daddy was watching my little holes get violated. He must have enjoyed watching because he was stroking his dick while he watched me try to take that monster cock in my itty bitty pussy. It hurt like hell, but I focused on being a good girl for daddy. That was the first time I was daddy’s little hooker. But, it was not the last. Daddy quickly learned that selling my little pussy and ass was the solution to poverty.

My Slutty New Best Friend

Teen Phone Sex A new family moved into the trailer next to ours. When I saw their teenage daughter I got excited. I’ve been dreaming about beautiful girls and now one has moved in next door. Her bedroom window aligned with mine and we were only a few feet apart. I touched myself and watched her undress so many times. When she started walking around her room topless it finally dawned on me that she was teasing me. I rushed next door to teach her a lesson. Her mom answered the door and I politely introduced myself. She called her daughter’s name, “Cindy”. And the object of my desire walked to the door. She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. As soon as her bedroom door closed behind us, we erupted with quiet frantic passion. Before I knew it, I had her breast in my mouth and two fingers deep inside her cunt. The only noise was our rapid breathing because we didn’t want her mom to catch us. Thank God she wasn’t wearing pants and I only had to move her lace panties to the side. Oh and I forgot to mention this hot piece of ass is a redhead! I put my face between her legs and licked her slit. The soft red hairs tickled my nose. This hot slut was going to be my new best friend.

Streaming slut student

naked teen picturesI heard about a new site online from some classmates. It was a site that allowed you to connect with others while getting a peak of their rooms. Things would get nasty quickly. We knew the teachers knew about it and we had plenty of nasty p cock professors. They were always scouring the sites looking for naked teen pictures and looking for some of us doing some nasty things on camera. My English professor would leave subtle hints, and I knew he was watching so I decided to up the ante and give a more risque show. I ended up using my dildo live on camera. I liked playing with my twat and knew I would most possibly pass with flying colors. I have never been shy about working my cunt on and off cam. I like being labeled the cities slut. I’m not the only one there’s plenty of youngins doing all sorts of nasty things and streaming it.

My friends horny grandpa

hot ass sex After a blowout fight with my parent’s, I ended up crashing at my best friends house. My friend Sylvia had her grandpa staying with her for a while since his house burned down and was being reconstructed. I didn’t mind the silly old man he looked harmless even though he was touchy-feely. I ended up falling fast asleep the first night and felt like someone was watching me. I paid it no mind. I went back to sleep and just blamed it on my problems giving me issues sleeping. The next morning my friend wanted us to get breakfast. We went to a mom and pop place down the street. We sat in a booth, and the old man was adamant he liked my side better. I felt him creep up to my skirt and just pushed away. I was getting irritated but was glad he was leaving soon. The senior citizen community had called Sylvia and advised her to let him know everything was set for the following week. I still had to grin and bear the old man for a bit. I decided to stay busy and not stay in the house as much.

Late night would come, and I had to make my way back to that couch. I had a feeling the old geezer was watching me sleep. One night I took a sleep aid. I had the most euro pic dream. I dreamt that my pussy was being eaten and It felt so real. I awoke to my friend’s grandpa tongue fucking me. I let out a loud scream. Unfortunately, my friend could sleep thru a war. The old man wanted to have hot ass sex with me. He told me I was going to be his fuck slut. I couldn’t believe I was being used by a man almost four times my age. I was youngin full of fear, but at the same time, I was dripping all over the leather couch. I was enjoying him flick his tongue in me. The old man had a way with his tongue and soon after I would feel his cock too. He guided me to his guest room still being so dominant.

When he showed me his long cock, he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I let out the word no before I could think twice. I gave the old man permission to fuck me. I was anticipating his dick and was still in some sort of twilight zone. I was enjoying him four play all over my body. He whispered in my ear that he brought me a gift. He had some lingerie and heels he wanted me in. He made sure I knew he had been thinking about fucking me like this for a while now. I was going to be his dress-up doll, and I was going to fuck him nonstop. The old man knew how to fuck better than youngins my age. I was in awe. I was addicted to his dick the way he thrust into me and bent me over and gave it to me.

I was his cock fine from then on. I had no problem fulfilling all his fetishes and kinks. I wanted to give him young bald pussy whenever he desired. This started a nice long hook up a relationship with my best friends pop pop. The guys my age couldn’t even fuck half as good compared to my favorite old geezer. His fuck action and tongue action was one of a kind and kept me coming back for more and more.

P-cock present

wet bald pussyyoung bald pussynaked teen picturesElaina is our cool neighbor Lexi, and I look up to her she is a bit older, but she is a hot young thing. We both like hanging out with her and notice she loves hanging out with us too. Elaina told Lexi and I that she caught her much older boyfriend with naked teen pictures on his phone. He has a particular yearning for youngins like Lexi and me.

Elaina wasn’t happy at first, but she told us eventually it settled in and turned her on. Lexi and I are little teases and we wanted to hang out with Elaina so bad we accepted to surprise her boyfriend.

Elaina took Lexi, and I shopping and got us all prepped for his P-cock. When we got dressed up and ready for him we waited, and Elaina would watch Lexi, and I take her boyfriends P-cock. When he took a good look at Lexi and me, his yummy daddy dick was about to pop out of his pants. We were trying to make his fantasies come true. Lexi and I became youngin pro-hoes almost instantly. We were exposed to plenty of P-porn and knew our pigtails and pretty rosebuds would be a hit. 🙂

Mommies little Mini me

young bald pussyGrowing up all the guys were in love with my mom. My mommy is a hottie I got her a great mothers day present thanking her for letting me be her mini-me. Mommy has taught me how to suck cock like a pro how to look my sexiest and how to use my assets to get away with murder. I have had one heck of a role model, and I strive to be a nasty slut like my mommy. I remember when mommy gave me her toys so I could explore my body. I liked her silver bullet the most it gave me the best feeling. My clitty and young bald pussy good barely handle the strength, but within time I was able to handle all her toys and some, Whenever she would bring one of her many boyfriends, she would let me use their dicks if I wanted too. I liked that I could share a cock with mommy whenever I felt like it. So this mothers day I brought two of the finest big chocolate dicks for her from campus. I think mommy had a blast because of shes been fucking all day. 

The Helpful Neighbor- Part One

phone sexI recently moved into a new duplex with one of my friends. I’m mostly alone during the day so I try to fix things up around the place. Well my lightbulb in my room went out and I don’t have a step-ladder to go up and change it. So I figured I could go ask my neighbor. His wife did just go out of town and asked us to check on him from time to time.
I went over and knock softly and he came to the door. He was shirtless and just in some sweatpants. I tried hard not to stare down too much. I’ve been trying to be good. He’s older than me but still in decent shape, I blushed slightly as I explained my problem. He offered to lend his step-ladder and come help me change it. So I led him over.
I watched him get up and fix the light. I hadn’t notice that I had started to grab onto his leg while watching him and biting my lip. He looked down at me and gave me a little smirk, and I felt myself getting more turned on. At this point, I lost all care that he was married. I wasn’t meant to be behaved anyways.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutuak Masturbation PornI love watching porn as much as the next pervert, I called my fuck buddy over and he came right away. I was picking the porn this time, I toked up a little before hand and got out my silver vibrator. I was wearing my cute baby doll lacy bra and matching panty set. I picked a porn that was a guy and a girl lying on their bed and they were rubbing each other, I want to make this porn real. I started by spreading my legs and rubbing my vibrator all over my thigh and going over my panties right where he could see a wet spot. I told him to come over and take that dick out, I was stroking his dick and he was fucking my bald pussy with the vibrator it felt so good. I loved it that we were doing this and I love how his dick will disappear in my hand. I could feel his balls pull up and get really warm he was about to bust that nut. I couldn’t let it go to waste, I got up and continued to have him fuck my pussy and I put my mouth right on the head of his swollen cock and stroked while sucking and flicking my tongue soon enough my mouth was filled with warm jizz.

Mommy’s little fuck toy

Incest Phone SexMommy loves having incest phone sex with her dirty little girl, the naughtier and wetter the better! We both love to squirt out so much sticky cum, it’s crazy how big of a soaking wet mess we make! I’ve always been Mommy’s horny little slut, her special human fuck toy. I love when she has her girlfriends come over and they all use my tight holes for their pleasure. We lick each other’s clits and scissor-fuck one another. Mommy has a special tarp that she lays down on the floor when we have a big pussy eating party, hehe. We love to give golden showers and slosh around in the urine on the tarp, it tastes, smells and feels so good! They all take our their phones and snap pictures of me and my naked body… I am the cutest little ginger teen that they have ever seen! It turns me on to know that they’re able to look at my young nude frame whenever they please!

My Jealous Brother

naked teen pictures

My brother came into my room last night and he was so mad at me. He was going through this site where people post naked teen pictures and he found nude selfies of me on there. When I tried to say something he cut me off and told me that he wasn’t mad that accidentally found my pictures when he was trying to jack off. He was mad because he was jealous. He wanted to know who I sent them to. When I told him that I had sent them to his best friend he was furious. He whipped his cock out and forced it into my mouth. He fucked my face and told me that if I was going to act like such a fucking whore then he was going to treat me like a dirty fucking whore. He blew his load down my throat and just left me there. I felt so fucking used, and it turned me on to my brother’s fuck toy. I touched my pussy and came thinking about him grabbing my throat and squeezing his cock while he shoves it down my throat.

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