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Big Tit Photos to Keep You Warm

big tit photosThe neighbor boy asked for some big tit photos. He has been home all week from school because of the weather. Sadly, so have his parents. It is so extremely cold, that the city is on lockdown. Even the malls are closed! His parents are Mormon and not the good multiple wives kind of Mormon either. If they knew I was fucking their teen son, I’d be arrested. Mormons take a vow of chastity until marriage. Can you believe that shit? I have corrupted their horny teen son. I am going to keep corrupting him too because he has 8 inches of hard meat. He needs very little down time to get erect again. His balls are an endless supply of cum. He is adventurous in the sack and eager to please. I won’t give up this boy without a fight. Once he got the selfie picture of my big boobs, he started sending me dick pictures. I encouraged him to make some mutual masturbation porn with me. I made a video of me playing with my hairy beaver and he made me one of him jacking off. We have been masturbating non-stop the past few days that it almost feels like we have been fucking. I can’t wait until it is as warm outside as it is in my pussy.

Fantasy Phone Sex Can Be Anything You Want

fantasy phone sex

Fantasy Phone Sex with me can be anything you want it to be.  I’m down with any kind of fantasy you have.  May it be vanilla phone sex or even as kinky as bondage phone sex.  Anything you desire, I can fulfill your needs.  Hi, I’m Debbie and I’ve done way more than just Dallas ;).  What I really want to know is, what is your fantasy?  Are you just a lonely guy sitting home late at night and feeling kind of horny? I understand that perfectly well.  Me?  Well, I’m just watching a little girl on girl porn.  There’s nothing sexier than watching two girls getting it on.  Licking and slurping on each other’s creamy cunts.  That is so fucking hot to me.  It’s  how I always get myself in the mood to come to work.  That way, when you call me, I’m ready for you.

Any type of role play with me is ok.  I get off on hearing your breathing getting harder as we talk and you stroke your cock.  Trust me, while you’re stroking that stiffy,  I’ve got at least my fingers in my wet snatch.  Rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples.  Hell, I may break out a couple of my favorite toys.  Often, you can hear the hum of my trusty bullet.  Teasing my swollen clit while I fuck myself with my double dildo.  You know, the one shaped like a “U”.  That way I can penetrate both of my holes at the same time.  Call me tonight baby, and let’s have us some hot fucking phone sex.

Guided masturbation

guided masturbationI got some tutoring from this hot older guy. He taught me some things but not about academics. He told me to lay back and unbutton my shorts. He told me to put my fingers on my clit and rub it back and forth as I fucked my pussy with my fingers. He then told me to take my shirt off and start squeezing my tits and nipples.

I could see the bulge in his pants growing long and hard. I was fucking myself so hard, and getting so sloppy and wet. I told him to take his cock out and stroke it for me. I imagined myself fucking that cock inside my pussy, stroking long strokes of his cock inside my pussy hole. He beat his dick as I came all over my fingers.

I need his cock to fill me up. I want to see that cock squirt out hot cum! I talked dirty to him watching him fuck his cock. It made me so wet, I think I need to help suck that cum out of his balls.

Somebody’s watching me

guided masturbation I came home from campus for winter break and I decided to unwind and relax while my mom was away. I really thought I was home alone so I got the urge to flip thru some hot porn. I grabbed my laptop as quickly as possible and decided it was a perfect time to let some steam out and just play with my cunny. I have a porn fetish, I sometimes think its worst than most the guys on campus because I can literally watch porn for hours on end. It’s quite disturbing actually, :p but I don’t regret my extracurricular activity what so ever. While I was rubbing my pussy I could feel someone was watching me. I have no idea who it could be. Then it dawns on me, It had to be my stepdad. He was watching me get off on guided masturbation porn. I couldn’t believe it but I just couldn’t stop. I kept rubbing my cunny and could see him from the corner of my eye.

Student Misconduct

young bald pussyI got detention for sucking guys cock behind the bleachers growing up. I also would sneak out of the house nearly every day to get loaded on cock. I was a bad girl and I think that’s why I am such a freak now. I like to push the envelope and test the waters, I love to do things even when I am urged not too. I was caught playing with my young bald pussy by my professor, He got bright red and asked me to please stop, I was the only one in class and I liked making him uncomfortable because I knew he was just turned on. I could see him sweat and loosen his tie, He couldn’t believe he had a little slut like me rubbing her pussy in his classroom. Once I reached climax I went up to him and made him lick my pussy and ass clean. He had already busted in his pants. I love being a bossy little bitch.

Christmas photoshoot

wet bald pussyWhile your wife is away let me tell you about something that happened to me this past weekend. I will get into it here a bit but I bet its going to make you so eager to cum with me so get ready to prime up.I was scrolling the internet and realizing it was about time I invested in some nice photos. I have wanted a portfolio of sexy shots of me for quite some time. I heard someone that lived on the other side of town was an amazing photographer and he had quite the reviews. My friend refers me to him and I was totally thinking it was going to be a great opportunity to have some Christmas style photos and I could put them up on Instagram and on my site. I drove over to the studio and I was greeted by this guy who was insanely tall and he had another girl with him. I thought it was probably just his assistant. I was a bit nervous I hadn’t done a shoot with him before so I was a little timid. He was a bit aggressive and wanted me to take a lot of my clothes off. I was telling him I was their just to take simple modeling pics but he told me if I did this for him I could get the package half off. I was already shelling out 750 for an hour so If I could slice that in half for a couple bikini and lingerie shots I thought why the hell not?

So I came out and I could see his cock was all hard and ready to burst out. I looked away for a second still nervous and timid. I looked back and he was completely naked. I was uncomfortable but I could see his cock size was enormous. I was startled but I couldn’t look away. He said don’t  be shy you are going to be acquainted with it real soon. I let out a nervous laugh, I felt a rush in my panties. I was getting fucking wet. I thought this couldn’t be happening. I was so wet it was seeping thru my little lace panties.

I think he had a feeling my pussy was getting worked up. His assistant came out completely naked as well. I was in some weird twilight zone and I just couldn’t believe this shit was happening to me. There I was half naked with two people who were completely naked snapping pics of me and directing me. He let me know I should call him Lucas and his assistant was Kimmy. Lucas was a tall motherfucker with an even taller cock. Kimmy was cute she had a nice set of tits and a hot boy and cute face. I assumed they were together because he kept playing with her and grabbing her while they were directing me. I wanted to get out but at the same time, I was just so intrigued. 

They came up to me and told me I should drop my little outfit I went for it. She began to take everything off of me and started to spread my legs apart it felt so food to have her buried between my legs while he was watching. She was eating my wet bald pussy so good. I was so excited that I was getting his cock and having her eat me out so well. The last thing I expected was my photo shoot to turn into a fuck fest.


Teasing assistant

hot squirting pussyI went out shopping for the perfect hot outfit for work. I wanted to makes sure I was going to turn heads and make it so hard for my very married boss to focus and concentrate on his work while I am there. I love wearing my tight little outfits and just parading around with my high stilettos. I love seeing him get weak in the knees for me. Every chance I get I seduce the hell out of him. whether its accidentally bumping to him with my tight ass or just talking about my intimate dates, I love seeing how his eyes broaden when I say such inappropriate things, I let him know how much I love getting my tight pussy pounded. It’s so hot to let him know I have a hot squirting pussy. He tries so hard not to stare but it drives him insane and he just has to peak. Its definitely my kryptonite to break men.

I’ll Make You Cum In Your Panties

forced feminization phone sex

I made this guy have some forced feminization phone sex with me. He called me up thinking he was about to get off while his wife was away. He was talking about how much he loved my sweet pussy and how badly he wanted to taste me. He asked me what he could do to get inside my dripping little cunt and I told him exactly what he needed to do. I told him I was going to give what he really wanted. I instructed him to go into his wife’s closet and find her prettiest pair of pink panties. He tried to protest and act like he didn’t want it but I could see his eyes lighting up at the thought of feeling his nuts being hugged by that soft fabric of those sexy undies. He pulled them up and I giggled after I made him admit to me that he liked it. He ended up stroking his cock and filling those panties with his cum after I got him fully dressed up, lipstick and all. He fucking loved it, just like I knew his little sissy ass would.

Christmas office party

hot ass sexso the Christmas office party happened today and I didn’t think I would get my boss to surrender so fast but he did and I’m pretty happy he did. We were all supposed to dress festive and cute. I surely did my part in making sure I wore something that would catch his gaze. I wore a tight red dress and some pantyhose cause I know he loves pantyhose can tell by the secret porn stash I found in his draw, Yes I snooped a bit when everyone was gone out the office one day. I have thought about hot ass sex with him for what feels like an eternity and that’s such an exaggeration because I hate totally been in this new office for like a month now. I have been pretty persistent with him by my transparent flirting. He told to get naked for him tonight, after the party ended I stayed and cleaned up with him, He whispered to me how badly he wanted to fuck me in his office, So we did it, Right there after the Christmas party we couldn’t stop fucking I loved feeling him inside my cunt and feeling him grow. It wasn’t long till I had my tits covered. 😉

Blackmail Phone Sex Has Him On Edge

blackmail phone sex

This guy calls me for blackmail phone sex. He has to and he knows it. He called me a while ago because he needed to have a sexy young girl like me help him to get off while he stroked it. I wouldn’t let him cum for me and he knew how badly he needed to. I saw his weakness for me as an opportunity to have some fun. Before he knew it, he was giving me everything I needed. I had all the tools to ruin his life if that’s what I wanted. Now he knows that he has to keep calling me and making sure he keeps me happy or else I might just have to tell his dirty little secret. He still loves it though and that makes it even better. His cock is helpless to me and he needs me to let him cum every time he gets hard. I have complete control over his cock and his orgasm and now his entire life. I love my new little plaything!

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