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Guided Masturbation with a Sexy BBW

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Telling you how to stroke your cock for me, makes me very hot. Makes me soaking wet. Nothing turns this super nasty sexy BBW on more than hearing you slap your meat, especially while I am fingering my plump pink cunt. I have been masturbating since I was a school girl. I played with my bald cunt before I ever fucked a cock. It started when I was over at a friend’s house. I was a young girl and I caught her older brother jacking off.  The first couple times, I just watched. Once he caught me, things changed. He wanted to fuck me, but he was afraid to because of my young age. I would have fucked him, but I settled for something else. Mutual masturbation. I would tell him how to stroke his dick and he would tell me how to play with my young bald pussy. I loved watching him stroke to my voice. We played this game called Red Light Green Light. It was an edging game. I still use that technique with my callers. I just love helping a man achieve the best cum of his life. My friend’s brother was putty in my hands. I may have been younger, but he would do anything I told him, even put a finger in his ass for a prostate massage. I had read in my daddy’s Penthouse forum that a prostate massage gives a man a thorough ball draining. Many of my callers love it when I tell them how to play with their prostate properly. I mean who doesn’t want a hard cum? I bet you do, especially now that you know I am gifted in the art of telling you how to jack off. I love giving any man the biggest cum shot of his life.

Guided Masturbation With Betty

Guided MasturbationI hope you are a stroker who likes the idea of a woman commanding him how to stroke that nice rock hard cock of yours. I get off having you surrender control of that cock over to me. I love the idea of you jerking off to my instructions. Let my voice guide your hands along your shaft pushing you closer and closer to completion. I am curious how long you will last to my challenge, how long do you think you can last on the edge? I’ll be making sure each stroke leaves you wanting more and more. Don’t forget to have lube for maximum sensation and fun! I can’t wait to make you cum for me big stroker.

Bonafide blowjob Babe

hot squirting pussy

School is just starting up and I am so excited. I have fucked the dean and my professors but I am always down to get my hot squirting pussy going at all times. I have a serious cock addiction. Giving blowjobs is something i have excelled since I was a youngin. My first experience was with my brothers best friend. I was at the table having lunch and I ended up grabbing his cock and giving him a handjob. It didn’t stop their when we were alone while my brother was in the shower I decided to put his cock. Deep in my mouth and show him that I am much nastier than the older girls he entertained. I quickly became him go to cocksucking slut. The good whores start young.

I Want to Masturbate on My BBW Phone Sex Calls

bbw phone sexI love BBW phone sex calls. Luckily, no one has ever called me to fat shame me. Guys see me as a sexy BBW, not Big Bertha. It isn’t like I am two tons of fun. I am just curvy in all the right places. I am surprised at how many men call me for the girlfriend experience or mutual masturbation. I love getting off with my callers. I think guys look at this as a job for me and either don’t think I want to masturbate with them or just don’t care if I get off because I have been paid. Yes, this is a job, but it’s a job with many fringe benefits like being able to masturbate with callers. I am a horny gal. I always have been, so phone sex seemed like the best job for me. I love hearing a man cum. I love making a man cum. And, I love cumming with a man. If you call me, I will play with my pussy. I will even let you hear my pussy. I get super wet playing with my cunt when there is a sexy voice telling me how to touch my kitty. I want to masturbate. That is why I took this job. So, when you call me, please remember I want to play too!

Nude resort with Daddy

hot ass sexDaddy took me to a nude resort over the weekend. It was the perfect way to kick off the summer. I was excited to prance around topless for Daddy. I liked having daddies undivided attention. It was such a nice fuck right along the beach. I enjoyed being his sweet girl who was willing to do anything to make him happy. I like having hot ass sex with Daddy. I have always been pretty close to him. After hours of fucking by the beach, we decided to try out another bold thing. The nude resort had other daddy daughters, and many were into orgy fun. I liked making daddies fantasies come true. I enjoyed that nasty orgy. I was a good slut and took plenty of dick right in front of my pops. 

Summer house

guided masturbationEach year my family has a huge family reunion and we rent out a summer house for the weekend. It’s a lot of fun but it turns out to be too close for comfort. One day I got so horny I ended up getting in a bind. Well from the beginning, my aunt and uncle were gone and I was raiding my sexy aunts closet. I thought they were going to be gone for a few but I was wrong. I snuck in the closet didn’t think anything threw. Within seconds I was watching them fuck and it was getting me turned on. I like guided masturbation more but I had to be quiet in that closet and I couldn’t make a peep. They went at it for hours and I was getting hornier too. I came so many times watching them fuck. I knocked out and woke up in their bed. I can’t recollect the rest but I’m sure it was good because I was naked and felt sore as fuck the next morning.

Fucking a firefighter

hot ass sex

I was out late at night and was at a bar; I needed to get off and decided to fuck the first hot guy I saw. The first person I stumbled across was a firefighter who on break. He was hot as hell, and I could tell I was riling him up. I wanted to jump his bones right then and there. We kept it cool, but he got called in for work. He snuck me in and took me along some of his work errands. He was in charge of picking up some supplies and dropping some off to another station. He wasn’t going to let me go without giving me some of his load. We fucked in his car and even at the fire station. He had his office space and privacy, but it was so risky to be fucking in a place filled with so many people. I got what I wanted some hot ass sex and tons of creamy cum in my mouth.


guided masturbation  

  I love my boyfriend, I really do.. But, my neighbor is so beautiful. My man spends a lot of time on the road and I would never cheat. My neighbor Ashley has been undressing and leaving her window wide open for me to see. Ashley kept asking with body language to show my skin.. I finally caved in we both started to strip . I slowly took my panties off, then m lace white top. She got naked and liked her fingers and then started to rub all over her sexy smooth body. Her pussy was so pretty her hair probably spells so good, she even tastes good I bet. If john knew how bad I wanted this girl to join us I don’t even know what he would say.  I traced my fingers from my nipples to my pussy slit to my ass hole. I wanted to give her the best show. I was falling in love with her and watching her make her self cum with her dildo and fingers for weeks. I kept thinking i am just looking , not doing anything wrong. Phone sex and watching Ashley was safe. I was hoping i wouldn’t get caught until .. i heard the front door open..

John came home early to surprise me,  and busted me. I couldn’t even stop because I was 2 seconds from coming when he came in the door. I came all over our sheets and all I could do was say sorry and tell him he could clean me up if he wanted. Instead of yelling or leaving he simply said just bring her over Emma. Let me watch, he wasn’t mad just upset that I lied . All this time I was worried I have been masturbating with this girl instead of licking her pussy that i have been craving since I saw her. John made it clear that If I was just honest he would be more understand. I was just trying to be a loyal girlfriend.. That makes me a wonderful girlfriend, and this now makes him the best boyfriend ever. I don’t have to lie anymore. My desires and fantasies are now open to explore. 

Mommies little Mini me

young bald pussyGrowing up all the guys were in love with my mom. My mommy is a hottie I got her a great mothers day present thanking her for letting me be her mini-me. Mommy has taught me how to suck cock like a pro how to look my sexiest and how to use my assets to get away with murder. I have had one heck of a role model, and I strive to be a nasty slut like my mommy. I remember when mommy gave me her toys so I could explore my body. I liked her silver bullet the most it gave me the best feeling. My clitty and young bald pussy good barely handle the strength, but within time I was able to handle all her toys and some, Whenever she would bring one of her many boyfriends, she would let me use their dicks if I wanted too. I liked that I could share a cock with mommy whenever I felt like it. So this mothers day I brought two of the finest big chocolate dicks for her from campus. I think mommy had a blast because of shes been fucking all day. 

Cum loving slut

cum slut phone sex

I was watching some hot porn with this guy I was dating we were just messing around, and we thought we should enjoy some naughty movies together. We had been many miles apart and had a ton cum slut phone sex. He knew what the deal was with me I was all about being cum drenched and taking loads left and right. I was a cum loving slut, and he knew it. While we were watching the flick we heard a knock it was a group of guys that seemed familiar. I opened up, and sure enough, it was his best friend and cousins coming over to enjoy the show. They were coming over to cum on me too. It was about to go down. This was all set up, and I honestly couldn’t have loved it more. I was excited to feel their cocks pound me and fuck me hard and I loved the fact I would enjoy the grand finale a ton of cum shots all over my slutty body.

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