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Young bald pussy all the time

Young bald pussyYoung bald pussy all the time is what my boss wants from now on. He has manipulated me to get all my hot slutty friends to come over and participate in our fuck sessions. I am still wondering when he will be satisfied. Seems like I buried myself deep stealing from him. Now I am his sex puppet and he makes sure to remind me that I am just that and nothing more. I am now following all his orders. He has made me do all types of things I never had done. I get my tight ass fucked daily because he feels like I am his property. He has ordered me to bring 3 of my friends and he has told me we will all get his cock whether we like it or not. If I protest he will make sure I get in trouble for stealing. I am desperate to do all that he says. He loves fucking me hard and is wanting to add to his fun.

The Photog and the College Coed

College coed sex

I needed some new pictures taken, but I have been so broke lately. Tuition is killing me and I have a few classes mates that are in photography classes. I enlist this guy I know for help, super sweet guy but not the prettiest guy. I don’t care about that kind of thing especially when you are as talented as he is.
I got to the house we were doing the shoot, his parent’s house was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get naked and get to work. I started to take my clothes off near the patio table and the photog asked if I would come over in front of the lens and take off piece by piece. I agreed 100 percent! He had me posing in all kinds of positions and was so creative with how he was shooting my pictures. He was so knowledgeable it was really quite a turn on. The guy in charge and knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it, talk about a panty dropping wet bomb! I love an intelligent, confident guy who knows what he needs. As the photo shoot went on he was having me touch my pussy or clit or my tight little asshole more and more. After the third time of telling me to slide my hand down my front and into my suit, I said fuck this. He gave me another position to move into, but I just kneeled there playing with my clit. I wanted to get off so I could concentrate on my work here. I stood up and went over to the patio table and chairs, sat down, put my feet and legs over each arm of the chair. With my legs splayed wide open I played with my clit begging him to come fuck me, lick me or let me watch him jerk off. He grabbed a chair and sat down directly in front of me. As he started to unzip, my eyes started to see the huge bulge in his pants. When that thing popped out I thought it was a big zucchini or something…not quite the right color I know but I was thrown off guard. He got everything out, balls, cock and was stroking it while I played with my clit. I would open my pussy lips nice and wide every so often so he could see how wet he was making me. Eventually, we got sick of watching one another and made a B-line straight for the pool house. We fucked until we were almost all fucked out, but young and full of cum you know. So we finished the shoot, ordered a pizza, Netflix and chilled for the rest of the day.

Shaving My Cunny For You

female bondage


I barely have any hair on my tiny little cunny but you love showering and bathing with me and so I asked if you’d like to help me with a little trim work around my pussy. You were glad to sit beside my bathtub, running your fingers up and down my cunt and legs- teasing me but getting ever so serious once it was time to involve the razor. You helping spread and hold my legs apart so that I could reach between and make sure my cunny stays so perfectly clean and trimmed for you. I’m happy to do anything that makes you happy, even if its as simple as just making sure this pussy looks deliciously young. It makes your mouth water just looking at it and reminds you of all the other pretty sweet cunnies you’ve been able to pleasure over the years. I stand up out of the bath and you get your final look- giving you a wet kiss. Can you put me to bed?

Cum shots on tits: Cody’s favorite

cum shot on titsCum shots on tits are so hot. I love it and it’s my favorite place to have a load dispense. I love being your cum drenched whore. I was sucking my boss cock in his office. It happened so suddenly that I am still shocked it went down. It happened right after I was late for my shift. I was running late after coming from class. I rushed and clocked in. I was then called to the main office and my boss was not having me being 30 minutes late. I tried to excuse myself and told him campus was super packed and there was traffic. He said he would let it slide if he could slide something on me. I wasn’t sure what he meant. He proceeded to whip his cock out and told me to suck it. I quickly did so, I have no idea why I was being so obedient but I was. I took it in my mouth and he instantly shot his load all over my boobs. 🙂

Cock control Caprice

cock controlCock control caprice that sounds so hot right? I mean who doesn’t want me to be the head bitch in charge of their dongs? I can guarantee you will love me just driving you insane. I am so into teasing you til you can no longer handle it and just explode. Don’t worry I will let you come up with a safe word something that will stop you from completely losing your shit. I mean I like to be bad but  I also understand how hard it is not to come when you have my cute mouth all over your cock. As long as you let me control when and how you bust your nut I will be a very happy girl. I can’t wait to see you on the edge and just begging and yelling out your little safe word. When I’m satisfied I might just let you have some mercy. Well, I did say might, Maybe I will drag it out. Depends on my mood.

I’m Gonna Show You How To Jerk It Right

Guided MasturbationI want you to lay back and listen to how I’m going to get you off through guided masturbation. First, you’ll need to be naked. Prop your head up with some pillows and spread your legs just a little. Then, starting at the top of your head, use both hands and run your fingers through your hair, down your face, neck, chest and over your stomach to your cock, but only graze past it, don’t touch it and continue to your balls. Massage them gently and run your fingers to your ass. Start moving your hand to your cock. Put one hand around the base, one hand above that towards the head. Grip your dick firmly and start stroking slowly. As you stroke up and down, start to twist your hands at the same time. Stroking harder and faster, get an even more firm grasp on your cock. Get your hips into it now. Thrust up like you were thrusting into a wet cunt. If it feels good, don’t hold back. Make some noise and let me know you’re enjoying yourself. Grunt a little and give out some guttural moans for me. Take your top hand off of your dick now and rub your balls with it. Massage your sac and again, run your fingers down to your ass. Stick a finger inside you want. But make sure you keep jerking that cock and don’t let up on your grasp. As a matter of fact, grab it harder and start jerking faster and faster. You can feel your precum now.  Think about the sexiest thing you can. Maybe that’s a tight wet pussy, or great big tits with massive hard nipples, cumming buckets into your girl’s ass, or even a big strap-on in your tight little ass. Whatever it is, make sure that it gets into your head, gets you off hard and makes you cum like no other masturbation fantasy.

Guided masturbation

Guided masturbation

I’m naked and I would like to watch you undress, slowly. Let that nice hard, fat cock pop out and show me how much you need to cum. Lay back, on the couch right across from me. My legs are spread and my pussy is aching to cum. Stroke that cock slowly, all the way down to your balls and slowly all the way back up. Put some lube on that cock and add more as you see my pussy get wetter and wetter. Can you see my sweet pussy juices leaking from my fuckhole? Is this making you want to lick my clit more than jerk off your cock? I would love to feel your tongue on my pussy, your fingers inside me. Once you can no longer stand it, push me back roughly, tell me you are about the fuck the shit out of me. Grab my hips and ram that cock into me hard over and over, deep until you feel like you are going to explode. Cum inside me, give me every drop of that cum. Well, masturbation thing didn’t last long, did it? Sorry baby but you make me really horny.
I hope you feel better, I know I do.

Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone SexCall me for some anal phone sex papi! You know you want to sit on this hard cock. Its waiting nice and hard full of cum for you. Bring your ass here and sit on it. Let me feel that tight asshole of yours wrapped around my dick! I also want your big fat dick up my tight ass. I want you to grab me by the hips and fuck me hard. I cant wait to taste all that cum on the tip of your dick! Watch me slide my tongue all around that big fat mushroom head. Oh yeah papi face fuck me so good, and hard. Shove that big fat cock all the way to the back of my throat. I want you to cum in my throat, I just want to feel that big juicy head swell when you are getting ready to cum and put all that man juice in me.

GFE phone sex

GFE Phone Sex

Have you ever wanted the girlfriend experience without the actual girl being there all the time? I love doing calls with guys who want me to give them GFE phone sex, or girlfriend experience phone sex.
You are familiar with me, we have a very healthy sex life, can’t keep our hands off one another. Today though, you are gone on business and all we can do is phone sex.
I start playing with my pussy as soon as I see your name on my cell phone. I need you so bad but you are so far away. I pick up the phone and I hear your sultry voice and my pussy instantly gets wet. I tell you I only want to hear you moaning from what I am going to tell you to do. Close your eyes and think about my little bald wet pussy hovering over your cock, then I grab it and all in one motion I’m bouncing on your cock. I love the groan that produces. I ask you to put your finger on my clit and make me cum all over your cock. I am really rubbing my clit now and I tell you I’m going to cum soon so he better be fucking me hard. He grabs my hips and drives into me over and over. We lie down and fall asleep next to each other on the phone.

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Sweet Daddy!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I just had to break up with my old sugar daddy so I am looking for a new one. He was more like a splenda daddy though so I’m going to need you to be extra good to your princess. I love giving you the experience of having a beautiful and young girlfriend who adores you after all! Who has to know that you’re buying me special gifts all the time and sending gift cards? I love that you get such a thrill out of treating me so good, daddy. Maybe I should should send you more naked photos? I know you’re bored at work all the time so, dropping in to bring you “lunch” aka give you head under your desk, would be fantastic treat you deserve for all the sugar you pour on me. Maybe let me stop by that big beautiful house on the hill and let’s have some fun while your wife is out of town. These are the joys of having a young little slut who is hungry for her rich sugar daddy’s dick and only his! I’m lonely in the apartment you pay for though. Can you stop by? I’m so wet thinking about our playtime and I want my whole night to be just about you. 😉


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