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Control that cock

Bisexual phone sex  My little girl friend came over today to watch some movies and damn its been awhile since we ate each others pussies. Her friend was down from Tennessee and was up her ass the entire time. Now if it was up to me I would have fucked her too but her friend was only into cock. We went to Coachella and had so much fun. I got fucked but damn when my girls pussy is always in my face then is not you start to miss it. So we have been screwing it up baby since she left. We even bought new toys to play with. I love to lick that little pussy of hers and feel on her soft smooth skin. When she is not around I want some nice hard dick I can boss around like i do Vannessa’s pussy. Let me play with those balls lick and suck all over your dick and ass. I will give you what ever you want. Nice conversation followed by some dirty fantasies. cum get me

Porn Addict Pervert

Biggest cum shotIt’s really unbelievable how fuckin filthy me and my favorite depraved pervert were together last night. We watched the most fucked up and nasty porn for hours, we are both extreme pornography addicts and we refuse to find a cure! My dirty pervert was jerking his perfect penis the whole entire time and I was beating up my bald cunt with my fingers and toys. We were horny as hell, we were sweating and we even pissed on ourselves and sat in our fresh urine while we watched young teen sluts get naked and engage in extreme bukkake sex. I can’t believe how fucked in the head we both are lol, society will never accept us! The filthier the better, he’s by far the craziest and most disgusting motherfucker to ever ring my line. We can literally watch porn and masturbate for hours upon hours together but last night we set a world record! It’s going to take a lot to top that, we set the bar pretty damn high! My immoral and corrupt pervert always has the biggest cum shot for my slutty cunt!

My Pretty Pink Pussy Loves BBC

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My young bald pussy needs a nice a big hard cock to cum. I love a massive big black cock to stretch me out. My tight little ass needs to get ripped open and filled with a load of cum. I’m going to call this guy I fucked once that a huge fucking dick and ask him to come over with all his friends. They’re going to each take a turn fucking me and cumming all over me. I want to be fucking covered in cum. They all have such giant fucking dicks that they’re balls must be full of the biggest loads of cum. I’ll be covered with their creamy warm goodness from head to toe. I want my tight fuck holes to be stretched open and used like a tight fuck toy. I’ll let them ri[ me open and I’ll beg for more like a dirty fucking whore. I can’t get enough of those giant fucking black cocks inside my pretty pink pussy.

Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexMy joy in life is being my white daddy sex slave. Nothing gets me off more than waiting and listening to every yummy command he gives me it’s nothing that he tells me that I won’t do. Master tells me all the time that I’m the best nigger slut he has ever had because the only thing make me happy is making Master happy. When I’m being a good girl Master strips me down and blindfolds me. Then he ties me up so I can’t move my hands then he ties my legs so I can’t close them. Once he is sure I can’t move or see then the real fun begins. Slowly I hear a crowd of foot steps walk in the room sounds like 6 or 7 men mabe more. One by one they all take me some two and three at a time while I scream and yell for them to stop because After a hour I think I had enough but my Master tells me to shut the fuck up and be a good lil nigger whore and like the good lil slut that I am I keep taking it till I pass out he lets me lose and Master slashes me with a bucket of water to clean me off I sit there until he is ready for me because I’m the best nigger slut there is .

In the shower with daddyo

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Well, Daddy did it again he walked in on me while I was in the shower. I love that Daddy loves what he saw right in front of his eyes. I could tell that he was ready to jump in with me. Daddy came in without even hesitating and started to whip out his big daddy dick. I knew what I was supposed to do I was going to go and suck entirely like a good whore. Deep inside my mouth his cock mouth. I swallowed it whole and started to kiss it and lick it with my itty bitty mouth. I was loving it. I love pre-cum, and I love tasting and feeling it just swishing my mouth. Daddy loves cum shots on tits. So there I was drizzled  and drenched with all that glorious cum. Daddy couldn’t contain himself. To his bedroom, We went!  I got on all fours and got filled with his creamy cum load like a good daddies girl.


Cum Slut Phone Sex With P-Mommy Haley

I’m a super naughty P-mommy and love playing with naughty p-daddy’s and p-daddy wannabes we can get really high and drunk and play with our hot little young ones together. I love when my girl has a sleep over and all these young sluts are running around in their night clothes and and showing off their little panties. Some even run around without tops on and it’s really hot especially when a daddy or two hang around and party with me.

I bet you would show up with some pot and a six pack and offer to help me keep an eye on these little brats while they play in the pool with their little bikinis and suits on wouldn’t you? I hope so!

 Cum Slut Phone Sex

Mutual Masturbation

Mutuak Masturbation PornI love watching porn as much as the next pervert, I called my fuck buddy over and he came right away. I was picking the porn this time, I toked up a little before hand and got out my silver vibrator. I was wearing my cute baby doll lacy bra and matching panty set. I picked a porn that was a guy and a girl lying on their bed and they were rubbing each other, I want to make this porn real. I started by spreading my legs and rubbing my vibrator all over my thigh and going over my panties right where he could see a wet spot. I told him to come over and take that dick out, I was stroking his dick and he was fucking my bald pussy with the vibrator it felt so good. I loved it that we were doing this and I love how his dick will disappear in my hand. I could feel his balls pull up and get really warm he was about to bust that nut. I couldn’t let it go to waste, I got up and continued to have him fuck my pussy and I put my mouth right on the head of his swollen cock and stroked while sucking and flicking my tongue soon enough my mouth was filled with warm jizz.

Anal sex slut

Anal Phone SexThere’s little nothing worse than a mediocre and boring sexual encounter, thankfully you will never have that experience with me! It sucks when the dumb bitch that you’re used to refuses to gag on your cock and balls, denies you anal phone sex and is always too tired to get down and dirty. I know how it feels when a silly little cunt wants to try to makes rules for you but best believe I am not that type of whore. I love being submissive to you and giving into your demands. A hot guy with a super hard cock all ready to get nasty with me… what could be better!? Give me a bare-handed spanking, I’ve been a naughty girl and I deserve to be punished! Actually, it turns me on to have your hands all over my body, making my ass jiggle while you give me what I deserve. I’m all yours from head to toe, lick and bite all you want, anywhere you want! You can even chain me to your bed if you wanna and fuck my pussy for as long as you possibly can! You’re my dirty perverted fucker and I need you to call me now!

Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexI need a Master to please so I can be happy. I want to wait on him in his every command. I want him to blindfold and tie me up an treat me like the dirty slut that I am. I my pussy craves to sit and wait on Sr’s every demand. I would be such a good cum catching slut that master would love to play with me with his friends I can take on as Many men as my Master Says. One by one letting them all have their way with me Everything goes for my Master I would never tell him no. Kneeled down looking up at all the dicks in my face. I take it with pride to please my master and his friends they won’t stop Until I’m begging them to and they will still keep going like the sluty sex slave that I am and when everybody is done  they will all coming in my mouth together Do you think I could be your sluty sex slave.

I Always Bring Daddy Presents

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My friend at school has the perfect little tight body I know my Daddy’s cock would just ache for. I knew he would love it if his little slut brought him home some fresh young bald pussy to play with. I got her over to our house for a sleepover and she thought we just playing dress up just for fun. She had no idea that I was preparing her to meet my Daddy and he was going to make her his new little fuck toy. I had her in the sluttiest outfit when he got home. I told him to follow me to my room because I had a special surprise for him. She was sitting on the edge of my bed when Daddy walked in. I could tell that he loved her blonde pigtails and sexy red lipstick he was going to smear all over her face with his big hard cock. The poor girl had no idea what she was in for. Daddy and I used her little fuck holes and sent her home full of his cum.

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