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There is nothing I will say no to if it advances and benefits me in some sort of way. When my new professor got the hots for me and offered me up a deal I couldn’t turn down I was all over it. My professor offered me a paid internship if I let him borrow my young pussy for the weekend. How could I turn down his Daddy dick. To be honest I was playing hard to get and actually had a crush on the old geezer. Men of a certain age kind of turn me on. Call it Daddy issues but my twat twitches for a big mature penis. I like to get that big dick deep in all my holes and it coming with a couple perks was just the cherry on top of the sundae. I had no issue spreading my twat for that advancement. It was a great opportunity and I got some good fucking on top of it all.

Beat Me Make Me Your Slave

Dominatrix Phone Sex


There is a guy named Dexter I know, Dexter is really fucked up he loves sadistic behaviors. Dexter began buying me gifts about three months ago expensive gifts. My girlfriend’s say not to accept his gifts they said he seems crazy. It doesn’t concern me what my friends say I like nice expensive things. I love guys who shower me with fine expensive possessions. About two weeks ago, Dexter asked me if I would do something to him that was a little bit risque. I was concerned but I wanted to know more, I wanted to keep receiving nice clothes too so, I told him to tell me. Dexter began to inform me about his fantasy of being beaten by a black girl. I asked him why did he desire to be beaten by a black girl he told me, he wanted to pay for all the beatings his ancestors gave my ancestors. When Dexter said that to me he peaked my interest, I wanted to feel like his owner for a few seconds. I agreed to beat Dexter maybe he should have thought about what he was asking me to do. I put mine all into Dexter’s naughty little fantasy. I honestly think that I’m fulfilling a fantasy of my own as well when the two of us are together. Now, Dexter buys gifts for myself and gifts for him he bought a nice leather “cat-of-nine-tails” and a host of leather Raw belts. We have a great time with each other. When I’m feeling kind, I like to tickle my pain lover then beat him it makes his cock erupt.

GFE Phone Sex Date with The Living Legend

gfe phone sexI know gfe phone sex because I am a million-dollar sugar baby to the best sugar daddy ever. My Big Daddy King is the Living Legend for a reason. He is a living legend in sports, in business and definitely in sex. Not to mention he is a living legend of generosity. No one spoils a hot babe like BDK! I was extremely excited to discover that My King wanted me to be his hot date for a very special night! Seeing how he is a sports legend in both college and professional football, his old alma matter was dedicating a $10 million building in his name.  Big Daddy King is now extra legendary. Of course, he never spares any expense for his spoiled princesses. He paid for a high-end salon day, so this phone sex sugar baby would look perfect head to toe. He bought me a $5,000 dress for the evening and I was sporting $50 million worth of jewels he has spoiled me with over the years. And lets not forget my 2g’s pair of designer shoes. I got to fly on the private gold adorned jet to meet him and The Anaconda. I was taking to Instagram the entire time to brag about The Living Legend’s generosity to his sugar babies. Big Daddy King picked me up in style, like the class act he is. When I entered that stretch limo and saw The Living Legend in his expensive Armani suit, my pussy got wet. He is such a generous man that he made the anaconda dance in his pants to tease me. BDK was proud of his blonde sugar baby because he showed me off to the university president and all the folks there. I know there were jelly men and jelly women.  But last night, it was just him and me. I never knew a real man until I met Big Daddy King. We snuck away from His party to christen his new building. This blonde bimbo wanted some billionaire nut sauce from The Living Legend in the very building dedicated to his greatness. I eagerly watched the anaconda unfold from its bedazzled man sleeve.  I had my BDK tongue ring in, so I could worship the anaconda properly. My tongue was where it belonged! I begged, and I begged, but my King can’t deny me his billionaire nut sauce for long. I can’t believe he picked me out of all his sugar babies to spend this auspicious moment with; and as long as I live, I will remember this day and how handsome My King looked for the rest of my life. #BestSugarDaddyEver #HappyPrincess #LivingLegend #MillionDollarSugarBaby #BestNightofMyLife

Time for Ballwasher to go in the Burn Book

Biggest cum shotThe rumors are really true, the Faggot Ballwasher himself called me up to tell me about his biggest cum shot and confess to me what a horny cum guzzling fag boy he really is deep down to his core! In fact, he’s such a good cocksucking ballwashing faggot that he knows his way around these dicks like an absolute pro. The way he manhandles cum-filled nutsacks is unlike anything I have ever seen! I had heard through the grapevine that he loves having his asshole fucked while gagging on a throbbing dick but I only took those rumors with a grain of salt. But now, I have actual proof! Even though we had just introduced ourselves to one another, he had already told me all about his affinity for bulging boners. He spilled his little heart out to me and told me that the biggest penis he has ever swallowed down his throat was ten inches long, that’s pretty fuckin large if you ask me! I really cannot believe how fucked up he truly is, I had to find out on my own just how filthy of a Ballwasher this faggot is on a daily basis! He really is that fuckin depraved! Little does he know that I went and spilled his little secret to my bestie Caprice. We giggled and laughed all day long about how humiliating that must be for him to know that we consider it a hobby to make fun of him and his pathetic micro-penis as we bask in his pathetic fag-boy antics. If anyone deserves to go in my Burn Book of faggots, it’s Ballwasher! Caprice and I are going to literally let everyone know about this mess, i’m sure they’ll all get a kick out of it just as much as we do! There’s even a few new girls here at the company who were recently hired, Caprice and I will be sure to fill them in on all the juicy details as well! It’s only right that all of our hott friends are well aware of how much cock control we have over him! Ballwasher is the nastiest faggot that I have ever had the pleasure of humiliating, put that in the Burn Book!Cock control

July 4th with our perverted boss

biggest cum shotMy boss treated the girls and I at the office with a fourth of July getaway. We thought it was all so nice.We should of known he had ulterior motives. we went on this cruise but it ended up being a cruise filled with super dominant men who treated their female employees like slave pets. We were assigned a suite and all six of us had to fuck him nonstop. We were all so opposed but with the raise he was promising and the way he was using us we ended up being like melted chocolate in his hands. We just wanted the biggest cum shot from his balls. It was insane how we went from not wanting in to basically fighting for his attention.

Mommy Phone Sex Orgy

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex fills my day, but mommy sex fills my nights. Now that my sons are home for summer they have no curfew, which means we can stay up fucking. That is exactly what we did last night. Only it wasn’t just family last night. Me, my two boys, my mother, my neighbor and her son and my drug dealer had group sex. I thought orgies like this were just for swingers, but my coke brought out the kinkiness in more than just me. Mary is my neighbor lady. I have corrupted her into the family way. She loves fucking her son now and my sons. She is a single mom with a full-time career, so I play mommy with her boy often. She had today off because of the holiday which meant she could stay up late and party with her phone sex slut neighbor and her brood last night. I saw a side to Mary I had never seen before and both her son and I were aroused. Not only did she blow my sons, she blew lines of coke off Marcus’s big black cock. She has never had coke or a black cock. She has needed a party whore like me in her life to show her how much taboo fun she has been missing. Marcus loves white milf pussy. No woman over 35 needs to pay for coke with him if she will suck and fuck his big black cock. This was a taboo fuck fest. You had a sexy GILF fucking young dick and black dick. You had two dirty moms taking on each other’s sons. And you had a black drug dealer fucking three high white women in front of 3 young boys. Marcus had the biggest cum shot out of the boys there, but that is no surprise. He has the biggest cock. I love summer nights.


cock sucker & Anal shit

Cocksucking phone sex  My ex just walked right on in on me fucking my dildo. I did’t even invite him in. He just walked right on in.. I told him to get out and let me finish but he wouldn’t. I was still made at him for not letting me fuck this bitch with him. But he refused to leave. So, i stayed all all fours as I fucked my cunt to my favorite dildo. I told him that if he wanted to play along that he would have to do anything I wanted him to. He was down, I made him strip and to get in doggy style I ran my wet dido that still had all my cum juices all over it on his ass hole, he freaked but then started to enjoy it. I made him open his fucking mouth and throat up and I shoved it in his throat and made him suck it he was sucking hard and deep. I then started to fuck him with it I made him moan loader and loader I got deep and hard I yanked my arm pushing harder and faster I fucked his little ass hole so fucking hard I felt him cuming all over it. Then made him lick it off. That’s what he gets for sneaking in on me I turned him out to my dirty whore fuck toy.

Biggest Cum Shot Late-Night Craving

biggest cum shotLately, I have been getting the biggest cum shot to my face from a certain black lover. My husband is obsessed with creamy facials. He loves watching big black cocks explode on my face. I must admit that I love a nut explosion all over my pretty face. Most of my studs want to come inside me because they don’t have to worry about getting a 46-year-old woman pregnant. I had my tubes tied years ago because I never wanted to be anything but a black cock whore. Brats take away from sucking and fucking black cocks. Last night, I had a late-night craving for black cream. My husband called up this stud that enjoys shooting his seed on my face like it’s a canvas and his dick is Jackson Pollack. My guess was that my husband had the same late-night craving I did.  My young stud always craves white milf pussy. Even though my husband and I both had to be up early today, we had an itch that had to be scratch. I blew my young hung stud until he nutted on my face. My husband couldn’t wait to snowball that creamy fresh load with his slut wife. My stud left because he too had to work early, but my husband and I stayed up playing with the mess that was left behind. My husband is such a creampie slut. Phone sex with me is all about cuckolding, BBC and cream pies.

Cum Shots on Tits and a Cuckold Husband

cum shots on titsMy husband loves cum shots on tits. My tits and someone else’s cum.  Black cock cum is what he wants to see on my big boobs. He is my cuckold. When I get a juicy and thick load of cock cream on my jugs, my cucky hubby is kneeling in submission waiting for his treat. Last night, one of my huge hung studs stopped by for a play date. He is as dark as night too. I measured his cock at 13 inches. He is like 4 times the size of my husband. When my husband stands naked next to him, talk about a black out. It is a total eclipse of my husband’s puny white clit stick. Daryl loves humiliating my husband for his short comings. He also enjoys giving me the biggest cum shot to my tits for my loser husband to lick off in front of me. My husband is a black cock faggot. He couldn’t guzzle that shit up fast enough. Daryl was hurling small dick slams and getting hard for round two while he watched. My husband is a creampie slut too. When Daryl injected load three up my pussy, my husband was chomping at the bit to clean up the freshly deposited black jizz. Sound familiar? I bet you can’t wait to clean me up either. The question is, however, are you as good as a clean up bitch as my husband?

Sweet Revenge

Tranny phone sexI was bullied all through school because I was different. The main person who made my life a living hell was named Billy. I ran into Billy at a bar and he didn’t recognize me and he hit on me. He bought me a few drinks then we headed to a motel. I told him about my cock and he said he always wanted to fuck a tranny. He undressed me and suck my cock. I could believe Asshole Billy was sucking my cock and I could tell this wasn’t his first time. Eventually, he had me on my knees fucking my tight boy-pussy and it felt so damn good. When he got on his hands and knees I laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck Billy. I fucked him hard and fast, I wasn’t gentle at all. I thought about the torture I endured for all those years and I fucked him harder. I filled his ass with semen and with a smile I revealed my true identity. His face turn red with embarrassment and I finally felt vindicated.

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