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Be my valentine

hot ass sex

This year my Daddy wanted to kick off valentines day with his sweet princess moi! Yes, I am daddies personal princess who loves to please him and work my wet bald pussy just for him. Daddy owns every inch of me, and he knows that much to be true. I never say no it is always yes. Whatever he wants he gets. This valentines I knew was going to be special. Mommy was away, and I had Dad all to myself. The things that went on in my mind were pure wicked and sinfully good. I wanted daddy in every room. I was going to be his porn star and sweet escape. Who would have thought a young girl like me would have such a raging appetite. I was put on gods green earth to make him happy. My cunt is all his, and he gets first dibs on my asshole.


Daddy is so romantic. I came home, and there was a bed of roses. Champagne in a bucket of ice. Couldn’t forget the chocolates and the bouquet was lovely. I seduced my pops not long ago. I wore a hot new little outfit. I had him go insane. My cunt was all his I knew it was going to go my way. Hot ass sex with me on valentines was daddies dream come true.




wet bald pussy

Prostitution Phone Sex for Coke, Lots of Coke

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is something I am getting better at. My drug dealer has me turning tricks for my coke now. I was just fucking him and his nephew, but I am using a lot more coke now that my mother lives with us. She is the only one I know who is a bigger coke whore than me. Coke is expensive according to Marcus, so I need to do more than just fuck him. I need to fuck some of his clients and associates too. Men who need a dirty whore to do the things to they can’t do to their wives. Normally, I have only fucked one or two men for him. The other night, he had 12 men lined up for me to fuck. Not all at once either. His house was my whore quarters. He had all the equipment I needed to clean up in between fucks. He bought a case of Summer’s Eve douche for me to rinse my cunt in between fucks. He said I was fucking mostly black men and they don’t do creampies like loser white men. Every guy had 45 mins to do what they wanted to me with 15 minutes for me to clean up. I will do anything for my coke. I have never douched that much in my life, but if his clients wanted a fresh pussy, a fresh pussy they would get. I swear with every fuck, came the biggest cum shot inside me. I got fucked in the ass too. Never douched my asshole, but I did for coke. I got pissed on and spanked too. But like I said, I will do anything for a nice big bag of coke. I am a mommy whore, so why not be a gang bang whore too? I got a good workout, but I got the biggest bag of coke ever. I earned that shit.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with a Dominant Shemale

smoking fetish phone sexHe had a thing for smoking fetish phone sex. When he saw my ad for a sexy dominatrix, the first thing he asked me was if I smoked. I am not a 2 pack a day kind of woman, but I do enjoy a cigarette after fucking up some sissy boy’s ass. I think he was in love before he even met my ten-inch sexy cock. When I arrived at his place, he was exactly what I expected. He was an unassuming man. Short, a little pudgy, balding and not easy to look at, but he was wealthy. He is some sort of technology genius responsible for some very popular apps we all use. He wanted a shemale domination porn star to give him a hardcore fucking in his back door pussy. He paid me for the honor of taking his ass cherry. I fucked him hard while puffing on a cigarette. He enjoyed the smoke rings hovering over his head. Hot damn, I enjoyed his ass. It was super tight. Nothing feels better than a tight virgin ass. I enjoyed smoking my cigarette as I pounded his ass. He moaned a lot, not sexy moans, more like the moans that a wounded animal makes. His pain was sexy to me. He was paying me to hurt his ass and blow smoke in his face. I get it with men like him. They are too nerdy for hot women. He has no social skills and he wants to be fucked by a sexy T-girl up his ass. Most women don’t find that sexy no matter how wealthy a man might be. After I dropped the biggest cum shot up his ass, I made him suck my dick clean. While he was being an ass to mouth whore for me, I continued to blow smoke in his face. You better be careful what you ask for with me. I am a bad ass shemale mistress. I will take your money and ruin your ass.

My Husband is a Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore Too

cum slut phone sexI love being a cum slut phone sex whore, but only if that cum is from big black cocks. It is warming up in Chicago, but it is still damn cold. Hot spunk to the face, tits and up my holes, always warms me up. I enjoy savoring every ounce of black cock spunk. Today, I went to get some much needed black cock therapy. I was super horny and tired of waiting for black cock to come to me. My husband was at work, but I know he is a black cock faggot and cum whore. I saved some cum for him. I had a mini gangbang with three black studs from the west end. They were jonesing to release their big black balls when I texted. They don’t have cars, but I do, so I just drove to help them out. I scratched their itch for a white whore, and they scratched mine for big black cock.  They were happy to cum in my mouth instead of my cunt. I didn’t swallow this time. I usually do, but I wanted to give my husband a little treat. After a few hours of fun, I collected the biggest cum shot from each stud and spit it in a mason jar. I said my goodbyes and drove to my husband’s office. When I pulled the jar out with the best spunk in town, he looked so happy. He opened the jar and chugged it like a college boy chugs beer. I kissed him with cum breath and went home happy. I got fucked by big black dicks and I gave my husband a treat.  He loves being my cuckold. He usually watches me fuck, but this weather has fucked up all our usual habits. I just didn’t want him to feel left out. He is a good cuck.

My Wet Bald Pussy Got a Work Out

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy got a work out this morning. I met this straight guy at a Cher concert Monday. I know, right? I swear I found the only straight man in the place. He was his mother’s date and I was with my gay posse, so all we could do was fool around in the gender neutral bathroom during intermission. He is the caregiver for his mother, so he was sex starved. I thought he was cute, and he had a big dick. I get fucked when ever I want, but some how it is never enough. I guess I am a nympho! His mom had a long morning at the hospital getting some tests. Lucky for me, the hospital was around the corner from my place. As soon as he arrived, we ripped each other’s clothes off. I could feel his neglected cock pulsating through his pants. I thought he would burst through those pants if I didn’t release him. I was the first woman he had fucked in two years. I was happy to be the recipient off all that pent up sexual frustration. Horny men who have been long neglected, rabbit fuck. They ravage your pussy. It was hot ass sex for sure. We fucked in all sorts of kinky positions. My pussy not only got stuffed, it got sore. Been a hot minute since some one fucked me for over 4 hours. When his mom texted him, he had to go. I don’t know when I will fuck him again, but I know I need a few days to recuperate. He said next time, my ass is all his. He has never ass fucked a girl. If he does to my ass, what he did to my pussy, I will be sitting on a frozen steak for days.

Pornography addicted sexual deviant

Biggest phone sexSince the day that I popped out of my Mom’s hairy cunt, I have been trained to be a sexual little cocksucking and dick riding deviant. My life has always been filled with horny perverts that are eager to have their way with me. I have learned since very early on that the best way to form a relationship with a man and his throbbing cock is to make it disappear down my throat and have a big ole’ smile on my face while doing so. This wet little cunt of mine is constantly squirting out the biggest cum shot. I make a huge mess every time that I orgasm and my parents absolutely love it. Although I have had my fun with countless amounts of dicks, there is one pervert who has stolen my heart and inspired me to be the absolute filthiest little skank ever! I feel so special to be so young and so fuckin dirty at the same damn time. My reason for existence is to be a pornography addicted sexual deviant and I am so proud to say so!

Cum princess

hot ass sexHot ass sex with cum princess? Sign me up! I wouldn’t have it any other way if I were a red-blooded male. Most girls are so prissy and picky. Women who can’t do anything other than lay on their back suck. I am all for a woman who likes all positions and likes to ride a cock. I keep it hot and spicy and most importantly yes I do take that sticky icky cum in all the places your significant other won’t Call me the Princess cum slut. I am that freaky whore who will get on all fours and keep begging for more. Why wouldn’t I want to be filled and stuffed? Feeling the creamy concoction drip down my thighs will have me wanting more. Load after load I want to be your sweet glazed girl. Rub it all over me and watch me lick it off entirely.

Bisexual anal fuck

Bisexual phone sexMy Daddy swings both ways and loves having bisexual phone sex with me and my boyfriend. Both my Dad and my Man have massive cocks and they sure do love putting them to good use! My Daddy loves being called Daddy by any male that gets to fuck him so of course my boyfriends was yelling out ‘Daddy!’ all night long while we engaged in the sexiest, steamiest threesome ever together! My Man hasn’t always been bisexual but my Daddy sure has opened up a whole new can of worms with him, hehe. Now that my boyfriend has been introduced to the world of anal fucking & getting gaped open, he just cannot seem to get enough! He and my Daddy especially love playing together because their big dicks combined form an intense sexual experience! I’ve never seen two huge boners get so fucking hard and horny together in my whole entire life like how theirs do! I’m gonna have to snatch my own boyfriend away from my Daddy, lol. I wanna get double-penetrated in my asshole too!

Black Cock Phone Sex Glory Hole

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex stories are something a black cock whore has plenty to share. Sunday, I was feeling dirty, well extra dirty. I went downtown to the adult bookstore. There are many in Chicago, but this one is in the predominantly black neighborhood. White women of the windy city go here all the time when they need a chocolate fix. This damn weather has the roads a mess. Some of my suburban studs have not been able to get to me and the train doesn’t go to where they live. I can take the L from my place to the southside, however. I bundled up and went for a chocolate fix. This one adult book store is known for glory holes. I walked in and everyone in the place knew why I was there. I made my way to the back of the store and entered the room with the holes. There was one waiting for me. A big black thick dick in need of sucking, just waiting for this milf whore’s lips. I may have given the best head of my life. There was more than enough dark meat coming through that hole for me. But I am a greedy whore, so I knocked on the wall, so the stud would come fuck me. I was surprised to see that huge of a dick on what appeared to be a high school boy. He called me ma’am. That was first. I don’t discriminate against age. The boy had a big black dick and I needed one. He fucked me in every position possible. We were in a dingy room with cum stains on the floor, but I didn’t care. I slum for black cock. That young stud gave me the biggest cum shot too. It was a dirty fuck, but just what I needed. I gave him my number. That boy can take the L to the Northside and fuck me anytime.

Biggest cum shot ever for the slut

Biggest cum shotI’m such a filthy whore. I was at the state fair and noticed this guy staring me down. I was one horny slut for some reason and followed him into the portapotty. I was down to blow him and get his cum. It happened so fast I walked right in and grabbed his dick. I had his cock in my mouth, and I was sucking it and going to town on his juicy meat. As soon as I stopped, he started to tremble he was about to unload. I kept teasing him till finally, he blew the biggest cum shot on my whore face. I walked right out and could hear him call for me. He didn’t even know my name. I walked off and listened to his hey’s disappear. I got what I wanted from him, and that’s not where it ends. A bit later I saw my second victim. I was in the bowling area and saw a guy who wanted to fuck me. I guess blowing a stranger made me want to fuck one too, I went ahead and gave him the green light. We were in the empty blowing area and got down to fucking. I felt his load about to pop. I grabbed it out of my twat and started stroking it till it unleashes in my hands. 

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