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Fuck Me Hard

hot squirting pussyYou know how much I love to suck a big cock while you watch and stroke your little dick. It makes me so wet just having YOU watch me. I love knowing that seeing me swallow that big cock is what makes you cum. But today you were different and in such a great way. The way you used your tongue on my neck down to my back teasing me. Making me want so much more and you gave it to me, didn’t you. Sticking your tongue in my little puckered asshole, eating my ass, making me moan and beg for more. Then you flipped me over and worked on my cunt. Licking, sucking, fucking it with you hot wet tongue, oh God you made me feel so amazing, my pussy tingling, cum dripping in your mouth. And when you moved up and had me lick all my sweet pussy juice off your face, baby you had me cumming again. But then you went and stuck that little dick in my pussy and fucked me real hard, I wrapped my legs around your hips and held tight as you pounded into my soaking wet cunt. Thank you for the fucktastic time. I can’t wait until you make me cum around that cock again!

Biggest Cum Shot Covers Kinky Wendy

Biggest Cum Shot

Letting him stick it in my ass made him shoot the biggest cum shot all over my face and tits. I was covered in his creamy load and I fucking loved it. I was begging him for it. He came over to my place and I got down on my knees like a good whore and sucked his cock all the way down my throat. Rubbing my sweet bald little pussy makes me gush when I have a cock in my mouth. I love feeling used like a slutty little fuck toy and getting face fucked is exactly what I want. He took his cock out of my mouth and told me he wanted to watch his cum shower all over my tiny little body. So, I leaned back and let him watch my fingers going back and forth on my clit while he stroked his cock over me. When I saw his massive load shooting out of the tip of his cock I felt my pussy start to squirt. It made my own orgasm that much better to be getting covered in cum while I shoot my pussy juice all over the floor.

Panties and Socks

foot fetish phone sex


I know how much you love kissing and licking my pretty and perfectly manicured little feet. You’ve been especially interested in my dirty little panties but I decided an extra surprise should come into your package this time. I have included my cute cheerleading socks that I have worn for days on end in addition to a pair of pantyhose and even the standard cute panties you love. I wish I were there to see you hold the socks and panties up to your nose while you play with your cock, thinking of my sweet little smile while you suck and lick on me. The way your big cock swells up right before we lube up my feet as you slip that juicy dick between them and allow me to give you a blissful foot job. Looking down at your right before you’re about to spill that cum all over my cute little hot pink toes. I reach down, gathering your yummy cummies up and sucking the juices off of my fingers while you clean my feet up for me, I’ve been soaking wet so you have your own personal dirty panties now too that are full of my scent that you caused. When is our next session and when should I mail your next package out?

Sexy video with my step sister

Sexy college girl porn makes anyone pretty horny. Who doesn’t like to see to young girls fucking on camera? I was watching some hot porn and my step-sister walked in she was pretty interested in the video and told me shes never really watched porn. I told her we should totally make a hot video and she can watch it when I am away at school. I turn the cam on and started recording. I love being the one to take the lead she is just so cute and sexy I love corrupting her. I made her strip for me and went down on her. You can say we are getting pretty close. To think I couldn’t stand her when we first met. I foresee a lot of hot naughty videos in the near future. I have gotten so dominant lately and I am okay with that. I mean who doesn’t like a hot slut who does exactly what you tell her to do? Sexy college girl porn

Blowy in a Cab

Cock ControlI went on a blind date last night and I’ve got to tell ya it was the best date I’ve been on. So I meet this guy for dinner and drinks and you can just tell he’s loaded. And the way he stared at my body so openly I knew he was a dirty boy… I love my men dirty! We eat and both drink enough that we are feeling wonderful and he says “wanna go back to my place and fuck?” Um, yes please! So we get a cab back to his place but honestly we couldn’t wait that long. I pulled his cock out of his pants and start sucking. He’s moaning pulling my hair and telling me how good it feels. Tells me I’m a good little slut. The cab driver is making weird noises up front and watching us in the mirror which added to the the hotness of the situation. Finally my date pulls my hair a little harder and pulls my mouth off his cock and shoots his load right on face. So good! It was even better when I told him I was not going to fuck him unless he licked my face clean and swallowed his warm cum. He did! Great fucking date.

Wet Bald Pussy For My Naughty Neighbor

wet bald pussy

I can’t stop playing with my wet bald pussy. Whenever I make myself cum it just makes me want to cum even more. I could spend all day rubbing my clit and making myself squirt. My neighbor loves to masturbate just as much as I do. I know because I can see him watching me and stroking his cock all the time. I love fucking myself and knowing that he’s over there jacking off and cumming with me. Sometimes he even lets me see him too. The other day I decided that I wanted the real thing in my face though. So, I went over to his place and told him that I wanted him to jack off onto my face. He took me into his room and we stripped down. Then I laid back on his bed and started playing with my clit. He stood over me with his cock right in my face and started stroking it. I told him to go faster, I wanted him to cum with me. When I start to feel myself orgasm he shot his load all over my face.

Blowjobs phone sex – Fun with Daddy


Blowjobs Phone SexMy Dad came over to my house to see our kiddos.  He wanted to teach them a new lesson.  It was time that all of them learn to give a proper blow job. The best way to teach is my demonstrating and then by doing.  Daddy and I gathered our little ones all with single digit birthdays around us in the living room.  Daddy stood up and undressed.  I undressed too.  We started off kissing and touching each other.  The kiddos giggling.  I took my Daddy’s cock in my hand and started stroking it.  He always responds quickly to my touch.  I bent down and got on my knees and took Daddy into my mouth.  He explained what I was doing as I did it.  I took long strokes of his cock, playing with his balls as I sucked him.  Moving faster, licking, and sucking, making Daddy feel good. He told me he was coming, so I pulled him out of my mouth and started stroking his saliva-soaked cock and let him explode in my face.  Our little rug rats laughed and cheered.  We had them each come over and use their tongues to lick up Daddy’s juice from my face, tits and Daddy’s dick.  They each took turns sucking Daddy’s swollen dick to see what it tasted like.  They loved it, even little Robby, named after Daddy.

Cum Shots On Tits Is So Fucking Hot

cum shots on tits

This guy and I watched some videos of cum shots on tits the other day. I sucked his cock while he watched girls getting showered with a load of creamy cum. We were talking about how much we both love watching guys cum. Seeing it shoot out of the tip of their cock and spray their huge load of cum onto a set of nice tits is so fucking hot. So, I invited him over and found a compilation video of cum shots and then I started to suck his cock. He was loving watching guys cum all over those hot girls and having me sucking his nice cock all the way down my throat. He was watching a massive cock shoot a huge fucking load all over this girl’s set of nice fake tits when he grabbed my head and slammed it down on his cock and held it there. Then I could taste his own load filling up my mouth.

Demi does Dallas

Blowjobs Phone Sex

My best friend Tina works as a nurse in the local hospital.  One night during a visit, I was walking by the nurse’s station when I saw a guy I used to date in one of the rooms.  I peeked my head into the room to say hi and noticed that he was unresponsive.  I looked at the notes on the white board hanging across from his bed, and it said, “induced coma”.  This guy, Dallas, was a longtime boyfriend a few years back.  He and I used to have the best time together.  He completely understood and even embraced my incestuous lifestyle.  I really missed Dallas.  He had the biggest cock I had ever seen.  My girls and even my little boy loved his 10-inch monster of a cock.  I decided to be a little naughty.  I went over to the door, closed it and propped a chair inside of the door to keep anyone from entering.  I pulled down my panties and lifted up my skirt.  I tore the covers off Dallas and sucked his huge Polish Kielbasa.   He started growing inside my mouth and dripping precum.  I got him nice and hard after sucking him for about 5 minutes.  My pussy was so wet, needing to ride this giant cock.  I climbed on top of Dallas and started to ride him.  He didn’t respond, he seemed to be sleeping, but his cock was certainly responding to my efforts.  I rode him hard, bouncing up and down on his huge member, filling up my pussy, stretching me to my limit.  I came hard with an intense orgasm, wishing Dallas was awake for this.  His cock gave way to cum filling my pussy with his juice and then he began to shrink.  I walked to the sink in his room and got a paper towel to clean him and myself off.  I didn’t want any evidence of my raping him.  I couldn’t wait to go visit Dallas again.

Ass worship

Ass To Mouth Phone SexWorship my perfectly round ass, if you know what’s good for you, I love ass to mouth phone sex so much! Good boys listen well and do everything that I ask of them. Are you going to be a good boy for me? Or am I going to have to use my leather riding crop and whip you into shape?! Either way, I know that I am in for a ton of fun at your expense, haha! Now go ahead and be a naughty boy for me and kiss my ass, all the way down my legs and inner thighs and when you get down to my feet, lick all over them! I love driving you wild with my bubble butt!

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