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Cuckolding Phone Sex with BBC

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a blast, especially with big black cocks. Look at this beast of a cock I am sucking. I was not the only one sucking on it either. I had my husband helping. He is a good fluffer. He wasn’t always a good cock sucker. I remember the first time he sucked dick. My husband is not gay. He is not even bi-sexual. He is just a cuckold. Sure, I guess you could say he is a black cock faggot because he only sucks black cock. He will never slurp on a white dick. Occasionally, I do find a well-endowed white man to fuck, but when I do, my husband doesn’t want to watch. He likes black cock phone sex like you. When he heard I had Javier coming over last night, he couldn’t wait. That is because Javier has a beautiful thick black cock. My husband sucked his cock before I did. He sucked him after I fucked him too. That is his favorite way to taste my cunt juice-on a big thick black cock. My husband is a good black cock faggot. He fluffs better than many women give head. He watches with love and admiration. He cleans up. I love my cuckold husband.

Not the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotMaybe it wasn’t the biggest cum shot I have ever had but it was a sizable load. The funny thing was the guy wasn’t very tall or very big. He didn’t have a small cock, but it wasn’t an anaconda either. It was a date. Well, less a date and more a sex for money arrangement. I was doing a favor for a friend. I owed her a solid and this was how I paid her back. Her stepfather wanted a hooker. She had no idea how to find him one that wasn’t a diseased skanky whore slutting her ass off on the corner. She figured since I was a stripper and a phone sex whore, I could fuck the man for money. It was his 60th birthday and he wanted a younger whore. I am a far cry from jailbait, but he was almost twice my age. I was excited for the money because I am going out of town for a couple days next week and it would be spending cash. I was surprised by how handsome and rich he was for his age. My friend made him sound like a loser. Stepdaddy issues, I guess. I found him sexy as fuck even if his cock was underwhelming. I mean he was 60. I am sure there was some shrinking over the years. He was impressed with his “date.” He took me out on the town. We danced, kissed, danced, kissed, did shots and ended up at my strip club where I gave him a private dance and a great blowjob. He nutted a huge load for his age and size. I swallowed because I like making men feel special. It was his birthday after all. We ended up back at my place fucking into the wee hours of the night. I owe my friend a big thank you. Now I have a few grand to waste in Vegas.

Black Cock Phone Sex: I Get Great Service

black cock phone sexDo you like black cock phone sex stories? Here is one for you. Yesterday, I was out running errands. It was hotter than hell out in Chicago. My car broke down. I thought perhaps it was over heated, but it wouldn’t shift. My mechanic is a black god. He Face Timed me to see if he could trouble shoot my issue. He didn’t want me out in the heat melting for too long, so he sent a tow truck to get me because AAA was going to be a 4 hour wait. I get personal service because I am a hot white woman who can handle his big black cock. He has been fucking my white pussy for a decade. Ever since I had a finder binder and his shop was a block away. I rode with the tow driver to the shop. My Lexus needed a shift cable and my pussy needed a fat gear shift. While Don’s workers fixed my car, I road Don’s fat black cock in his office. I could see the guys working on my car while I fucked that big black cock. It was just what I needed after a rough morning. I was squirting all over my hot mechanic’s fat fuck stick. Don loves fucking my married white pussy. He told me I class up his dick. He doesn’t get many women like me in his shop. I go anywhere if the service is great. I may have money, but that don’t make me a snob. The boys in the hood have always taken good care of me and my fuck holes. And Don took care of my car and my pussy. I drove my Lexus back home with the biggest cum shot up my married cunt and the biggest smile on my face. I get excellent service in the hood.

4th of july fun

wet bald pussyOlder men love young sugar babies. When I was invited on a July 4th party, I couldn’t resist. Hot girls in bikinis lots of money and lots of fun. I said, yes. My friend knows all about men with deep pockets that love to have fun with young tender girls willing to suck for some extra coed cash. My wet bald pussy was like cocaine to these perverts. Every girl in the yacht was a p-cock dream. The theme was petite girls that look like they are like youngsters. We had fun playing with each other, and the moment of truth came out. We would get paid more if we had a little fun with each other on camera. We were being recorded for their advantage. It was a fun experience, and I will never turn it down.

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Blowjobs phone sex


I don’t think there’s anything I love more than being on my knees with a thick, hard cock in front of my face. I love watching you stroke towards me and get so wet when you slap the head against the flat of my tongue. Sloppy, wet blowjobs are my specialty. The messier the better! I make sure your whole shaft is nice and wet and slippery as I bob my head up and down on your dick. I make sure to really take you in deep to the back of my throat making my eyes water as I gag on your member. I lick the palm of my hand and stroke your cock while I move down lower, licking and sucking on your balls. I continue to stroke and suck and lick until you pull away and spray hot cum all over my face.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex on the Beach

exhibitionist phone sexI have an exhibitionist phone sex story for you. My husband and I went to a nude beach over the weekend. My husband was so brave to show his little dick in public. I was proud to show off my hot body. I look amazing. I was hoping to see some big dicks. I wanted to bring a hung lover back to our Air B and B house for the night. There were no black guys on the beach that I saw, so I took a stroll. I was looking up and down the adult beach for a worthy fuck buddy. Eventually, I found one. Roy was coming back from surfing. He walked out of the water like a Greek god. He was buff, chiseled and hung. He stopped me before I had a chance to ask him if he wanted to fuck. He asked if I was married. I retorted, “What would it matter if I was?” He checked out my sexy milf body and I checked out his ample cock. I estimated him to be about 10-inches limp, so likely 13-inches when fully erect. I knew how to make him fully erect too. Although it was an adult beach, there was no sex allowed. My husband and I rented a cabana in case I saw something I wanted. A cabana is just a small privacy tent, but I just needed to be on my knees to suck his anaconda. He was impressed that I could take every inch of him. Of course, I could. I am a big dick sucker. I have been sucking big black dicks for decades. Roy gave me the biggest cum shot down my throat. I could have left it at that, but I wanted my husband to watch me with my stud. We were on vacation. Roy was happy to come back to our beach house and fuck. That was when my cuckold husband got his treat. He loves to watch his slut wife be a black cock whore, even on vacation.

BDK’s 4th of July Bash

hot ass sexPhone sexHot ass sex with the MVP himself was nothing shy of amazing. You can say it was the Best fourth of July ever! I am still so shook and in shock about what happened this past fourth of July.  I got a call from the living legend himself as you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that sexy voice on the other side of the phone. I had goosebumps, and my nipples got instantly hard. I had flashes of the fun I had with my sexy friend and anaconda.  Big Daddy wanted to invite me to Dallas for the fourth. I was nearly jumping for joy and thanking the living walking legend. BDK arranged for his fabulous private jet to pick me up from Los Angeles. I was on my way to  Dallas.
BDK has many homes and resides all over the world, but Dallas is his main headquarters. Daddy king is a busy prestigious man with many talents and plenty of friends. When BDK throws a party, it isn’t a subtle get together. BDK rubs shoulders with only the elite. Celebs, Socialites businesspeople, and successful entrepreneurs. BDK doesn’t throw an average party. Daddy king throws a bash. As I got checked in and settled into the Private jet, I noticed it was different from the last. BDK has plenty of toys, and each one is better than the next. Everything was decked out and of the most exceptional quality.

I was giddy inside and ready to see the king himself. This party was rocking and rolling already. Once I landed and made my way to his fabulous mansion, I already had a beautiful box of gifts ready for me. I greeted BDK, and I had to thank him. My cunt was soaking in his presence. Big daddy has a custom bikini for me. Diamonds all over and his initials, of course. Right beside it was a custom coach bag with 50k inside. That wasn’t even scratching the surface. BDK asked me to be part of his sugar baby gang!  Daddy king is such a generous Sugar daddy! Not only did I get showered with gifts and I was going to enjoy being his official date, but I was also going to get a quarter of a million and multiples other perks. I couldn’t think of anything that would make this day even better. I was wrong!

Things kept on superseding any expectations I had previously had. Big Daddy needed to see how appreciative I was, and I couldn’t control myself. Looking at his tight white shorts and seeing how anaconda was stretching out, I needed to thank big daddy. The living legend was going to see how much his new blonde Barbie was appreciative of being welcomed into the sugar gang. BDK whipped out anaconda, and I was in a trance. I never wanted something as bad as I wanted him and his big chocolate piece of heaven. My mouth salivated, and all I could think about was tasting anaconda. I kissed anaconda and licked and sucked. It was candy in my mouth. The best cock ever. I could feel what I thought was him cumming all over my lips and tongue. Well, it was the beginning only. See a real man precums so much that it feels as if he is shooting his load. BDK has enough million dollar nut cream to go around. I begged the living legend to give me anaconda. I was sure I could handle his magic stick. I anticipated it and wanted to feel real explosions for this fourth of July. They do say be careful what you wish for cause you might get it, Well I did. Anaconda slid in my barbie cunt, and I was in so much pleasure and dripping and thanking the living legend for gracing my cunt. I wanted the luxurious cream inside of me. Daddy king blessed me in more way than one. My social media following is through the roof. Everyone wants to be part of the living legends circle. Daddy king only accepts top quality.  Phone sex with the king and being apart of the dream team is unlike anything you will ever get the chance to experience. I can’t wait to do it again!

Cum Shots on Tits in Da Club

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits are yummy. I have a confession. I am a cum whore. When you have a nice rack like mine, you can handle a lot of cum on your boobs. I was dancing at the club on Fourth of July. Holidays are big money nights, so instead of seeing fireworks, I saw $100 bills. I am in high demand when I take to the pole. I don’t get dollar bills. I get hundred dollar bills. I get more because I allow for more too. There was a group of out of town Japanese men who rented the VIP room for us. Asian men love big titted blonde whores like me. We are the opposite in appearance of most Asian women. I knew these men had money. They work for Caterpillar overseas which is a major producer of farm equipment. They are the big businessmen of the Japan plant They come to town a couple times a year to talk with t he US executives and always make a stop to see their favorite stripper whore. They have small dicks. Most Asian men do, but I still make them feel special. I won’t fuck them, but I don’t need too if I let them cum. I shake my ass and my moneymakers to some 80s hair band music and they toss me $100 bills. I let them give me the biggest cum shot they can muster on my big fake titties, and they toss me $1000 bills. I walked out of the club with more money than any of the other dancers. In fact, I was told I made more money then any of the other dancers combined that night. That is because I know what the men want, and I know how to make even men with tiny dicks feel special.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex


I’m such a filthy cum slut. I love the feeling of cum filling up all of my holes and hitting the back of my throat. I love cum all over my ass, face and tits. I love being the center of a gangbang because there is so much hot sticky cum for me to get filled and covered with. Getting a dick in my pussy while I’m sitting on another is so fucking hot it makes me cum like nothing else. While I’m cumming I love watching the others jerk off while watching me. Seeing all those hard cocks and balls just full of cum makes me squirm. I just love getting down on my knees so that they can all cum on my body. The feeling of hot cum gets me so wet I’m ready for round two!

My Adonis


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

My legs were so long slim and soft, Adonis couldn’t help but marvel after me, I was young and beautiful and wasn’t even aware of it. My beautiful caramel skin, I was almost golden, with my perfect physique, petite, but shapely and thick enough for him to grab. My eyes were the deepest mahogany and staring back at him. Adonis licked his lips and said, “tell me how much you love me,” he demanded as he gripped my voluptuous thigh, raising it back. “You already know how much I love you, Adonis, around the world and back,” I softly replied. Adonis mischievously smiled “that’s exactly what I thought,” he said as he tapped his huge bone hard cock against my ass. Adonis looked me deep in my eyes and gently pushed himself inside of me. “Gasp! Oh my God,” I exclaimed. I could feel his girthy cock thrusting in and out of me, making my legs shake. My honey-sweet cum began to drip all over him, he could feel me about to explode. All the action made him so excited that he pulled out, he didn’t want this moment to end, but I felt so good he couldn’t continue. He began to lower his face into my hot wet cunt, kissing my inner thighs softly while looking into my eyes. “I can’t do this with you,” he said between kisses, “you’ll make me crazy.” He opened my legs wider and started to suck at my pussy lips, I began to shake, I was almost at my peak when he stopped and placed himself back inside of me. He lifted my legs on his shoulder and picked up speed going deeper and faster. Adonis could hear and feel my waters flowing, but he couldn’t focus on this, it would make him finish too fast. He wanted me to get the best of him, ” I’m about to cum!!!” I screamed, Adonis wrapped his hand around my neck, gripping my thighs and kissing my feet “me too” as his eyes rolled back and he faintly moaned. He could feel the build-up, as he looked into my eyes as we both climaxed, Adonis fell on me kissing my sweat-soaked neck and chest, and simply basking in my glow.

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