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Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share, especially ones involving big black dicks. I am a slut wife. I live in Chicago, which means there are plenty of black cocks to choose from. Most black men hit on me first. Rarely, do I need to start the conversation. Black men will always be attracted to white women, even if they are married to black women. Honestly, I try to fuck single black men because there are plenty of them around, but sometimes a man is just too sexy to turn away. Taye is married to a professional black woman. One I respect. She is an author. A rich one too. Taye comes from money. They are a successful black couple. I hear African American women complaining that white women are taking all the good black men away from them. I honestly do not want to be like that because I am never marrying a black man. I am happily married to a white rich man with a tiny dick. I just need to borrow black cock. Normally, the black men I am fucking are young, hung and single. Taye hit on me hard at a political fundraiser. I was dressed to the nines. Now, he thought I did not know who he was, but I am a smart and sophisticated woman. I know who the movers and shakers are in Chicago. I told him I knew his wife, but he did not stop pushing to get into my panties. He had me cornered in an unused room in the banquet facility. He whipped out his 13-inch cock and I was like who is your wife? I had stars in my eyes for his beautiful cock. I was just going to borrow it for 7 minutes of heaven, so no harm, right? I got the biggest cum shot to the face from one the biggest black cocks even I have ever seen. I cleaned myself up while he went back to mingle. All I could do was ponder my rule about married men. If that rule is meant to be broken. His cock is the reason.

Master Destroys My Ass

Hardcore Ass FuckingMy asshole was so stretched out by his huge cock, I swore I’d never be able to use the bathroom correctly again. I let out a long, low moan as I came for the fifth time. I love anal, and he knew just how to use me. I was begging for more and more, even as I felt him tear my little ass.
My cunt was soaked. He pulled out of my ass, and slid himself directly into my wet little fuckhole. “You’re my bitch.” He grunted as he shoved himself into my less abused hole. “Yes, Master.” I moaned. “I can’t hear you, cunt.” He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard I was sure I was about to pass out.
“YES MASTER!” I was screaming. He was hoping the neighbors would call the police again. He got rock hard as I tried to explain my bruises and gashes. He slapped me hard across the face, and then even harder on each of my tits. I was crying, but my cunt was in control; she was soaked, and she wanted more.
He grabbed me by my face and yanked me so I was sitting up. Pulling out of my pussy, he stood suddenly and shoved his fucking cock right down my submissive little throat. He shot out long, hot ropes of cum, and I swallowed every single drop. He always came in my mouth, so I could taste how good it made him feel using his slave’s body.

Mommy’s Ass Got a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fucking

This is what mommy’s ass looks like after four horny boys gave me a hardcore ass fucking. I was partying late last night. My sons had two friends over. I cannot be a good woman when I am around that many horny boys, especially when I am high. I went to check on them. They were quiet. Boys their age are only quiet when they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. Even high as fuck, I know that. I peeked into my oldest son’s room which was were they were hanging. I heard female moaning. I was the only woman in the house, so my guess was they were watching porn. I peer my head in the door and I see them watching some extreme anal sex videos. Huge cocks for tiny women’s assholes. I started masturbating watching them jack off to anal porn. Because I was high, my balance was off, and I stumbled into the room. I told them not to stop on my account. They did not. In fact, they circled around me for a circle jerk. They came more than I expected for their young ages. They stayed hard after jacking off on this sexy mommy too. I asked them if they wanted to make a gang bang ass porn with me. I got on all fours with their cum ropes still all over my body. I grabbed a hold of the desk because I knew those horny toads would fuck me hard. They rammed their young boy cocks in my ass like I was a porn star. I was waiting for the biggest cum shot of my life. Their young smooth balls were tight against my ass. As they took turns fucking my milf ass, they got hornier and that made them impatient. I felt four boy cocks ram in my ass at once. It hurt so good as the song goes. I had 4 loads in me at once. And I had four tired

Big Tit Fucking With Lacey

big tit fucking

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some big tit fucking. I know you love looking at big titties like mine and I know that when you look at mine, you want to mount me and slide that throbbing cock between them. Maybe some women don’t get off on having their tits fucked, but I do. My God, it makes my pussy so wet and if you play with my nipples while you are thrusting your cock between my boobs, it might make me cum. It’s happened before. The first time that happened, the guy who was fucking my tits got so excited that it made me cum – he shot his load all over my chest and face. A couple of shots even made it into my mouth.
Do you want me to tell you about what it would be like to fuck my titties? I would love it and I know you would, too. I’ll lube them up for you and you can fuck them just like you would pound my pussy. I’d love for you to call me so I can tell you more. Just pick up the phone and call me so I can show you what ecstasy is.

Watching Mutual Masturbation Porn

mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn is my favorite to watch. I love watching a man stroke his throbbing cock if it is a nice cock. Something so animalistic about watching a man cum. It might have to do with the cum shots. Men have cum shots. Not that women do not cum when they play with their sex toys and fingers, you just do not see it unless she squirts. I watched this one guided jack off movie last night that turned me on. A hot sexy woman was providing instruction to a man with a sizable cock. He was almost as big as my cock. I have been masturbating more because I cannot get cock as much. I got out my favorite ass toy, lubed it up and started to bounce on it as I stroked my cock the same way the guy in the video did. His instructor called it a deep scrotum massage. I lubricated my cock and balls with my favorite lube. With my hand I grasped my swollen cock, pointing my index finger towards my ball sac. My thumb and forefinger were closest to my body. I then allowed my thumb and forefinger to slide down as far as they could go stroking towards my scrotum. My other hand was free to squeeze, kneed, massage, even tickle my nuts. She sounded so clinical when she was speaking, but it was still hot to watch, especially as my hot tight ass felt like it had a big dick fucking it. After about 20 minutes of watching guided masturbation porn, I felt my ball sac tighten, and my ass clench, which meant I was about to shoot a huge load of spunk. I cannot get cock whenever I want right now, however, masturbation is something I can do all day long. I am still part man, and men have a sexual relationship with their hands long before they ever see pussy or another cock! What are you waiting for? Pick up your cock and give yourself some self-love today. I can help you with some prostate phone sex fun too.

Married Men Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex never gets old. I am just grateful to still be in the game. Married men have always been attracted to me. I am feeling a little rough. I need a hair cut.  I need my eyebrows waxed. I need a mani / pedi. I took this picture last night. Just me at home during quarantine in my favorite red teddy. What do you think? I sent the picture to a few married lovers I have not seen in a few months. I was not sure what the response would be. I was hoping it would be that they still thought I was a sexy BBW, but you never know. My ego needed a boost and I was searching for compliments. My married lover next door snuck out of the house after his wife went to sleep because he needed to see me desperately. My little home selfie got him hard and thinking about me again. I was surprised when he knocked on my back door. His wife is a super light sleeper. He always joked that if I farted in my sleep, she would hear it lol. That was the reason he has not been able to sneak out since the quarantine started. He slipped her one of his Xanax in her dinner. He saw that picture of me, and he could not go any longer without fucking me. I was flattered. I needed his cock. Out of all my lovers, he has the biggest cock. He had the biggest cum shot for me too last night. His balls almost exploded at hello. I felt like a virgin again. I have had some cock during this crisis, but not his and not as many as I need. So, when his cock first entered my pussy, I almost came instantly lol. He did not last long fucking me, but we both came hard. I will be glad when things get back to normal. I need more nights like last night.

biggest cum shot

Cock sucking phone sex

His fat cock was so tempting. It twitched and moved in his sleep. I pulled my long black hair back into a bun and slowly slid his cock out of his boxers. I bit my bottom lip as I saw the sticky precum already leaking out of his swollen cock head. I bent down and flicked my wet tongue over it savoring the drop of precum. It was so sweet and salty. He groaned in his sleep and his cock flexed begging for more of my attention. I bounced my head up and down slowly feeling his cock grow even harder in my mouth! I pulled my mouth away and started to stroke his cock. My mouth attending to his swelling cum filled balls until I felt hot cum pour all over my face!

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits look great, especially if the tits are big like mine. My husband has always been a fan of cum on my tits. Not his cum, however. My husband cannot fill a thimble with his cum let alone coat my big jugs. I had a couple black studs over last night. They were new to me. I met them at the park. They were buying weed and thought I had no clue what was going on because I was an old white woman. I told them I had better grass at home. I was certain of it because I get my weed from Colorado. I get the legal medicinal stuff; it is just not legal in my state. Not quite yet at least. They were intrigued. So was I. They were tall with big hands. They looked like basketball players. Tall black boys often have even longer black cocks. It was possible that I was not their type. Not all black boys like mature white women. But I am fine for any age. I have big tits and a rocking body, plus I teased them with primo weed. They followed me home. We got high and we fucked. Their cocks were just as big as I thought they might be. They were down to fuck a sexy milf phone sex slut. They did not want to cum inside of me, however. They did not trust me. Silly boys thought I was going to try to get pregnant and make them pay support. I am in my 50s. I do not have baby fever lol. Two, my husband likely makes more money in a month than they do combined in a year. I do not beg for anything, so I just told them to cum on my boobs. They shot big loads of jizz over my boobs and left. I let my husband lick their cream off my jugs. I got black cock and my cuckold hubby got to eat some cum.

Black Cock Phone Sex Slut

black cock phone sexI am a black cock phone sex queen because I fuck black dicks outside of my phone life. Lots of phone whores say they are black cock sluts, but few have the real-life experiences I do. I have been a black cock loving slut since I first sprouted tits. My first boyfriend was black. I was a high school cheerleader dating the football star. He ruined me for white dick. I have had countless BBC in my fuck holes. I have been fucked so many times by monster cocks, that 8 inches seems small. In fact, most white dicks seem small to me in comparison. I have dildos bigger than white cocks. Today, I had a cock that was so big I had to measure it. I mean this was a porn star hall of fame cock. Bigger than John Holmes or Sean Michaels. Just about 14 inches hard is what I measured. My pussy was so wet at the sight of that mamba snake. Most of the big black dick I fuck, and suck is around ten inches. Every now and then, I get a foot-long cock, but one that is damn near a foot and a half long, is a rare occasion.

The bearer of this monster cock thought I was out of my league. He was my Grub Hub delivery guy and did not think a white rich woman could handle his cock.  “No way you can take this,” he said to me. Clearly, he did not know me. When it comes to BBC, I never say no. I got naked and bounced on a foot-long black dildo, so he could see my talent.  I did a few vocal exercises to stretch my throat out, warm it up before I assaulted it with a huge piece of dark meat. He watched me work every bit of his 14 inches down my throat. My eyes watered; I felt my gag reflex pulsating, but I kept sucking. No way I was not up to the challenge of his monster cock. I grabbed the black dildo I prepped with and crammed it up my cunt as I deep throated the biggest dick I have swallowed. I started bouncing on it, creaming all over the place, as his huge ass black balls tried to suffocate me. I think he dented my tonsils. I was going to need a box of popsicles later. When he came it felt like a volcano exploded. Such force. His cum sprayed the back of my throat with such intensity, my mouth dislodged from his cock. I even stumbled a bit. As I crawled back to his cock to slurp off all his cum, he smacked my face with his dick, and made me get him hard again. This time I got to fuck him. Thank god for frozen vegetables and ice packs.

Give Me your Biggest Cum SHot

biggest cum shotI am so damn ready for a man to give me his biggest cum shot! I want to make my husband so jealous when I tell him how you made me moan your name.  I only squirt for the biggest and fattest meat sticks and I need that sweet release! What I really want to do is humiliate him for never being able to please his wife, Me. His dick is only good for small chastity cages and jacking off to me fucking other men. My big dick pool has been sparse lately and I need someone to fuck hard while I ride on top and remind my husband who is in charge in this household. I don’t need anything from you but your big meaty cock deep inside me. Wouldn’t you love showing my husband who is the real alpha male in society. He has money and power, but he doesn’t have the cock to please me. I do the next best thing; I cheat on him and make him worship Bulls! I know you would love to have my big bouncy tits and wet pussy riding the fuck out of you during or cheating phone sex. This slut is ready to be filled like the cream pie whore I am!

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