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Pegging is My Fetish, What’s Yours?

Fetish Phone Sex

One of my long-time fetishes is pegging. I absolutely love love love to give a guy a great orgasm from fucking his ass, hitting that just right spot and sending you into a whole other realm of a “good fuck.” I pride myself on being the best fuck I can. Not because of anything other than I just love to have a guy leave and not be able to concentrate on anything else than wanting to see me again.
I have this killer strap on that has all different types of toys that I can change around and find what really makes you grunt and need to cum. And I’m not just going to fuck you from behind. I’ll flip you over and fuck you missionary so I can jerk that cock off while I fuck your ass hard. And when you are really really close to cumming, I’m going to stop stroking your nice hard cock and make you cum hands-free. Do you think that will make you desire me constantly and needing me to fuck you again and again?

Phone Sex

Cum Shots On Tits Really Turn Me On

cum shots on tits

I’ve been watching so much porn that ends in cum shots on tits lately. I just can’t enough of watching that hot creamy load shoot all over a nice juicy rack. I needed to share my current obsession with cum covered titties with someone, so I invited this guy over and asked him if he wanted to watch my dirty videos with me. Having smaller tits myself, I love watching the girls with those giant floppy boobies get glazed. So, we started watching a video of this girl on her knees. She was surrounded by guys all jerking off their cocks onto her huge double D tits. It was so hot to watch her take load after load. Sticking her tongue out and licking up what cum she could. My friend and I fucked while we watched and when he was about to blow his own top, I got onto my knees and let him stroke his nice dick right onto my face and tits.

Cocksucking Phone Sex

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is what guys always want from a sexy BBW. I think men just know that a full figured girl is a cock swallower and a cum guzzler. Men I meet off the phone seem to know too. I was walking my pup early this morning before I started my shift. There were not too many people out on a Sunday morning at 6 am. Jim was, however. He wasn’t jogging or walking a pup. He said he was looking for me. He heard that I was a cock sucking slut. He gave me a brief introduction about himself. Nothing I have not heard before. A married man with a wife who stopped giving head after she said, “I do,” is a common story. I think lack of head is what drives men to cheat. I have standards about who I blow, but the bar is not set very high. I’m a cum whore. I love receiving the biggest cum shot down my throat, on my tits or in my fuck holes. Seriously, it is nothing for me to blow ten guys or even more in a day. I knew I knew it wouldn’t take long to blow him. His wife had not sucked his cock in 12 years. I would be lucky if he lasted a minute. Sadly, he didn’t even last until I got him in my mouth. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and he jizzed in my hand. He was embarrassed. He started to run away, but I stopped him. I explained that I can raise the dead with my mouth and my big tits. He was hard in my mouth as quickly as he came the first time. I blew him under a tree. This time he got a proper blowjob. And I got a proper mouth fucking. Never underestimate the powers of a cock sucking slut.

Submissive Phone Sex with Shannon

Submissive Phone SexHe showed up at my door, pounding on it like there was an emergency. When he all but slammed it behind him while grabbing me and pulling me to him, I knew what that emergency was. His lips were on mine, and his hands were nearly ripping my clothes off of me. Then, I was on my knees, and his dick was rubbing my titties, my nipples, before making a b-line for my mouth. He started fucking my face hard and steady. His hand was wrapped in my hair, and he was treating my throat like it was my pussy. Once he decided that he’d had enough of that, he turned me around and had me on all fours, ass in the air. He started to lick my pussy and my ass, alternating between the two with his mouth and fingers. He drove me wild like that, then flipped me over and tossed my legs around his neck. He shoved his dick into me and started fucking me fast and deep. Just when I thought he was going to fuck me til I came, he was flipping me back over and around, plugging my asshole. He yanked my hair back, drilling my hole and fingering my clit. The pleasure and pain of it was amazing! Finally, he flipped us around to spoon, his mouth on my right tit while his left hand cupped my left from underneath me. My ass was pressed up against his abdomen as his cock dove back into my wet and waiting cunt. That time, he drove me all the way to orgasm, then pulled me up and came all over and in my mouth! It was a wild time!

P-Mommy Loves Cum Slut Phone Sex Fun

I’m a real cum slut phone sex slut mommy with an insatiable appetite. I seriously love whoring my slutkin out and getting my own fix of cock also. We are a total package deal and what a package we are! A little me cock sucking from a young age and mommy an absolute party freak. My dealer really enjoys the bald tight cunt and watching himself penetrate such a tight fuckhole.

I absolutely love the blow and weed I get in trade for such taboo hot fucking and partying fun. Who ever thought offspring could be such an inspiration for some real hot fucking fun and a decent monetary exchange when it comes to the p-daddy’s out there looking for exactly what I have to offer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by our naughty ways to drain you.

cum slut phone sex

You know you need some kinky ways to drain those balls and we can assist greatly *wink* so don’t hesitate to call with that credit card in hand ready for some hot fun.

Biggest Cum Shot

Dangerous Pussy

Wet bald pussyCaution, my wet bald pussy is dangerous as fuck, you might just screw around and get hooked! I’ve been told by men in the past that I need to just stay single because my cunt will cast a spell on you and you won’t know how to break loose! I want you to eat me out like i’m your last meal and make me squirt cum all over your fucking face, yummy, that’s so damn sexy! Stick your tongue out and let me suck my tasty juice out of your mouth you dirty boy. My tight, wet little slit is so soft and drenched, I need you to come and fuck me now! I want to feel you explode inside of me like an erupting volcano! Let me suck that big hard dick of yours all night long, slide my panties to the side and slip yourself up inside of me, hehe. You nasty pervert, show me how dirty you can really get!

Phone Sex Sugar Baby and Her King

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby was so excited to hear from her sugar daddy this week. The living legend also known as Big Daddy King, is safe from mother nature. He lost two houses between Harvey and Irma, but my BDK has homes all over the world and plenty of money in the bank. I was just grateful mother nature didn’t do any damage to him! My Big Daddy King is irreplaceable.  I love flaunting him on social media. It makes men and women alike so jelly. I have girlfriends eager to meet him and The Anaconda. Some don’t believe me when I tell them just how huge The Anaconda is, but my sugar daddy is a porn star too. The hottest porn actresses all over the world beg to do a scene with him. He knows I love watching other bimbo Barbies trying to take the biggest cock on the planet, so he sends me clips. My King is a gentleman on the streets, but a gangsta between the sheets! I have men who are jelly of my King and his anaconda too. White guys be thinking they can compete with The Anaconda between the sheets, but it is simply not possible. My King is a living legend for a reason. Porn stars don’t beg to fuck just anyone. When BDK arrived back in the states, his favorite sugar baby was waiting for him in nothing but high heels and red lipstick. I hugged and kissed all over my sugar daddy. Of course, I begged to see The Anaconda. I was a bit jelly that so many hot adult actresses were getting a hot squirting pussy and billionaire nut sauce.  I begged for my turn. He cannot deny his favorite sugar baby. I fell to my knees like his humble servant and kissed the best cock in the world in its white man’s sleeve. I motor boated his billionaire balls and deep throated The Anaconda until I was drowning in billionaire nut sauce. I don’t mind sharing My King, there is plenty of him to go around, just as long as I always get that liquid gold too.

Ass to mouth phone sex with hottie Janelle

I was at a party last night and some of my friends wanted to play suck and blow. So we grabbed a deck of cards and started to play, if you dropped the card, you slammed a shot of vodka. Well, I had this awesome idea. Every time someone drops the card they must take and shot and lick a body part of the person to their left. Everyone agrees and thinks it will be fun so we start.

Ass to mouth phone sex

My friend john drops the card, so he takes a shot and licks Tina on the nose. It passes by four people and my friend Jim goes to give it to me and he drops it. Jim has always had a bit of a crush on me, and he is always complimenting my ass. He tells me he wants to kiss my asshole. I oblige him by raising my skirt, pulling my panties down and letting him lick my asshole in front of everyone.

My Hot Squirting Pussy is Waiting for You

hot squirting pussyCan you give this slut wife a hot squirting pussy? It only requires a couple of things. A cock bigger than 6 inches and the ability to pound my pussy. A 6 inch cock can do the trick if it has some girth. Fuck me deep and hard and you will see that squirting is real. I do think many squirting videos are fake, but I have been a squirter for decades now so I can tell the real shit from the fake. I was like 19 the first time it happened. I was getting fucked by an 11 inch black cock. He was a guy I picked up in the club, so I never saw him again, sadly. I though he hit my bladder. This was before Internet porn was all the rage. Computers were just in businesses then and the world wide web was not yet a thing. The guy that was fucking me told me he had heard a rumor that some women when the G spot is found will gush their girl goo everywhere. He thought it was urban legend. I was just praying I had not pissed on a guy. Flash forward another decade, same thing happened with another big cock. Not a black one this time, but my stepson’s thick 7 inch cock. He was at an age he could hammer the shit out of a pussy. Unlike the first time I squirted, this time I had a lover I fucked all the time. My stepson was dead set on making it happen again and again. Weeks of practice and we found the right angle and speed to make me squirt again and again. I love teaching young guys how to have squirting phone sex with this sexy MILF. Better bring an umbrella, because I am going to rain all over you.

Major Incest Call

Incest Phone SexI had a super sexy incest phone chat with one of my callers and my cunt is still wet as fuck from talking about it! His older brother has a huge uncircumcised cock and an uncontrollable level of horniness with no manners whatsoever. He fucks anything with a pulse, no matter who it is and where they are at, so long as he is able to penetrate his veiny dick into some tight, wet pussy! HIs younger sister is really fucking pretty with a tight, hott little body, long hair, round tits and a plump bubble butt, what could be better, right?! I totally understand his urge to want to constantly fuck her perfect frame, she’s just that delicious! She was hesitant to be pounded by her brother’s intimidating dick but after awhile she agreed to it and submitted to his crazy cock. Not only did he rip her open wide as he ravaged his sexy sister, but he busted multiple loads of cum inside of her! Literally she was draining out with his cock juice streaming down her thighs. Every thirty seconds he was ready to explode his next load, he refilled up with cum in an instant! The floor, walls and furniture were all smothered in sticky jizz, i’ve never experienced anything like it, he’s insane! It’s no wonder she had to block out the memories of such a savage sex romp, that is up until she got pregnant and was left wondering whether or not he is the father of the kid. She couldn’t remember all the details of that intense and wild night, she did everything she could to forget that it had happened! Much to her displeasure, he was in fact the father and now she was stuck with his crazy ass for life!

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