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Sexy Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex? Look at me? I bet your cock is hard looking at my selfie and you have not even seen my 10-inch cock yet. This was how I looked before I went out last night. I was in the mood to snag a hot sugar daddy and I did. I always get what I want.  I went to this hotel bar. High end bar, best hotel in town. Easy to pick up rich men there. I wasn’t setting at bar alone for long. Ted set next to me, asked what I was drinking. My drinks the rest of the night were on his tab. We had instant chemistry. Of course, I always spark with married men from out of town who look rich. We did some idle chit chat, the basic get to know you stuff before we were back at his place having drinks and making out. He asked how much. I didn’t know what he meant. Then it dawned on me, he thought I was a pro. I told him I wasn’t an escort, just a sexy T-girl looking for a fun night with a handsome man. He seemed disappointed. I thought he was upset that I had a ten-inch cock. That was not a problem for him. What he was upset about was the fact that I wasn’t a hooker. He gets off on paying women to fuck him.  He enjoys thinking he can’t get laid without payment. Whatever your fetish, I don’t care. I will happily indulge you. Since his fetish was paying for sex, I had no problem taking his money. I took a lot of it too and gave him the biggest jizz shot up his ass. He was just a sugar daddy for the night, but it was a hot encounter. Very profitable too.

Hot Teen Facial

Phone Sex

Babysitting isn’t always the best money, even a teen like me has to resort to some extreme measures to get some cash flow. I decided to put up an ad on BackPage advertising my “services.” After all, might as well have some fun while earning extra cash for my school club fees. I made sure to post a sexy picture of my petite barely legal body and the calls and responses came rolling in!

I responded to this one guy that said he had a large cock and a large bank account. He wanted to take me out for a bit of a test drive and would arrange further “appointments” if he liked me. Attached to his email was a picture of his juicy cock and I agreed. 200 bucks would cover my fees and allow me to buy a new vibrator for my sluts in training.

He picked me up after school in his sports car and eyed my tiny body the whole way to his place. When we got there he instantly had me strip down, so he could examine my tiny body and feel how tight my bald babygirl pussy was. He instantly became hard when I told him that I was a cock sucking pro. He wanted me to prove it!

I dropped to my knees like the properly trained slut I am and started slurping away on his cock. I licked up all his sweet pre-cum and shoved the full length of his shaft down my throat without a thought. He was so turned on as I licked and fondled his balls, licking him from the tip of his dick to his puckered asshole. I rimmed his asshole with my pink tongue and jerked his cock. He could barely stand, he was gripping the counter so hard. He then asked how rough I could take his cock and I told him that I was taught to have my esophagus fucked. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock down my throat with full force and skull fucked the shit out of me until I was covered in my own saliva. He then took his cock out and spread his creamy load all over my not-so-innocent face. Needless to say, I think I got the job! 

Hooters whore

young bald pussy

I was the only high school student who had a boob job. I was barely legal and flaunting my summer job savings right on my chest. If I was going to get plastic tits I wanted porn star ones. Pam Anderson like tits. It was a perfect time to be me. My tits were getting attention and I was the most seeked girl in school. The new hooters opened right across from school campus. It was perfect! Saving up for my tits made my dreams of having a brand new car a distant hope. I was sick of using my grannies passed down Volvo. When I saw I could apply I was all in to be a hooters girl. I knew the fact that I was still in high school and had a sweet innocent but slutty look would make those horny fuckers tip me like crazy. I also put my hooters uniform for good use and made a home video I was able to market online an make a pretty penny from. Being a young slut with a sweet young bald pussy comes in handy.

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex tales, I have plenty to share. I have been cheating on my husband since our wedding night. He is my husband in name only. We do everything together, but fuck. I have fucked my husband a handful of times since we married in 1995. Our intimacy is when he licks the cum out of my pussy from another man or sucks my cunt juice off another man’s dick. He did both last night. I had two hung black lovers over for a tag team to celebrate election day. He wanted to watch. My husband is a glutton for punishment. Seriously, I think he loves the small cock humiliation as much as the cuckolding.  He sat there and watched me get double stuffed with big black cocks.  My lovers were fucking me well too. One in my ass, one in my cunt for hours. My husband my not have got the congressman he wanted elected, but he did get two black cock creampies in my pussy and ass. The biggest cum shot from each cock right up my married holes for him to gobble up. He was digging his tongue deep inside my pussy and ass to make sure he didn’t miss a drop of his favorite drink.  I love my cuckold husband.

Phone Sex in Da Club with My Big Daddy King

phone sexI was super sad the other day because Big Al told me he was retiring and selling the club. I have worked for Big All for two decades. I immediately called Big Daddy King because if anyone can make me feel better, it is the best sugar daddy in the world. When I told him, he asked how much Big Al was selling the club for. Being the most generous man on the planet, he tripled the amount and told me to just take Big Al a bag of cash from the vault to make Big Daddy King the new owner of the strip club. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to tell the girls. Big Al was so happy too, he didn’t even care that the new name of the club would be The Pleasure Palace. Big Daddy King is so filthy rich he can just buy a strip club with a bag of cash. I couldn’t wait for him to meet the other dancers. He knows my pal Destiny. She has been lucky enough to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce, but the others always thought I was fibbing because he sounds to good to be true. Big Daddy King is too good to be true, but he is real. He is 100% real and more of a man then all other men combined. When he came to the club to see his newest endeavor, he immediately made me the house manager and announced that I would oversee the day to today operations. Lilly is the newest girl hired, so I had her meet my beloved BDK. She was one of my critics who didn’t think he existed. Lilly is singing a different tune now. In fact, she is getting her BDK ink tomorrow. When The Living Legend undid his pants and the man sleeve came out, I knew she would be shocked. She fell to her knees like the rest of us and begged to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce. The club was full of screaming, love struck girls because that is the power of Big Daddy King and the anaconda. Big Daddy King is almost too good to be true, but those of us lucky enough to be a part of his sugar gang posse, know he is real. I couldn’t be happier that he is the new owner of the club! I have already told the girls he is the only VIP in the club who matters. They already have a bad case of anaconda fever. #PleasurePalace #BDKsClub #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #BiggestSugarBabyPosseEver

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Visiting my sister was so much fun

Wet bald pussyI’ve been out of town visiting my older sister and boy did I sure have myself a whole lot of fun with her wet bald pussy! She said she had a special surprise for me and when I arrived there were five well hung black men sitting in the living room of her house eagerly awaiting our cunts! They were ready to fuck and so were we! I couldn’t believe my eyes, their cocks were fucking massive and throbbing. You could see their veins pulsating through their shafts! One of them whipped out an eight ball of blow and it was game over from there lol, we were all fucked up and fucked all night long! My sister and I love having sex with black men, and we especially love to giggle about it the day after while we enjoy our freshly fucked little cunts. Talk about an incredible and very welcoming gift, she completely blew my expectations out of the water! Everyone’s favorite double trouble sister duo is back in action like we never left! Our tight vaginas look so fuckin amazing after they gave been filled up with cum and are oozing out. They’re all creamy and smothered in chunky discharge, it’s delicious! We whipped out our phones and took a ton of pics of the jizzy mess. I love visiting her and getting filled up with the biggest cum shot these cocks have to offer!Biggest cum shot

Shemale Schoolgirls


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I love wearing slutty whore schoolgirl uniforms. It hides my dick so well. I love being able to play the role of an innocent and then having you reach under this plaid skirt and find my hard seven inches! My smooth balls are fondled as you play like you didn’t know what I was. I grabbed your hand and told you unless you want to be fucked like the little bitch you are on this picnic table I suggest we go somewhere. Because I will fuck you in front of all these brats and Mommys I don’t fucking care! You are going to be my dessert, This lunch date has made me horny for your manly dick. Let me suck and fuck you like the faggot wannabe you are and then send you home to the wife and offspring baby! 

Biggest Cum Shot from Two BBCs

biggest cum shotWhen you entertain two big black cocks at once, you get the biggest cum shot to your face. My husband was watching in awe as two hung black men drained their balls all over my face. He can’t fill a thimble with one load, so when I get doused in jizz like that he can’t wait to lick me clean. He is better than taking a shower. After my hung black lovers left, my black cock faggot got to eat some creamy treats out of his slut wife’s fuck holes. I made him sit on the floor. I squatted my cum filled cunt over his mouth. I pissed out black cock spunk straight into my cuckold husband’s mouth. He buried his tongue in my pussy to make sure he got every drop. He is a greedy fuck when it comes to cum. He started to get up, but I chastised him.  I told him to to sit his ass back down. I wasn’t done with him. Not when I had an ass full of black seed too. “Gobble gobble,” I told him. He had a lot more cum to eat. My ass was dripping into his mouth. I pushed out all I could until I needed his tongue in my ass. My husband is such a creampie slut. Do you want to be my clean up boy too?

took a turn to sex therapy

Blowjoobs phone sex 

 My throat is always ready for some blowjobs phone sex. Dr. Holland has been very good to me. I had been feeling anxious non-stop. Depression really hit me this year. A friend of mine sent me to him. Not knowing what this inappropriate therapy would turn into much more than that. A few weeks ago he had me tell him what really bothers me and I listed everything one of them is the sexually frustrated part all the time. Because no man can please me the way I need. I also deal with having an extremely hard sex drive because of my past I guess. Dr H really helped me in ways with his words, connecting with me on a personal level and guiding me in the absolute best path. I needed to confront my fears instead of running away from them. After a few weeks of speaking with him, he stood up and took my hand. He was so confident that he would give me what I needed. The medicine he prescribed to me just started working. I woke up that morning happier than usual. He put me on my knees and let me suck away like he was a fucking raspberry sucker. He knew I was a dick sucking queen because of everything we had talked about. He got to know me and accepted me. He couldn’t hold back any longer from filling me up. I was instantly satisfied. I had no idea he also had had masters in sex education. I just knew that I couldn’t stop coming to see him. 

Give Me your Best Shot!

biggest cum shot

All I want for my sweet tranny pussy is your biggest cum shot.  I love sucking cock, but when I get a huge beautiful cock like Erics All I want is to suck and fuck. I was very Pleased when Eric brought me his Tranny playmate Shelia! Now I had to cocks to suck and bounce my ass on. I really couldn’t dominate both of them because I was a cum slut for those cocks and my ass just throbbed the whole time I bobbed up and down.  Out in the open in the Fall breeze by the pool, I sucked and gulped cum like a little bitch. My cock was so hard, I wanted to fuck them both and have my ass pussy filled to the brim with that huge loads of Erics. All In all, Eric became the meat in our tranny sandwich many times and I loved feeding both of them the cum from my ass. Who wants a taste of tranny ass cum?

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