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Rim my asshole

Biggest cum shotI want your biggest cum shot smeared all inside of my sexy little asshole, I love being filled up like a total cum dump. After all, this body of mine was made to sin so it needs to be put to good use constantly! I wanna see how wet your tongue can get while you slosh it all over my poop chute. Rimming my asshole drives me crazy!! I especially love when you use your fingers at the same time that you’re tickling my little balloon knot with your eager mouth, hehe. Ass play has always been a huge kink of mine so it really turns me on when a man knows how to handle my delicious booty juice. I haven’t showered yet today either so i’m sure you’ll be able to experience a whole bunch of tasty scents while you’re down there eating me alive!

Biggest Cum Shot from that Cock

biggest cum shotI was not expecting the biggest cum shot from Dan. He was not very tall. In fact, I was taller and bigger than him. His hands were small, so were his feet. Even though nothing about him screamed big dick, he was cute. He was a foreigner with a sexy accent and a bald head. I picked him up in the subway of all places. He asked for directions and the next thing I knew, I was going south on his cock. It surprised me that his cock was thick. It wasn’t a monster cock in length, but it was more than average too. I really liked his dick. I am a good cock sucker. I put my all into dick sucking. I use my big tits, my hands and my mouth to drain a man’s balls. I also licked his taint, tossed his salad and let him tea bag me. I was obsessed with his cock. It was the hardest dick I have been around in a while. He said it was because I was such a sexy BBW. Whatever the reason was, I enjoyed draining his balls. I also enjoyed the hot squirting pussy he gave me when we fucked. Looks can be deceiving. I am so glad I didn’t count him out.

Cum Shot For My Facial

Wet bald pussyWeekly facials are a must and no I do not have to go to the spa for these types of facials. All I need is a rock hard cock with nice big balls to go with it. Yea I might need to put a little work in to get the product for my facial out of his throbbing dick but that is what I love about it most. The men I choose to give me facials are handpicked by me. Not just any man can walk up and blast off all over my face and mouth. These men have to take care of themselves. I want thick warm dick spit on my face. I need your cock to be hard even after you give me your formula.Cum Slut Phone Sex I will use your cock to rub all of your good cream right into my skin. I will even drink a little of your white protein. I do not ask for much, just stay healthy and make sure your cock cream is up to par. In return, you will have me every other week giving you the best blowjob you could ever imagine. I make sure your cock goes deep down my throat, I am trying to suck all of your man creams right out of those sexy big balls of yours. Then you get to erupt on my face and let me use your cock as a beauty tool. I also clean you up, making sure you do not leave with my facial cream and protein drink. I am always looking for new men who think they can give me what I need to keep my beautiful face glowing, and my sexy body fit. I love finding new men to add to my spa regimen.

Black Cock Phone Sex Faggot

black cock phone sexMy black cock phone sex lovers love going to the glory hole with me. I have one special black cock faggot who is so desperate for big black cock, he will go to the homeless shelter in his town to score some. He was inspired by reading an erotic story by a nurse who was surprised by how hung the black men in her local shelter were. She was there to give some basic medical services to homeless men. She saw a few big black cocks and it changed her world view. I have long said, “Seeing is believing.” Most white men in denial about their small dicks, think the big black cocks on the internet are computer enhanced or just a fake dildo made to look real. Once they see one up close; once they have one in their mouths, however, they become black cock faggots for life like my caller and my husband. My caller loves going to the glory holes with me to suck some BBC, but he is prepping now as I write this blog for his excursion to the homeless shelter tonight. He preps with big black dildos in both his fuck holes like a good black cock faggot. I am so proud of my black cock loving faggot. He is going to get himself a black horse cock tonight. He is going to be a black cum catcher and a black ball washer. He was already out there scouting out the talent and found one homeless man with a black monster dick and plotted his return to get the biggest cum shot down his black cock loving mouth.  Like my husband, my caller knows once you go black, you don’t go back. I haven’t gone back since 1988. I am such a black cock whore that I want to help the white men of the world be black cock faggots.

biggest cum shot

Spring break orgy

biggest cum shot

I love spending time with my friends. I like spring break because I always get in all kinds of trouble. My slutty holes crave new meat everywhere I go. Springtime in Oahu brought an array of fun. I never thought I would be in full on orgy with all my closest friends. Undressing each other and rubbing suntan oil on each other got us all hot and ready. We invited some college boys to keep us company. Girls just want to have fun. Sharing dick isn’t anything new. We have all done it since we were youngins. Rubbing on each other’s clits and licking each other slits had us all ready to go and to climax all together as if it were a sweet symphony.

Cum kisses

Biggest cum shotadult phone chat

My stepdad and I keep secrets. One of our dirtiest best-kept ones is my friend Lexi. I love Lexi so much and knew she was the perfect slut to have fun with my daddy. I enjoy nothing more than having cum-filled fun with him. Lexi is the complete slut to indulge in our pleasure. To be quite honest I have never met a naughtier whore than this red headed slut. Together we build up the biggest cum shot right out of my stepdad’s cock. We enjoy swapping hat jizz and snowballing it back to him. Cum kisses with two naughty whores is the absolute best. I would never want to experience this with anyone else but my favorite whore. Together we are trouble. When you see one, you see the other. We are attached at the hips and always willing to make any cock shoot.

You gotta get with my friends

hot ass sexA guide to a girl’s pants always begins with her friends. The saying is authentic. You want to make it past them you have to show them what you consist off entirely. Unlike other friends, we share way more than ordinary interest. We are a group of nymphomaniacs that enjoy good fuckings. We don’t spend time with guys that can’t please us in every way. My friends always test out the waters before I will even begin to consider you someone who can hang out with me. Hot ass sex with all of us is a recipe for disaster for a guy with a short dick a pathetic stamina rate or a guy who is a minute man. You may think having some hot girls all over your dick is the dream, but in reality, if you can’t please one, you can satisfy none. You have to pass the test to get access.


He Wanted The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe wanted the biggest cum shot, he got it. He was a little sissy boy bitch. He was begging for my cum. I met him at a dance club over the weekend. He knew my panty surprise. He followed me around like a lost puppy. I knew he wasn’t the kind of man I would let fuck me. He knew it too. All he wanted was my cum. A jizz junkie sissy boy. Pathetic loser in my eyes. He was a nuisance and killing the vibe of the night, so I decided to give him exactly what he wanted. I told him to meet me in the bathroom. He went there and waited like a good bitch. I walked in, found him on a toilet seat waiting like a little boy for Santa Claus. I pulled out my ten-inch cock and told him to suck me dry. If he was going to beg for my cum, he was going to suck my cock to drain my balls. For a little beta boy, he was not very good at cock sucking. I had to skull fuck him. I got rough too because the annoying fucker was ruining my night. He started choking and slobbering all over my sexy tranny cock. I didn’t want him puking on me, so I flipped him over and gave him a hardcore ass fucking that made him scream. Little bitch boy won’t be following me around anytime soon. Be careful of what you ask for from me because I will give it to you tenfold.

I need a Dirty Boy

Biggest cum shot

I want to sleep with you. I’ve been dreaming about it all week long ever since I first saw your face. I thought about making you mine. Your body is fantastic you look like someone that I could fall in love with your cock is so damn huge. I know that because I looked at you when you used my bathroom. I know that I’m a nasty girl; I know my cunt is always full of cum. I know that I am a walking crazy fucking tramp and I’m freaky, but you like that I can tell. All I’ve Ever Needed was cocks in my mouth and my asshole. I want you to make it happen for me can’t you tell I’m just so horny. Kiss my pretty pussy and make her go wild she loves getting nasty and out of control. I am a fucking nasty bitch you are the one I want my pussy is ready for you to jump inside and let me have a good time. Fuck me dirty man drive your big fat dick inside of me right now don’t be a nice guy because I need a very rough man. I am your dream girl if you like a fucking nasty tramp who sweats in bed from all the work I do. My body is so needy, and I need a big fat cock I needed more than all the other bitches I’m really fucking horny. How can I tell you that you have been the one I wanted I know you think that I have too many boyfriends but that only means I’m experienced and I know how to please a man. I will lick your balls I will suck your cock I will even lick your asshole that’s just the kind of horny cunt bitch I am. Don’t you want me? Don’t you think about fucking my pretty fucking pussy? You know that you need me right now and I need you just as much. I can satisfy your fantasies and make them all come true all you have to do is call me and let me know. Let me be your fucking freak let me be your nasty whore. I will give you the time of your life. I’ll make you unload your creamy cum all over my face. I’m waiting on you Big Daddy I want you now.


BBC Big Tit Fucking

big tit fucking

Sometimes A man just wants to see his wife get a big tit fucking. I was in my favorite wine bar with the ball and chain. I was eyeballing the sexy bartender. My Cuck husband asked me if I thought that the black bartender had a nice cock. I giggled and said I would put money on it. There is just something about the way a man holds himself in order to account for his massive girth between his legs. I grinned and asked if I was right what did I get? Husband excused himself and went to get us something a little darker, Pun Intended! I loved watching Mr. Black Cock behind the bars facial expressions change. Service, a little anger, disbelief. Then a glance at me as I smiled and sipped my red. I pushed my tits together and held the bottle of wine between them and gave it a slow bottle fucking. I needed that black cock between my tits so bad. Back to looking at my husband’s phone and then a piece of paper slipped from my husband to him. “So, what pick did you show him?'” Yep, it was the one with my family heirloom necklace and my pussy engulfing a big black dildo. That one seems to work so well! “His name is Andy and he will meet us at the Hilton in two hours.” Oh, you know I am expecting the biggest cum shot from both of them! 

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