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Red Headed Sexy Cuck Lover

adult phone chat

Look at this flaming red hair, great tits, and luscious pussy. I love my small dicked hubby because he is the best cuckold ever!  Over the years he has become a sissy faggy cucky. I admire how good a cuck he still is though. Pretty in pink begging to get big hard bull cocks ready for my pussy. I tell you though I think he enjoys cum eating out of my tight ass and pussy more than I like getting cum shot to the back of my throat though. I love making him cross-dress and wear slutty high heels and be sexy as fuck!  COme to me baby, I will be that wife that gets fucked by all the big dicks and town and then make you the biggest cuckold ever!

Vavavoom I Worship You

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Fuck me good fuck me long fuck me strong with your big fat dick. I have been needing you for so long, and I hate that I’ve been away. I missed you every damn day that I was gone and I know you miss me too, and I want you I love you and every fucking thing about you. I am your black queen I’m your mistress I’m better than your girlfriend. Don’t you want to fuck me don’t you want to shove your big fat cock inside of my cunt after all I know what you like. We are so good together because we’re just a bunch of fucked-up Souls we do anything we will, and that’s great for us. I want to suck your fucking cock I miss it so much it’s beautiful. I love your big cabbage head and the way that you spray your cum across my face when you let go of those loads. Do you know that you are so important to me you make everything work out right all I ever wanted was you I’d do anything for the need I have to fuck you. Just love me just hold me just squeeze my body right like you know how because you always do it correctly. I am your cum guzzling whore, and I need your cum-filled cock. I worship you all I have been dreaming about is being inside of your love. Your chest is so chiseled and muscular, you are so sexy. You fuck me better than my boyfriend could ever even dream of fucking me because he doesn’t have what you have. I want your 10-inch big white cock deep inside my pussy all of the time. Fuck me until I can’t move you know that’s the best way to fuck me, after all. I need you I’m aching for you I’m crying for you right now. Come and get me and don’t hold back not even an inch fuck me hard strong and very long. I’m desperate for you I’ll do anything I’ll even open up your ass crack and suck it that’s right love anything whatever you can imagine I’ll do it.

My Girls Are Your Christmas Present

Blowjobs Phone Sex

My Daddy wanted me to bring my little girls into the club tonight for a holiday treat for his special VIP customers. I decided to do something different tonight. I thought it would be so cute to have my little girls wrapped up like a giant Christmas present that I wheel out on stage. When the music starts that would be their que to pop out of the box and preform a little strip tease. I dressed them up in fluffy little red and white skirts with jingle bells. I even decide to make their asses sparkle by putting red and green rhinestone butt plugs in their tight puckered asses. As soon as they popped out of the Christmas box and started shaking their hot young ass, I could see your cock getting hard. I decided to make it even harder my having my little girls kneel at my feet. I made them reach back and pull their ass cheeks apart for me. I reached down and grabbed the sparkly butt plugs and started sliding them in and out fucking their tight young hot asses. I could see that your big hard cock was just about to burst out of your pants, so I sent my sweet baby girl over to blow you. She wrapped her baby soft lips around your hard throbbing cock and you blew your wad of hot creamy cum all over her mouth.

Sissy Surprise

Fetish phone sexYou had no idea when I picked you up at the gym that you’d end up being my sissy slut, did you? I was working out, looking fucking hot in a sports bra and bike shorts when you offered to spot me. Your cock was right in front of my face and increasing in size when you looked at my hot tight body! I could tell it wasn’t impressive but I thought it may be fun to bring you back to my place and tease you! You were drooling at the thought of a hot young thing giving you a second look. I pretending to be impressed by your hard cock and told you dressing you like a girl is what turned me on. You totally fell for it and let me dress you up in pretty panties and a dress. I tied you up, and that’s when I really made you a sissy! I laughed at your small cock and forced my dildo down your throat. Suck it, sissy! Small cocked little girl! I thought you’d be embarrassed but you seemed to get even more excited than before! You fucking freak! You like being a cock sucking sissy, don’t you?

Breaking all the rules

Adult Phone ChatAdult phone chat makes you do some pretty naughty things. Well, I have done my fair share of nasty things. Most recently the naughtiest thing I have done thus far is seducing my best friends guy. It wasn’t planned, but once I took a good look at that huge BBC rod, I knew I had to have it inside me. My friend happened to be my roommates as well, and I knew she was working late and wouldn’t be home for a while. When her sexy chocolate boyfriend came over to drop some of her stuff off, I invited him in and made my move. I didn’t have to try too hard. My daisy dukes and hot crop top were getting all his attention. I playfully reached down south and told him a bad girl like me deserves what he was packing. He couldn’t resist me. It is not his fault! I mean who can say no to such a hot piece of ass willing to do it all? I played with his cock till I got that cream out. Chocolate and cream always are the best. My cravings were met, and I had no complaints. I needed it more than I could ever admit. I think we will eventually get caught because we can’t keep our hands off each other. 

Cum Slut Phone Sex Sissy Cum Eaters Get Some Now

Santas elves are naughty little buggers with huge cocks that really know how to stuff my P-mommy cunt really good. I always volunteer to be one of Santa’s little helpers to gain new playmates for the little santa whores I popped out of my teen cunt. These elves are some outstanding fucks and really enjoy mommy and her whores well, as does Santa. We always get some special gifts and you should join me for some hot cum slut phone sex and be the cum eater you crave to be.

I have a couple of Santa’s helpers coming over later with their Big Black Cocks to pound the fuck out of my cunt and maybe you can be the clean up Sissy you always dreamt of being or I can just let my mini whores enjoy all the goo for themselves. I bet you would love to be Sissified by my whores and a slave to BBC.

Cum slut phone sex

Your Cheating Wife

cheating phone sex

I am your cheating wife. You came in home early from work and caught me bent over the table getting my pussy fucked by the new handyman. Yes, My cuckold husband I have been cheating on you. Do not pretend not to have tasted another man’s cum out of my pussy before. You never make my hot pussy that wet. I don’t want your average size dick. I want a nice big tube steak to feed my wanton lusts!  I am a whore. You knew before you married me. I warned you of my big dick needs. You even bought a hollow strap-on to fuck me with.  If I wanted to be a lesbian I could actually have a sweet pussy to play with alongside that rubber fuck tool! But no you think licking me and sticking me with a rubber dildo will keep me satisfied. Wrong! That’s why Carlos is fucking the hell out of my cunt on the kitchen table right? That Mexican dick is meaty and cumms so fucking much. SHit, I could have a little sweet Mexican bread baking in my oven and I will tell everyone my dark-skinned brat is all yours Papi! 

The whore next door

Cocksucking Phone SexMy horny neighbor unexpectedly knocked on my door and barged in on me while I was deepthroating a couple of dicks & wearing nothing besides a g-string. I was in the middle of having cocksucking phone sex with the two of them when he came flying inside! Much to his surprise and delight, he saw me sandwiched between two hard shafts which only made him even hornier! I usually leave my door unlocked and he knows he can come in and take advantage of me any time that he wants! Slurping on a yummy dick is my favorite, two is all the more fun! I can never get enough so I had my neighbor join in with us. I was giving all three of them a tongue bath and making them moan loud. I was lucky enough to receive a cum shower from each cock. My face and tits are smothered!

Five finger discount

2 girl phone sexadult phone chat

Adult phone chat with many hotties will make your cock extra happy! I have plenty of naughty escapades that will leave you ready to shoot. One of the most exciting things that have happened was a situation I got into with one of my friends this past Friday I got into some trouble with her and it ended in a special way. It was a typical Friday night after class my friend Lexi, and I decided to stop by at the mall. We knew it was going to be a zoo. The holiday season is in full force, and everyone is flooding all the department stores. We had time to kill and decided to do some shopping. I came across the cutest stud earrings. I didn’t even think they were real. I thought they were for show. I realized I left my parent’s credit card at home. Lexi and I thought it was a good idea to slip them in our pocketbooks and keep it moving. We didn’t want to deal with the hassle of going home for the card and coming back. Also we were sure they were going to be gone if we did. We slipped them in our purses. No one was going to notice anyway. We were wrong as soon as we exited the alarm siren went off and we were approached by security. Apparently, they were real and they were secured with a theft detector gadget. We were questioned, and the store Manager an older blonde lady asked both of us to go to the back office. We were prepared to play dumb, but she wasn’t falling for our antics she knew there was no way two pairs of earrings could land in both of our purses. She was watching Lexi, and I like a hawk.


young bald pussyShe introduced herself to us and told us there was something we can both do, and as a store head manager, she would be able to make the whole fiasco disappear. Demi slipped us both a note with an address and on it read simple instructions. We had to meet her after work for damage control. We obliged and ended it up in the suburbs. We were at Demi’s house. It all looked normal, and she was surely a woman with a family of her own and a long marriage. She greeted us inside and handed us both a bag with contents inside. We were to dress up and put on a show for her and her husband. They kept the spice in their marriage by pushing the envelope and doing every daring thing in the book. It was blackmail at its finest. Either we agreed, or we would have a record that involved theft. I wasn’t willing to take that risk, so I went ahead and played with my best friends young bald pussy. I was going to give them a show worth gold. I could see the delight in their eyes. They were getting off on two barely legal fuck sluts paying their debt off in the most sexual way possible. We ended the agreement with both of us giving him the blow of his life — we were sharing his cock and sucking his balls till he could no longer take it and started to moan. It was hot as hell to see what our hot teen bodies could do to sex fiends. 


GFE Phone Sex

Phone sex is fun when you have two sluts competing for your cum at the very same time. I think we all have that one competitive friend that tries to outshine us. Mines happens to work at the strip club I dance. Who was going to take center stage and make the most cock cum in one night? It was a competition I wasn’t willing to lose. For weeks we both tried to outdo each other. I accidentally let it slipped Princess hope was a coke fiend, and she didn’t mind putting me on blast. I was fucking a couple of the other dancer’s boyfriends. After a dueling match, we decided to let bygones be bygones and fuck our way to the top. It was on! we agreed on a friendly competition who could make the boss cum the most. Our boss is a short Italian guy who isn’t appealing to either of us. We had realized our mistake instead of fucking Little mike we put our heads together and made him our cbt toy. Luckily he was all for it, Two hot young sluts ruining his cock and draining his account was all he wanted. We put on our dancing stilettos and started to walk all over him and his cock. In the end, it takes two to make a thing go right and we both ended up with over the top center stages. Little mikes secret is safe with us  and we are both the belles of the ball every night at the pussycat lounge.  



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