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What a show

adult phone chat  I put on quite the show last night. I went out on stage an kept my focus on you the entire time. Making it very intimate. Spinning round and round on the pole my focus remains with you. Lowering myself to the floor letting my bra loose and my tits come swinging out just inches from your face.  I see that grin. I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I can’t wait to have you in the private room, so I can show you just how much you turn me on. In there I can be totally naked. But there are cameras and you know how much I love to be watched. After I have your dick hard I walk away. You have to play to pay with me, sweetie.

I know you want a Black Slave Whore 

Cyber Sex Phone Sex

I had some problems this month with my rent and my rent man seemed really nice about it, it was strange because he came right over and had a conversation with me. He said he wanted to tell me a few things to ease my mind. When he came over I noticed he was wearing cologne I even told him it was nice he said thanks we walked in my dining area and sat at the table. He said to me Dana I know you are having some issues paying and I really like you as a tenant so I’m going to give you a little time to pay you rent. I was very happy of course I thought he was talking a few weeks at the most but he said what about 90 days. I looked at him and said I could get it paid before then but that was really great. He said he could give me more time to pay or I didn’t have to pay at all. I looked down and noticed his dick was bone hard, he said to me that he had been having dreams about me being his nigger slave whore. I told him I was not really into that then he took a hold to my hand and forced it to his cock he looked at me in my eyes and said I got a big fucking dick and I want to stuff it in all your pretty little nigger holes now do you want that deal or do you want to get evicted?

Double Trouble

Young bald pussy

hot ass sex

wet bald pussyFuckalicious freaks like us are all about kinky fucking. Lexi and I have had our share of fun together. Lexi and I have done it all from hot twosomes between both of us to hot threesomes with our stepbrothers. We are nasty fuck sluts who love to push the envelope. You can Imagine the kind of trouble we get into together. Orgies are a weekly thing with us. We like to go to orgy parties together and find out the hottest spots. We have no limits! We are some filthy sluts who have done it all. My favorite encounter by far has been fucking the groom at a wedding we attended.



We went to this wedding, and we had quite the experience with the bride to be. Let’s point out that the bride was a complete bitch to us. She was my co-worker, and she would always make my life in the office hell. So we decided it was time to teach her a lesson on her big day. Lexi and I knew the schedule, and we knew there was some leeway to fuck the groom. We flirted with him the whole night and made him believe we both were wet as fuck for his cock. He wasn’t anything special, but the circumstance was making both of us ready to fuck. We lured him into his hotel room. The bride stayed back chit-chatting away, We had the groom intoxicated and prepared to put his cock wherever we wanted him too. We knew what was going to happen inevitably. The bride walked into Lexi and I being boned by her new husband. The look on her face was priceless, and at that moment the groom was cumming inside Lexi. The most vulnerable state a man could be in is when he is orgasming.


The perfect O face if you can ask me. He didn’t want to deprive his dick of all his desires, even though deception was committed. We destroyed the newlywed nuptials together. A dynamic duo for sure! Who doesn’t love a blonde and a redhead? We are the hot lucy and ethel you need in your life to fuck things up. It’s always an adventure with my favorite sidekick. Double trouble sluts just for you. We can make all your wildest fantasies cum true. *Pun definitely intended* 😉

Pay To Play

Age Play Phone SexEverywhere we go people tell me that I have a beautiful family. My girls are two of the most beautiful creatures God has placed on this earth. Their father is white, he and I made gorgeous mixed angels. They both have long curly black hair and big brown eyes. Men look at my angels with lust in their eyes and I take full advantage. For the right price, you can do anything to my girls. I want you to see them spread their tiny legs. Don’t you want to see their tiny plump cunnies? Or if you like, we could make them get on their hands and knees. We’ll tell them to spread their little ass cheeks because I know you want to see those tiny assholes. Give me money and I’ll give you two tiny pornstars. I’ve taught them everything they need to know to please a man and a woman. Yes, they please me, too. When they see my legs spread and I’m not wearing panties, they come to my pussy like a kitten comes to a bowl of milk. Their tiny tongues feel so good licking my clit. They laugh when I squirt all over their faces. Pay me and I’ll make your dreams come true.

He needed it

humiliation phone sexSome men just need to be humiliated, it’s almost as if they were born for it. I’m sure you know the type, meek little men with tiny penises, the kind of man that can’t even look you in the eye, that’s the kind of man Henry is. He likes to act like a big tough businessman but he is this tiny little short person that probably weighs less than I do! How am I supposed to take a man like that seriously? I laugh at him daily and all he ever does is beg me to stop, he’s so weak it’s truly pathetic to see. I like to tease him, torment him, and force him to watch me fuck real men. That’s why I gave him a little peepshow yesterday, I got all wet and naked and made him stand there naked with his lil dickie as hard as the tiny thing could get. He was begging to be allowed to touch me but he didn’t deserve it, I fucked a real man instead right in front of him. I forced him to watch that giant dick fill me up and only after my well fucked pussy was filled with cum was he allowed to taste it.

Ebony Phone Sex

phone sexI aint even gonna lie this pussy is the best you will ever have. What ho you know do it better than keisha tell me Name one. Aint a hoe suck dick better then me or been sucking dick longer than me crazy
Right I know but it’s the truth. Aint a black girl out here make a white man come harder or make his dick stand up taller. This ghetto slut  loves her some white cock all in her mouth coming all over her face. I love grinding on top that dick until my Body shake and shiver and then I slide up so I can see it drip down that thick white cock. Do you think this black ghetto slut is enough for you can you handle all of me and my ways.

Control that cock

Bisexual phone sex  My little girl friend came over today to watch some movies and damn its been awhile since we ate each others pussies. Her friend was down from Tennessee and was up her ass the entire time. Now if it was up to me I would have fucked her too but her friend was only into cock. We went to Coachella and had so much fun. I got fucked but damn when my girls pussy is always in my face then is not you start to miss it. So we have been screwing it up baby since she left. We even bought new toys to play with. I love to lick that little pussy of hers and feel on her soft smooth skin. When she is not around I want some nice hard dick I can boss around like i do Vannessa’s pussy. Let me play with those balls lick and suck all over your dick and ass. I will give you what ever you want. Nice conversation followed by some dirty fantasies. cum get me

Devil Dust To Fuck Me Up

Drugs Phone SexI thought about going on one of those dating sites, I was having a dry spell and am thirsty for cum filled balls. My friend and neighbor suggested I go with one of his friends which later will prove to be a big mistake. He showed me a picture of his friend and he was provoking in an arousing way. I agreed, when his friend got over he chatted with me for a bit and then said here close your eyes and open your mouth, he put some devil dust on my tongue and I swallowed. It was strange but he told me it was candy. I started feeling loopy and lost control of my body, a girl came out from somewhere sat down next to me and started rubbing on my panties hard. I was getting wet and then his friend came over and kissed my lips and shoved his cock in there. The walls were turning different colors and and everything looked like it was closing in and out. I laid down and i was drooling, I could feel I was rubbing my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me while I was kissing this girl and our nipples were rubbing together. He pulled out and came right on our tongues, we were french kissing with thick snot cum on our lips and tongue. We swallowed it and the last thing I remember was her smothering my face with that fat bald pussy.

Peeny Humiliation

small cock humiliation

Looking for some small cock humiliation for your peeny? No need to look because I am a Big Cock whore kind of slut and the only thing about that peeny that’s going to get me off is I can make fun of it.  See this pretty pink cage. Perfect for little dickletts! You get to feel my soft hands as I strap you in. Now you can’t touch it and every time you get hard it will cause you pain. Too bad it turns you on to feel me slide on your silk black stockings.  My hand on your stomach as I place this jewel. My big tits brushed against you back as I whisper tiny dick only gets to lick, over and over. Do You see this vibrator? It is twice as big as you. I would rather my mouth go on this toy than anywhere near that needle dick.  Want to be my cuckold? Watch my wet pussy get reamed by real men who can grow a dick over 8 inches?  Such a pathetic excuse for a man. I am going to turn you female day by day. Your dick should be a clit and your ass is a pussy!  CBT phone sex is a must for your tiny nothingness. Your Mistress Awaits.

cbt phone sex

A Phat Cock For A Subby

submissive phone sex

I have been a naughty girl, punish me during submissive phone sex.  I grew up catering to my daddies every sexual need.  I knew that punishment would happen if I didn’t obey his every whim.  I owe it to daddy to be the kinky little cum whore I am today.  I only want approval and acceptance from my masters.

When I was given to Phat Pat to be used I was ready to please his cock in every way. That is until I saw how thick he was and how he got his name, Phat Pat. That cock was as big and thick as a beer can. He had informed me that he enjoyed gapping pretty rosebud assholes of submissive sluts with firm bubble butts.  I was forced to swallow his fatty and then threw on my back to take that thick goodness in my ass. I cried as he slid into my narrow ass canal. “Please, I begged to stop!” I was punched in the face for my behavior. I took his phat cock over and over after each cum load in my ass I was forced to suck him clean. It still hurts to sit on my pretty bubble but, but I came over and over even if the pain was searing.

Can you make me a good subby for you Like Phat Pat?

adult phone chat

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