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Girls just wanna have fun

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It was a boring day and I was raiding my moms closet with my best friend. No one was home and our minds wandered and we got into my moms special chest. We found all sorts of toys and fun gadgets. We wanted to know all about it. The night ended with me and my best friend having hot ass sex together. We explored everything there was to find in my moms secret chest. We saw plenty of anal beads and vibrating gadgets. My favorite was a double end dildo that got both of us off together. Girls just wanna have fun you know the saying. I liked my experience with my hot girlfriend. We were able to orgasm over and over again.

Fun on Friday the 13th

wet bald pussy Friday the 13th was a fucking blast. Literally! They say that it brings out all the freaks and I was so happy. I got four guys to come home with me. I know they didn’t believe that they were going to get to run a train on a hot bitch like me. Once in my door I did a strip tease for them making sure their cocks were nice and fucking hard for me. I had them all strip and line their cocks up for me in a line I started sucking on one while stroking on another. I guess this hurt the other guys feelings he bent me up onto my knees and started slamming his pretzel cock inside my rosebud asshole. The other guys took his lead and turned me into a lifesize fuck doll. I secretly had been hoping this would happen. Thanks for the fun Y’all.

My Littlest Baby Girl is a Cocksucking Pro

Adult phone chat You woke up this morning to find my littlest baby girl sucking on your big fat mushroom head. She can never get enough of your warm salty pre-cum. You told me that you wished you could wake up every morning to me and my little girls. After my little baby girl finished sucking your big hard cock and eating every last ounce of cum from it. You got up and showered.

My other two little girls joined you in the shower to help you wash up and even though you did not think you would be able to cum again so soon. You were surprised at how hard your cock became with the help of my two little girls special touches. You enjoyed both of their tight young wet bald pussies and managed to bust your load for the second time this morning. You enjoyed your stay at the pool house with me and my little girls so much that you went ahead and booked a stay for the next time you are in town.

Having this pool house to use for the escort business is going to totally change our lives. I can’t wait to throw a pool party for select clients. Just imagining all the sucking and fucking going on with my little girls is making my mommy cunt soaking wet.

P-Mommy and Her Little Angels

Age Play Phone SexI brought the girls a little pool because summers in Texas are so hot. I let them play topless in the water. My angels have made so much money this month they deserved a reward. I watched them splash each other and it turned me on. I spread my legs and started fingering myself. My youngest noticed me masturbating and jumped out of the pool. She loves the way I taste and whenever she sees my pussy out she can’t resist me. Her tiny tongue flicked across my swollen clit and it felt amazing. I’ve trained this little girl to eat my pussy like a pornstar. Over time she’s developed a taste for my cunt. I grind against her small face and make it shine with my juices. My oldest joins in because she gets jealous and put her face between my thighs, too. Both of their heads in my crotch licking and sucking my pussy under the hot Texas sun.

Gang Bang Break

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Tonight I am ready to be a gang bang phone sex Mistress. See I belong to an elite cheating website and a huge party was being thrown in Beverly Hills, So of course, I got my allowance from the hubby and took off to attend the biggest cheating fuck party of the year.”Party favors” and champagne ran like water.  My Mistress ways served me well as I had sexy sluts and horny big dicked men at my every command. My pussy was being licked and sticked so much I just might need a cold pack tonight. Should have brought pathetic hubby he is so good tending to my swollen holes. So many cheating whores like me and cheating men I had a buffet and I was pumped and slurped by the best mouths men and women alike. Oh, and the web site host brought in a limo full of BBC. Tall hung black men Oh my. I won that dick sucking contest, after all, it pays to be a Size queen! It was a nice vacation from my sissy boy tiny dicks, But I am refreshed and ready to train my man sluts again. 

Sometimes You Just Want Young Wet Bald Pussy

Wet bald pussySometimes being a cock sucking whore is not enough to close the deal and I have to sweeten the deal with some young wet bald pussy. Today was one of those days. The escort agency is going so well that I really need more space to work. I would love to have a pool house to use for the escort service. But let’s face it no one wants to go to a questionable part of town. River Oaks would be the perfect neighborhood. It has stately homes with enough space that I wouldn’t have to worry about nosey neighbors.

I decided to go and check out what would be the perfect home even though it was over my price range. When I arrived and met the owner all I could keep thinking is how familiar you looked. The more I thought on it the more I realized I knew you from my Daddy’s Strip Club. Perfect, I thought to myself. I may be short on cash but I always have plenty of deepthroat blowjobs to offer. After all I have never had a man turn down my offer to slide my velvety soft lips up and down their big hard cock.

You ask me what I thought about the house and I told you that it would be perfect for my situation. Only problem was I was a little short on cash, but I told you I would be more than happy to make up the difference by sucking your big hard cock. You were enjoying me sucking your hard throbbing cock so much. That you said you might could be persuaded to exchange rent for sex every month. But you did not just want it from me. No, you wanted to lick and fuck my little baby girls pussies.

Adult phone chat

Yes, nothing makes your cock rock harder than sweet bald wet baby girl pussy. There is just something so special with how it tastes and feels. That tight hot wet young pussy drives your big hard cock wild and once you slide your cock inside that young baby girl pussy you can’t help but to explode. Yes, the younger the wetter the pussy the better you like it!

I love thick cock

wet bald pussyNothing makes my cunt wet like your big fat dick. You always bring party supplies with you when you stop by my place. It never takes long before we are deep into a coke filled night of sexcapades. I am wearing your favorite black stockings. Nothing else by this time though you have already stripped me of all my pesky clothes. I have my wet lips wrapped around your cock within seconds. Your fingers are exploring my cunt and asshole getting them all loosened and lubed up. Your dick is so big and thick I love how you make me gag me with it. You really shove it in there too. Love it! You throw me back onto the table and devour my wet bald pussy with your mouth. Only once you’ve almost drowned in my pussy before you start plowing me with that huge pecker. I cum so hard I squirt all over you. As it drips down your balls you start fucking me harder I know that you are close to cumming so I reach back and cup your balls. You explode so fast you are left breathless.

Pretty Little Fuck Slave

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I am your slavery phone sex whore. You know that I will submit to you anytime you need my slutty pussy. My ass is always secured with a butt plug and it is only removed when a cock or fist is fucking my ass.  I am whipped and spanked for your pleasure. I take the pain for you, Master!  I am gagged on this occasion because you want to hear my gurgled moans and that is only replaced with your dick or one of the men who has come to play with this subby whore. I become a ragdoll slut when being passed around and giving my ass to each man. I know your signals when its time to collect your cum in my slut pussy or gaped ass. The butt plug is thrown to the side and I am filled to each man’s nutsack until cum is squirting out of my ass. From my ass to my slave mouth, I take so much jizz and of course the biggest cum shots on tits! Give me that pulsating boner and I will submit and please. 

Trouble With My Teen Sissy Slut Son

Adult phone chatMy sissy slut son is such a teen whore. Sex with your sisters, sex with other men, sucking and fucking it is all you ever think about anymore. So I should not be shocked that when I came home from the grocery store that I found you in the living room having forced you, sister Shannon, to suck your balls. Now being the P. Mommy that I am, I am fine with my littles playing around with each other. However, I am not fine with the fact that you have not done your chores and you are keeping your sister from doing hers plus Shannon was not very happy with how forceful you were being with her.

You could tell by the look on my face that you were in trouble, but I think the punishment should fit the crime. So while I have you hold your little skirt up and bend over the sofa. I whisper in Shannon’s ear to go put on the strap-on of her choice and to bring me a cock cage. We will see how much you can play with your cock if it is all locked up. I slap your ass a few times leaving some nasty red welts. You see Shannon return wearing a big thick strap-on and you start whining that it is too big for your tight teen ass. I tell you that you took advantage of your sister earlier and now we are going to turn the tables. It seems to me that Shannon getting to fuck your tight little-puckered ass raw while you scream and cry is a very fitting punishment. Sissy Phone Sex

I am addicted to her candystick


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You guys know I have been making tranny phone sex calls right. Well, I finally fucking got one to meet with me. Have you seen Nikita’s huge schlong? It is fucking beautiful right! I sure think so, my snatch is twitching thinking about it now. I understand why men love her because she takes total control of the situation. She knows exactly how to torture my cunt at the same time she has its hot juices squirting from it. Nikita knows what the fuck she wants too. She made me get down on my knees and worship her cock. I was still staring at them titties though! That’s the best part of having hot ass sex with a tranny. Tits and a candy stick. Let me tell you its sweet to. She will make you suck it all night long just like she did me. Trust and believe that thick load of jizz will make you want more. I think she might be my new addiction.hot ass sex


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