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Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sexI am such a dirty girl! I am sneaking over to my daddy’s friends house. He offered to take me on a shopping spree. He picked me up and bought me a bunch of things so I decided to repay him with all my holes. I get on my hands and knees and suck his cock down my throat. I have long hot pink nails that he likes looking at as I squeeze my hands around his cock and jerk him down my throat.

I am going to take so many cum loads from him. He shoots his first warm wad of cum right into my mouth. I then get completely naked and spread my little pussy apart. I tell him that his cock belongs right here inside of me. His cock got so big. He brings his cock near my pussy and I wedge it right inside of me. I love bouncing up and down that cock, making it shoot hot jizz in all my holes.

Hotels and Cock Virgins Make me Cum

shemale phone sex

This hot shemale phone sex bitch has found the perfect spot to pick up dick! Hotel breakfast bars offer up early morning cock virgins. I was minding my business eating strawberries and I noticed you staring at my mouth. My big eyes scanned you up and down and met your hazel eyes before coyly looking away.  I felt my cock harden as you came over and asked if we could eat together. Something about your broad shoulders and stocky build under that business suit turned me on.  You flirted hard and as breakfast was over invited me up to your suite for a drink “to get our day started”. Once we were alone you pulled me in for a deep kiss. You had this raw power that pulled me in. My hand found your dick hard as you were slipping off my top to kiss and suck each perfect breast. You had me on my knees unleashing your monstrous cock in minutes. My mouth took you all in as you grabbed my hair and fucked my throat. Suddenly you pulled me up and slid your hand under my skirt, finding my hard tranny cock. Your smile said it all as the power shifted and I pushed you down my body and you took my beautiful cock in your mouth.  You slobbered all over my pretty cock, gulping as tears ran down your face. Clothes were being stripped off both of us as I told you to get on all fours. I used my spit to lube your ass as I took your virgin hole.  My hand gripped your swollen cock as I thrust back and forth opening your sweet tight ass. I lost it as you came all over my hand and let my cum fill your ass. You got up and kissed me deeply and gave me your cell number before I left. I hope to see you again real soon.

Glory Hole Sissy Boy

sissy phone sex

Brooklyn Your cuckolding sissy phone sex bitch at your service! Tonight, I am taking you to the local sex arcade to be servicing your very own glory hole. My sissy bitch that you are will be dressed in a tight black dress, black lacy bra and matching G-string. Don’t forget the heels and a full face of makeup. AS we enter the arcade you are on your knees and I place my spiked collar and leather leash on you. I demand you sniff me out two hung motherfuckers before I let you service every strange cock that comes through your very own padded glory hole.  You find me some nice 9-inch cock to play with as I lift my skirt and bend over and you are at your hole ready and waiting for that juicy cock to come through. Everyone watches as my pussy gets slammed by this thick boner and I love the attention. Your mouth is greeted by some BBC the very first customer. Oh, how pretty your lips look around that long dick! I watch you service dick after dick, even offering up your ass a few times as I am serviced by three nice sized cocks. I love my sissy boy and the big cock you find me. It has been too long since we played.

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The Sex Trade

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


My boyfriend Jasper is a world class motivational speaker with a supreme appetite for hot tight wet tiny pussies. I thought what could I get for him as his birthday was coming up soon. I decided that we would do something different something yummy so, we are going to a carnival called, “The Sex Trade Carnival Show.” This show is like none other than you have ever been to or dreamt about. Jasper likes it kinky he’s a full-on freak with no draw backs or taboos what so ever. I found out about the carnival show from this horny fucker I used to trick with named Chuck. I knew my lovebug was going to flip his dick when he saw my naughty plans come to life. Jasper is about to be up to his tongue in sweet hot tight tiny wet cunts. Do you want to know all about carnival that will have you spraying jizz everywhere? I think you know what to do, the number is in the pic.

Biggest Cum Shot

Biggest Cum Shot

I am for sure what you would call a big slut, I love cocks of all sizes. I can’t get enough I suppose you could say I am a nympho. When I’m not sucking cock or fucking I am fucking my own tight pussy. I have quite a few fuck buddies that I have and of course they don’t have any idea about each other ha. I love it, it is a thrill but, it isn’t like I am with anyone. I would still do what I want even if I was. I called my favorite buddy over, he is so handsome, tall chocolate lover with gorgeous eyes. He came over without hesitation when his wife was out getting pampered. He walked right in and I said come to my bedroom he found me naked in just my red heels with blood red lipstick. He came over to me and took his big black cock out, I moaned and squeezed my thighs together. He put it in my mouth and while I was sucking, he had spread my thighs open and start fingering my cunt real rapid. As soon as I was wet enough he got between my legs and fucked me soft and deep and then a little faster. His balls were getting tight and I could tell he was going to nut. He put me on my knees as he was pulling out he started coming and instead of my face it went all over my breasts. It was so much almost like a fountain, I thought he was never going to stop.

Tranny phone sex isn’t the only thing I do

tranny phone sexBeing a tranny phone sex operator is not my only job, I like to invest my money in properties in various places and the money is very good… most of the time. For the last several months I’ve been dealing with a dope fiend named Blair, she rented out one of my prime properties and this fucking whore owed me thousands of dollars in back rent. I was at the end of my rope with her, the court fees to evict her would have been more than I wanted to pay and I swear that whore knew it and took advantage of it but that all stopped when I went by there yesterday. Up till then I was always very nice in my dealings with Blair, she had never seen my harsh side so she was expecting to just sweet talk her way out of it. I was having none of that shit tho! I grabbed her by her neck and pinned her up against the wall. I told her that she was gonna pay me one way or the other so she better start figuring out how to make it happen. She offered me her pussy but I wasn’t interested in fucking some old whore, I told her to offer something better or I would cause her a world of pain! That’s when she offered me her boys’ sweet tender little assholes and promised me that I could fuck them whenever I wanted just as long as she could stay there for free. How could I turn that offer down? Two tender little bottoms to fuck? I wanted it right then! I made her bring them out and I grabbed the youngest and shoved all 12 inches of my giant cock right up his ass! He screamed of course but that didn’t stop me, his mommy owed me a lot of money and he was gonna pay every sent with that sweet ass!

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Drain your balls in me please

Adult phone chatOne of my favorite things to do is when I get home from being out all day and I take my white lace thongs off and they are complete soaking wet. I will take those panties and stuff them up my tight fucking pussy and make them extra soaked with my cream. Then I will mail them to one of you perverts and you take them out and jerk your cock with them on. I love just having my panties pulled to the side and just shove your cock in my little fucking asshole. I like to have my little puckered asshole fucked really hard and after you fuck my little asshole I wanna turn around and suck your cock and then you can put it in my tight little fucking cunt. I want you to drain your fucking balls in both of my little fuck holes.

Ass Stretching 101

Adult phone sex

Ass stretching 101 today as this submissive whore gets a lesson she will never forget. My master has a client that’s has a huge cock and wants to be able to fuck my ass all night long. A fantasy a man with a huge cock doesn’t get to have much. I am bond with my feet across the bed and each hand tied to a bedpost. A pillow in front of my face if I feel the need to scream into it. Master says it will hurt but he will make it up to me. A large metal object is inserted into my ass by Master. He Fucks me with it some. It feels so good. A little large but nice in my tight ass hole. My pussy begins to drip some. Then I feel the ass stretcher open and I begin to buck at the pain. My ass is spanked hard and I am told to stay still or my ass will prolapse. More and more this metal thing is opened and more pain courses through my body. I scream into the pillow as pain racks my body. I did not think it could get any worse but one more time and I am in agony. Master says he must leave me for 15 minutes, he will be back. The time goes forever. I think I might be dying when my pussy decides to cum all down my legs. I am cumming and the ass stretcher is bobbing in my ass mixing pain with pleasure. Oh, what I pain slut submissive whore I am.

Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex Tranny


Cheap phone sexYou know why you are attracted to this tranny slut? I have a face of a fucking angel, but the masculine outlines draw you in. See before you even reach under my skirt to find my nice cock, you already knew! I pass but barely and you want my perfect cock in your twat asshole. You want to be my sissy boy fuck slave. You get to play with my tits while I open your sweet rosebud twat asshole. You want to be pretty like me and be my tranny whore sex slave. Red is your color, some on your lips and a nice lipstick ring around your ass so I can have a pretty tranny cock every time I slide in and out of you. A pair of my lace panties around your neck like riding a horse as my cock makes you scream for me. I have been gone awhile but I missed all my phone sex freaks that want to taste my cock and have it buried in their throats. Yes, Nikita is back bitches, and I need cock now.

I Love To Crush Your Balls

CBT Phone Sex

Even though I have a secret desire to be controlled, I am still a very defiant teen. I have had my fair share of experiences with certain things, I know older men have a tendency to not know much because I am a teen. How presumptuous of you sir, well you are sadly mistaken out of all the things I have learned and experienced two of my favorite are pay pig subs who give me all their money and spoil me with gift cards. The other you might wonder is a little cock and ball torture. I love making a man dress up in panties with a garter belt and I have on my stiletto heels and have your hands tied up behind the chair and often times ball gag you but if you aren’t ball gagged. I love putting clothespins the wooden ones on your dick and pulling. I love seeing a man squirm from some pain. I also have this device and I make you get your dick hard. Put it through there and slap it with a hard whip and make you beg me to stop. I keep slapping when you have disobeyed or done something very wrong. My most favorite way is with my stiletto heels rubbing them along your ball sack while you are still tied and crushing your balls until you beg me to stop. I even love to do a countdown and in between each number push down harder on that sack. It makes me laugh and giggle, I would love to find a someone to do that on again.

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