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I gave him a big surprise

tranny phone sexI was out having a few drinks and relaxing when this sexy guy came up to me. He bought me a drink and we got to talking. One thing led to another and I ended up inviting him back to my place. Well, this whole time I assumed that he knew I was a chick with a big beautiful dick but apparently he did not know because when I stepped out of my dress he gasped in shock. He was very surprised but not mad at all, he was practically drooling over my cock so I let him have it. I slid this fat cock head past his lips and he gobbled it down like he was a starving man. He begged for me to fuck him, he had been fantasizing about a girl like me for years but I was his first so I gave it to him good. I fucked the shit out of him too so I know he will never forget me.

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Auction Fun

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Auction Fun, The biggest and the baddest cocks were going to be scooping up beautiful Mistresses like me. But with a Big dick, there needs to be a sweet pathetic sissy to humiliate doesn’t there? Not only were the men picking the beautiful wives off the platform to use and show them how good it would finally feel to be fucked the way they should be. But the men who had small penis and needed and wanted a taste of the sissy life were put on display. A play boy model had her ruler out and noting the inches on the husbands and tying a string around that little dick to indicate the class of sissy that was being dealt with.  This was an opportunity of of life time for my husband.

He had a green ribbon around his cock and balls, I almost felt proud that he was in call two, 3 to 4 and a half inches. Now another woman and man would be training him for me, and all on his dime. I watched the bidding start on the sissy sluts. My husband catching my eyes as an older lady with blonde hair pulled him off the stage by the ribbon,  his hard cocklette pointing straight at her. A Black man would be taking me for the first week, and I was sold to a tall young buck with a 12 inch cock. I had made a deal to be resold multiple times as I needed to taste the rainbow and really make my husband wallow in self pity as he was being trained. This would be our year to cum the way we were meant to. Him , hardly at all and me squirting hard as I was fucked raw.  I had made sure to list in his skills how good he was at female and male rim jobs and taking double ass fucking, something my husband needed to explore more for me. 

Phone Sex Cuckoldress Chronicles

Your cuckoldress of phone sex has a tale to share with you that will make you cock rise. For you see I’m that wife sold in an sex Auction. Not just any auction The Mistress and Madam’s auction exactly one year ago today.

For while I may have my own sissy servants and even a husband under my heel there are those that I will serve no matter what.

Wives put up on the auction wearing a very best sparkling with jewels and diamonds their husband have bought them all in anticipation of being sold and used for an entire year. Now the men bidding on them will not be paying it will be the husbands of these women. Paid to be transformed into cuckolding queens. Many a man wants to see his wife dominated and fucked by a master.

A year of no sex, you will be told by your mistress the one you married and devoted your whole life to if you can even masturbate. You will know for a year she’s staring another man’s bed you will receive videos and text and even be welcomed into some sessions. You gave her away you paid for her all because you know you will never have a dick big enough to satisfy her. I’ve opened up my life to you and more cuckolding and sissy phone sex tale are cumming soon. Just like you will be for me.

Sissy Phone Sex For a Sissy Cock Lover

sissy phone sex

It’s always so fun to get you dressed up when you call me for sissy phone sex. I know it sometimes takes a little while to talk someone into going headfirst into the sissy lifestyle but trust me when I say that it’s totally worth it. I’ve heard it time and time again from sissies who I’ve converted. I’ve taken strong, alpha males who had feminization fantasies and turned them into the nastiest cock sucking sissy faggots ever. And you could be next if you’re brave enough to give me a call. Do you think you can muster up enough courage to call me and become who you were always meant to be?
I won’t ever steer you wrong, so please trust me to do what’s best for you. When I tell you to get down on your knees, I want you to do it with no hesitation. I don’t want to hear a no from you. Just open that little whore mouth and get to work. When I tell you that you need to shave your body hair, do it. You’ll feel so much more feminine when your body is smooth. Are you ready for your sissification?

He was so humiliated

cuckolding phone sexI humiliated a little cucky boy in a pretty big way last night and it was fucking hysterical! He had the smallest cock I had ever seen in my life, it was barely an inch long! Like seriously this lil dick was pretty much just a head, it was the very definition of a micro penis. But his brother on the other hand had a fucking huge cock so I made sure to invite them both over. I made them compare cocks and just that was enough to have cucky crying like a little bitch… but when I made him get down on his knees and suck his own brother’s cock… well that had him almost hysterical. It was so funny because cucky wanted to fuck me so bad and he knew that I would never let him. I fucked his brother tho! He had a real cock, a big fat 11 inch cock and I fucked the shit out of him. Then I made cucky clean my cum filled pussy too.

Big daddy Kings Hot Phonesex White Bitch

hot phonesex

I might be a hot phonesex slut but I know superior cock when I see it! Big Daddy King No one will ever be as good as you are. You are part of the Superior Race of Black men that should be taking all the white bitches. I will even go so far to tell every white man he stands no chance to even be good enough to be compared to a Great man like you!  There is a reason white whores want to worship you. You have riches and fame and that huge Back cock who carries the name …. Anaconda! The Anaconda can not keep me away. When you called me and told me you were in the Cayman Islands but were back now, I had no choice But to tell my Pathetic white husband with the small dick that me and his daughter, my hot teen step daughter were going to worship you as soon as you got here with that Ferrari. It must be so embarrassing for my husband to know his daughter nad wife worship you a sexy black man! 


adult phone chat

And when You pulled up! Oh, My Fucking God, our pussies were dripping for you! We had on our custom Gucci Bikinis that had the Diamond encrusted words saying we were property Of the one and the only BDK, Big Daddy King!  It didn’t take long for me and My Step daughter the blonde young BBC loving bitch to want to get out the soap bucket and wash your Beautiful Expensive Car! Our bodies soapy as we said We belong to the Anaconda, for pictures that got posted all over the world. Black lives matter was our hashtag because we believe that no matter what black men should rule the world with white bitches beside them!

sissy phone sex

And what did we get in return? That compression jewel encrusted sleeve of the Anaconda pulled out so we could fight over who wanted it more! Destiny is addicted to you big black beautiful Anaconda. But it was this adult phone chat star that got the anaconda deep in her cunt as she screamed Black lives matter! And Big Daddy King The living Legend Matters the most with his huge Black cock called the anaconda so we white whores can worship it!  I know I am addicted to that Billionaire Nut sauce

I will tell all my callers white little white boy dicks that they don’t compare to you My Living Legend! I live to cuckold with your Anaconda!

I used him

tranny phone sexI used him for his money, what can I say? I like nice things and I don’t want to pay for them myself so what else is a girl to do? It’s not like he didn’t get something out of it too, he knew I have a giant dick and it’s all he could ever think about. He was more than willing to spoil me rotten all in exchange for getting suck this big fat cock of mine, sounds like a fair trade to me! I was so mean to him too, I called him names and treated him like he was nothing but a little bitch and you know what? He just keeps coming back for more! No matter how much I use and abuse him he always comes back for more. It’s pathetic really but he keeps me  happy so that’s all that matters to me.

Sissy Phone Sex Sluts Welcome

Sissy Phone Sex

That’s right all sissy phone sex sluts are welcome to my sexy domination! I was at the farmers market and saw the most pretty female trying to be a man. What I mean was her face looked like an angel and she clearly didn’t belong in men’s clothing or trying to be masculine. And no this wasn’t just a gay boy, this was clearly a male species stuck in a body and life they did not want.  A wife and brats tagged along as he carried fruits and vegetables and muttered yes dear. His gaze would go to the big burly farmers unloading trucks. He was in need and I knew it. I got close and purposefully bumped into him. I smiled as he was so sweet and apologizing. My eyes caught his as his little family left him behind. 

“You should be only sorry that you are not on your knees in pretty clothes sucking that farm hand off for me.” My words stunned him, but he was almost hypnotized by my voice. “Is your clitty hard? If so here’s my number.”  No one paid attention to us as i passed him a card and loudly proclaimed that I could help him redecorate. I would be redecorating  his life privately for sure. 

It took two days for my new sissy slut to call me for an impromptu Phone sex chat of sorts. He was miserable and perked right up at me telling him I had a black cock appointment. I offered the address and took his male clothing size. I had just the perfect sissy slut outfit for the first sissy lessons with me and a black dick! 

Phone Sex Masturbation Session

phone sex

My Sex drive is out of this World for men who are Hitched!  You call me for wild phone sex and tell me you are married and I get spread eagle for you! Take me baby, fuck. Many of my bulls and sissy whores are married. I don’t give a rats ass about my sissies, only if I need to blackmail, wink wink. But A bull who has a mighty big cock swinging with a wife that has no clue how much her man needs to fuck? It seems the men my Husband finds to fuck me are married black men, go figure. I wonder if that is just too much cock to fuck on a regular basis for these women? Not for me. You call me up and tell me how big that cock is and I will tell you exactly how I would stroke it and worship every fucking inch of it.

Now, some of you are thinking that having a cuckold who loves married men wouldn’t tell a little dick mother fucker how to stroke his little wee-wee. You are wrong. I want to play with my pussy as I tell you how to stroke it. I mean I have seen my little shrimpy cock Hubby stroke it a million times as I get fucked. So no matter the size or what you are looking for we can have some hot and wild good times together baby.  A big plus is your married!

Sensual And Hot Phonesex Lover

hot phonesex

You have yourself areal size queen here. I have the most erotic hot phonesex with men who know how to use that big fat cock and make me feel like a tureen sensual Queen. While I do adore my black cock, there comes a time when a nice sexy built white man who is sporting a 12-inch cock needs a little attention from my body. I am instantly wet at the sound of his voice; I know he is going to mind fuck me and make me his.

 And when a man starts with my sensitive feet I am done for! Rubbing my pretty soles all over his cock while we are in the restaurant and tickling my toes makes my pussy ache for him. I lean in ad whisper for him to take me in the bathroom. I am pushed against the stall my dress hiked up and his hands making my pussy squirt as he fingers me. My hot lover tells me if I don’t cum I don’t get his cock. But all I can think off is him pushing inside of me. I beg him to fuck me. I need it bad. I can’t keep my mouth closed and my moans are heard by everyone in the restaurant.

I hope they are jealous of my man. I know some of them know me and can’t wait to tell my husband what a cheating whore I am. But I don’t care. I just want to go to our spot on the beach in the dark and get made love to and take his big fat cock over and over again in the moonlight!  Sometimes you cant help but fall for the men with big fat cock that you cheat on your husband with.

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