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Tiny Teen tease caprice

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Teen phone sex with a complete tease is what you need above all else. Every inch of my body drives you wild. You will do anything to get a piece of my tight ass and sweet cunt. I like to make you weak and love making you stutter. I can tell you have been jacking off to me for hours. You are my pathetic coach, diving uncle. You had to crash at our house and in the meanwhile perve on your teen niece. I can hear you in the middle of the night jerking your cock. I giggled and even played with my cunt. You have been resisting, but it is hard to do so. I think about ruining you because that is what I do to perverted men. You have won the title of creep of the year. I bring my hot friends over, and you instantly cream your pants. I giggle and smile cause I know how hard it is for you to keep your composure. You are a sicko, and I love that.

I have been getting acquainted with the idea of humiliating you and possibly even granting you a show. Its quite turn on to see a man open to doing it all for a piece to teen twat pie. Maybe I will have some sissy phone sex with you and have my boyfriend over and have him fuck me while you clean us both up.

Smile Sissy Fag

sissy phone sex

Smile Sissy Faggot and gloat as you realize all that feminization was worth it. But you won’t be smiling for long! You do not know pure joy until you try black cock. It was supposed to be a BBC dare. I was going to give you that  PHAT black cock delight tonight. But I know the sissy has to be stepped up into such extravagances.  I have to keep you plugged up nice and tight. Right before I get your anal cherry popped. I mean your pussy will get used to big black daddy dick. But the first time you get opened up it has to be with a BBC that is sissy Fagg destiny. I want to do it, right baby. You are femmed out and now you must go through the cock sucking and ass fucking you so deserve my sweet sissy slut. Come and give me your money so I may do as I do best humiliate your sissy Fagg ass!

What a loser

cuckolding phone sexGod I can’t stand whiners and complainers and little bottom topping queers! So many losers like that contact me wishing to become one of my pets and you know what? Not everyone can make the cut. If the little dick loser is a whiner and a complainer and someone that thinks he is owed all of my time he will learn very quickly that I will not put up with any bullshit like that. I mean how can you really call yourself a subby if you are always bitching?? If I don’t want to speak to you I don’t have to so if you want to be a pet of mine you must be a very good boy… or you will just get nothing at all. Some people will never get the pleasure of listening to my voice and worshiping my perfection and they will just have to live with that. Sucks to be them huh?

Panty Boy Cum For My Bull Cocks

panty boy phone sex

Black stockings, sexy black negligee and your cock stuffed into sheer black panties. Yes, this is where you belong panty boy! Let me bring in my strapping muscle-bound black cock friends. I dress you up and put you on your knees, I make sure you are begging Mistress for that black cock cream. Sexy panty boys belong sucking bull cock. Right after you have been obedient and licked my wet pussy. I will let you be my fluffer. I will even throw a nice white bull cock in the mix. I bet you are feeling kinda pathetic now? You cuckold cock never measure up to this size queens expectations. Maybe I will surprise you with your wife feeding you nice fat cock, and make you beg her for cum loads. That’s right I will teach your wife what you like a baby. Gag, gurgle and gulp a massive load for your cuckolding wife! Show her what you really are and what you really want! Make no excuses you are a panty boy with a love for large cock. Submit to your true nature.

His punishment was fair

tranny phone sexI had to punish a little faggot this morning what a waste of time that was! He was an uppity little bitch, he tried to act all butch but he was clearly a just a little bottom topping bitch boy who was no where near man enough to boss me around. He needed to be taken down a peg or two and that started with my breakfast. I shushed him in the middle of his whiny temper tantrum and told him to get in the kitchen and make me brunch. He didn’t like that very much but he obeyed, muttering under his breath the whole time about what a bitch I was. Well if he wanted a bitch, a bitch he would have! I made myself a mimosa and asked him sweetly if he wanted one too, of course he did and he was not too nice about asking for one either so I made him a very special one. I grabbed a glass and pissed in it and served it to him with a smile, he was disgusted of course but I made him drink it anyway. Then I fed him his brunch… all 12 inches of my rock hard cock down his throat! I think he learned a valuable lesson in manners today, don’t you?

Naughty Maid Phone Sex

naughty maid phone sex

Naughty Maid Phone sex comes so naturally to me. Mistress Brooklyn Keeps her a handful of sweet maids who I can seduce in between sissy training sessions.  It is inevitable they find my sex toy box. With all the feminization going on and the big cock coming through my house they get wet and need stimulation. I love keeping real females around to give my sissy men and husband something to compete with. My sweet Maid became my sissy training accomplice, only after I had fucked her silly that is. I saw her using on silver bullet Vibe thinking she wouldn’t get caught as I was in full sissy training downstairs. I had noticed a couple of things missing. So I watched her for a while and when I said I could help her get a better orgasm, she jumped. I took my sweet naughty maid bent her over my lap and began double penetrating her and spanking her sweet bottom. I had her squirting all over me. Then I called my sissies up to watch me fuck her silly and be my slut slave. I made my sissy men clean that sweet pussy and mistresses wet pussy all up! I don’t fuck around, even a female will be my sex slave. Come to me and I will train you as a good Mistress should Darling.

His dick was way too small for me

cuckolding phone sexI met a new guy the other day, he is a very successful man who makes a shit ton of money so I was excited at first. Then I got him naked and all that excitement died instantly as soon as I saw his little dick. This dick was definitely a micro penis, it was barely a tip, there was literally no shaft on this thing at all! All I could do was laugh my ass off, he was all angry and bitchy and tried to tell me to get out but I just told him to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down so that he could listen to his better when she is talking. I explained to him what he should have already known, no woman on earth wants a man with a tiny peepee like that and that if anyone had ever fucked him it was only his money that made it happen. He didn’t like to hear that but I made him understand that his place is to serve a woman like me even if I never let him fuck me. I guess he got it cus he didn’t try to touch me and he paid me handsomely for my time too…

Cum Shots On Tits To Lick Off

cum shots on tits

Oh, baby, I love how you eat these cum shots off my tits. I am your hot redheaded cuckolding lover. I am the cuckolding mistress you can carry in your pocket.

People always wonder how you got such a hot wife. You tell them your lucky and, truth be told your not a bad looking man. Just short in the dick department. Let me explain a few things this slut has learned.

I can’t help it that my own daddy opened my pussy with a huge Italian cock. I was shown early in life that white cock will never ever measure up. In high school I thought one of my teachers was white, but his dick was 9 inches and he told me as I sucked him off how proud he was of his mixed-race cock. He is also the one who introduced me to cuckolding telling me that I was better than his bosses’ wife. He brought me over to her house and came on my tits and was tit fucking me as the principle licked the cum off our huge tits right around that mixed black cock. I would come to know many pleasures that night, including how little dicks love to be humiliated and that small dicked men deserve to have that ass hole reamed.

Please Join this Mistress in welcoming our lovely Cuckolding Black cock loving Mistresses to the family. Each Of Them Just makes my Pussy so wet!sissy phone sex

Hot And Horny Fantasy

Fantasy Phone SexSitting in my bed on the phone listening to your voice. You sound so hot and horny I just can’t get enough of you. I lay back in my bed using one of my hands to hold the phone up to my ear and the other hand to reach down to my soft, slippery cunt. Your voice alone is making my cunt so hot and horny for you. My fingers are becoming drenched in my horny juices. I close my eyes listening to you, fantasizing. I see you opening my legs wide, you are inches away from my cunt. I can feel how warm your breath is against my skin. Oh, yea baby, your tongue feels so good on my clit. I love the way you clean me up, licking and sucking up all of my sweet juices. I am rubbing on these big titties, getting my nipples hard for you. I know you like the way my nipples rise when you suck on them. This fat ass of mine is also all for you. I love turning around for you so you can spread those ass cheeks wide open. I am all yours, do what you want with me, baby.

Get me pregnant

Breeding Phone SexI’m so fertile right now, my beautiful cunt is ovulating and I feel super sexy in my own skin whenever we have breeding phone sex. This is the very special time of the month every month that I get t go through where my hormones are raging and I am hornier than ever! I love experiencing all of the different vaginal fluids that exert out of my gorgeous body during this very fruitful period. My panties literally get fucking soaked with all the discharge that comes out to play, it’s amazing! I feel so potent and full of so many crazy sexual emotions, I just go crazy thinking about a penis inside of me ejaculating all of it’s scrumptious sperm into my womb. I have a bad habit of being a cum dump but it’s how I was raised to be so it comes very naturally! Over and over again I would love to be penetrated and exploded into until I am literally overflowing with jizz and it’s puddling down at my feet as it oozes out of me. I love living this life of absolute total erotic sin!

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