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You’re just my sex toy

Roleplay Phone SexRoleplay phone sex is so much fun and I love a horny and perverted man that knows when to submit to me and all of my wild fantasies. All you’re good for in my eyes is being my personal sex toy that I can play with and do whatever the fuck I please with. You have a throbbing cock and I have a wet pussy that’s begging to be fucked hard and deep, it’s the perfect match! Boys truly are just toys, dildos with a pulse, and you are nothing more! I have you reeled in like a worm on a hook and you cannot break loose from my grip! You love being under my spell, it makes you feel more manly than you have ever felt before! Whenever I want to bounce up and down on top of that big cock of yours, you whip it out and fucking me like I deserve to be fucked! I have so much fun with your cock, I love it!

Phone sex fetish slut

Phone sex fetishI love waking up in the morning with your hard cock pressed against my perfectly round and juicy ass, that makes me so fucking horny! Your warm fingers pulling on my soft nipples as you use your other hand to slip my little g-string down my legs and all the way off of me! My pussy is so fucking wet and I can feel my clit throbbing, dying to be sucked on and played with! Spank my bare ass with your hard dick, you are my sexy fetish and I cannot get enough of your manhood! You are the horny pervert that knows exactly what I want and how I want it, yes please! I can be soft and sweet and rough and raw all at once and you love to indulge in my naughty ways! Bend me over and remind me why you like me so much, hehe.

I’ve got something big for you

tranny phone sexI hope you’re ready lover, because I have something nice and big for you! Get down here on your knees and open wide, I’m going to slide this big cock right down your throat and make you choke, just the way you like it best. I know that you will take your time and suck this dick properly, you’re addicted to it aren’t you? You love the way it fills your mouth completely and the taste of my precum is like heaven for you but I know that your favorite part of being with me is when I fuck that tight ass of yours. Nothing makes you feel more like my whore than when you’re feeling all 12 inches of this giant dick slide inside you, am I right? That’s why you beg for more, beg for me to fuck you harder, deeper faster, you just can’t get enough! Don’t worry lover, I’ll give you everything you need!

Don’t be shy, Fuck me like a little whore

cheap phone sexHave you ever fantasized about fucking the slut that lives in your neighborhood? Every neighborhood has one that walks around acting hard to get knowing that she is so easy. That is me! You can be driving by and see me walking, you could stop and drag me in your car. Of course I will kicking and screaming but there is something you can do for that. You can shove your cock in my mouth and make me suck it. Shove it down my throat and make me gag and spit all over it. You should call me a fucking whore and slap me around, because of course I fucking love that. I want you to give me what I deserve. Show me teasing guys gets you fucked like a slut.

Stroke It!

cum slut phone sexYou want to know what I find so fucking hot? When you stroke your cock for me. I love to watch a man palm fucking himself while I play with my pussy. I also love when you call me and stroke that cock, big or small, and describe it to me in detail. Last night you got me off so hard when we were on the phone both of us getting high and fucking ourselves. You told me you were playing with the head, spreading all that precum around the tip, I wanted to climb through the phone and taste you. But instead I put my hand down my pants and rubbed my clit until I could hear you breathing harder then I stuck two fingers in my now extremely wet cunt. I was moaning and breathing hard right along with you. It felt so good and all I did was imagine that rock hard cock you were jerking. I want to play again but next time I want to be there watching and fuck I want to drink your cum after you let go. Let me clean you with my tongue!

Bouncing boobies bear chase

I went camping this weekend and I should have listened when she told me not to leave food out overnight. I had woken up in the middle of the night needing to piss and I stepped out of the tent. I heard some rustling and I swear I pissed myself because there was a bear rummaging through our cooler where I had left the chips and a few things out. He saw me and decided to give chase.

Adult phone chat

As I rand down the slope of where we were camping my titties kept hitting me in the face, I ripped my shirt and clothes off thinking maybe he was following me because of the smell of food. I I threw the clothes back toward him as I ran. So my titties, and curves were flopping as I ran naked. I slept in a tree until he left , that I had climbed with the bark scratching my ass and the twigs trying to penetrate my naked holes.

Bondage whore Stephanie

Bondage Phone Sex

I need to be treated the way I deserve. Do you think you could do that master? Last week I had sex with over 20 strange men and of course I didn’t use protection because the risk is what makes my little cunt wet. I went to the bar and just picked up every guy I seen and let them bang me by the dumpster and I went the next one. I love being a dirty little cock sucking slut who lets every guy fuck all my holes. I didn’t shower all week so I can feel all that cum built up in my tight little cunt and my rosebud little asshole.

I need you tie me up and give me all the pain, I wan to cry and beg for you to stop. But I need you to not stop and teach my little cunt a lesson. I wanna to learn how to be a good little girl instead of the nasty little bitch.

GFE phone sex in the car

GFE Phone SexThe only thing that gets you through your long and stressful work day is knowing that at the end of the day during your drive home, I am waiting for you call me up and have some fun with me! The nasty, naughty time that we have together releases your stress and makes you feel so much better, to say the least! Especially if you have your nagging wife at home awaiting for your arrival with nothing to offer you but complaints, our nasty phone sex will have you feeling even better! I have my sexiest lingerie on and a big dildo that i’ve been fucking myself with all day long, imagining it as your cock thrusting in and out of me. I can’t get enough of you! I’ve been so patient awaiting our naughty fun, I love answering your call and unleashing all of our wild fantasies on to one another. It’s so sexy to me that you love to hear me play with my wet cunt while you drive your car out in public, hehe. Whether you want to have a quickie or really take your time with me and adorn every inch of my body soft and slowly for hours, we always have the kinkiest time when we fuck each other! It’s so forbidden and it makes me so fucking horny! I love having your big load of cum busted all over my pretty face, it’s even better when I can use my tongue to lick it all up! I’m the hottest mistress that you could ever imagine having GFE phone sex with!

Wanna talk adult phone chat?

Adult phone chatI was thinking earlier how hard it is to find the perfect fuck partner. I mean men get to pull out their cocks, get hard and stick it in a hole. But for me I actually need some stimulation. I need to feel something rub up against my clit, I need visual stimulation of some sort. I need to feel my orgasm slowly come on before I come all over. And although I am notorious for being able to squirt my pussy juice across the room when I come. That kind of dedication does not come from a quickie. I need the time taken to get me to optimal climax status where I feel the burn of wanting something shoved so far inside of me that I could scream from the urge to be stuffed full. Its so hard to get that ultimate rush and shoot it down between my legs for a good pussy squirt aiming straight for my target, usually his mouth. If I am going to eat your cock and swallow your yummy load, I want the same. Open wide!

Bow down and cry bitch!

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a wimpy little bitch boy like you? No sweetie, you are a loser so quit your fucking crying and bow down for your Goddess! You exist to amuse me and to fatten my wallet, that’s it. You certainly don’t get to touch me in any way other than to clean up my well fucked pussy. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and an alpha dog personality… you are nothing like that. You have a tiny little micro penis, a little bitty clitty, a useless little nubbin that could never satisfy any woman! Tell me honestly, has anyone ever looked at that pathetic specimen and not laughed at it immediately?? I know that the first time I saw it I laughed like crazy and all you did was sit there and cry. You are a useless little bitch boy and you could never have a woman like me!

humiliation phone sex

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