Tag Team My Man

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex My daughter was visiting me for a few days. She is a little slut just like her mama I taught her everything she knows from when she was a wee one. She had never met my new boyfriend. We love to share our men and I told her tonight he was coming over. He knew my daughter was up visiting but he did not know that we like to tag team men together. I figured that would be a nice little treat for him. When he showed up later my daughter and I was dressed in matching slutty outfits. We had already started partying and was ready for my man when he showed up. We basically attacked him as soon as he popped in to the house and he was not saying no. His cock got real hard real fast. My daughter and I got his cock in all 3 of our holes. More than once.. A great bonding night for all 3 of us.

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