Sweet Revenge

Tranny phone sexI was bullied all through school because I was different. The main person who made my life a living hell was named Billy. I ran into Billy at a bar and he didn’t recognize me and he hit on me. He bought me a few drinks then we headed to a motel. I told him about my cock and he said he always wanted to fuck a tranny. He undressed me and suck my cock. I could believe Asshole Billy was sucking my cock and I could tell this wasn’t his first time. Eventually, he had me on my knees fucking my tight boy-pussy and it felt so damn good. When he got on his hands and knees I laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck Billy. I fucked him hard and fast, I wasn’t gentle at all. I thought about the torture I endured for all those years and I fucked him harder. I filled his ass with semen and with a smile I revealed my true identity. His face turn red with embarrassment and I finally felt vindicated.

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