Summer house

guided masturbationEach year my family has a huge family reunion and we rent out a summer house for the weekend. It’s a lot of fun but it turns out to be too close for comfort. One day I got so horny I ended up getting in a bind. Well from the beginning, my aunt and uncle were gone and I was raiding my sexy aunts closet. I thought they were going to be gone for a few but I was wrong. I snuck in the closet didn’t think anything threw. Within seconds I was watching them fuck and it was getting me turned on. I like guided masturbation more but I had to be quiet in that closet and I couldn’t make a peep. They went at it for hours and I was getting hornier too. I came so many times watching them fuck. I knocked out and woke up in their bed. I can’t recollect the rest but I’m sure it was good because I was naked and felt sore as fuck the next morning.

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