Sugar and Spice

Age Play Phone SexThey say girls are made of sugar and spice, and that’s totally true. My angels are made of sugar and spice. But my girls also have honey between their thighs. And for the right price, you can bury your face between their legs and taste that sweetness. My girls do a lot more than receive pleasure, they give pleasure. Imagine two little girls on their knees looking up at you with the most beautiful big brown eyes. I’ve taught them everything they need to know about sucking cock. My angels could make a seasoned porn star look like an amateur. Tiny bodies have tiny holes and don’t worry my girls can take cock. You’ll need to lick their kitty-cats really good and get them sloppy wet. I’ve seen my girls take on the biggest dicks without a whimper. Come and have some fun with my little family, you won’t regret it… I promise.

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