Submissive cum dump

Submissive Phone SexI learned a long time ago to never say ‘no’ to a man, regardless of what the circumstances are! When we have submissive phone sex, you love to come in to my room in the middle of the night and shove your rock hard cock in my mouth, knowing damn well that I am not gonna resist you! I am always a very naughty little girl and I get super fucking horny when you put me in my place. As you skull-fuck my throat and raise my chin so that my eyes meet yours, I know that you are going to explode a huge load of cum all over my tongue. Of course I swallow down every last drop of that delicious sperm, hehe it makes me feel like I have a purpose when you force me to suck you dry. You’ve made me to be your own personal cum dump yet again… I love it!


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  1. Moe

    Yes You are my sexy cum dump baby, fuck yes.

  2. paul

    I’ll fuck you anytime bitch

  3. Roger

    I got a big load of cum f=just waiting for you baby

  4. Rex

    Lexi you are my dream girl and you make my cock explode cum juice everytime we are together.

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