Submissive Cum Bucket Brittney

submissive phone sex

I love me a dirty daddy who makes me into his submissive phone sex whore. I promise to do my best at being dirty and if I’m not dirty enough master will pull me by the hair and make me drink his piss. I am expected to keep his guest entertained and to be dirty for men across the globe with my subby life.  Recently Master had me on my leash and paraded me downtown at the night of freaks festival. I was led to the basement club and used for hours, everyone told my Master how impressed they were with his slave. Beer bottles filled my ass and pussy and I was laughed at when I asked for another, please.  It is really that hard to understand that my life is complete submission at all time? I will take ant cock or pussy that my Master tells me too.  I will take a hardcore ass fucking and say thank you because it is who this slutty slave is.  I like It Rough. 

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