Special Delivery!

Hot ass sexIt was time for my dealer to come by and give me my weekly fix. I made sure my little ones were all around and close so he could pick which one he wanted to give him his fix. When he got there he said he had a special surprise for me, something new called crystal. He gave me so much that I ran to the back room to start my fun. Meanwhile he took my little one with the blonde pig tails to the den and closed the door. As soon as I took the crystal my mind went haywire. My pussy got immediately super wet, and my nipples were so hard and sensitive that I couldn’t stop rubbing them. I went to the den where I knew he was fucking my little one real good. I opened the door and to my surprise he wasn’t stretching that tiny pussy yet. She was kissing his dick while giving him a slow hand job with her spit as lube. His cock looked so huge with those little fingers sliding up and down the shaft that I started cumming just looking at them. He said he knew I would come in and he made me suck his cock while my little one sat on his face and fed him that sweet tender pussy of hers. He must have been high too, because the more she poured her juices on his face, the more his cock would throb in my throat. It was jumping and bulging so much it made my pussy so wet. And when he came it exploded like a volcano. I swallowed it all but it was so much cum that it felt like my stomach was full. He then made me lick his face clean of my baby’s juices and he left. The crystal was nice, but I think the fuck session was better. Can’t wait till next week’s delivery.

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