Somebody’s watching me

guided masturbationI came home from campus for winter break, and I decided to unwind and relax while my mom was away. I thought I was back alone, so I got the urge to flip thru some hot porn. I grabbed my laptop as quickly as possible and decided it was a perfect time to let some steam out and just play with my cunny. I have a porn fetish; I sometimes think its worst than most the guys on campus because I can watch porn for hours on end. It’s quite disturbing actually, :p but I don’t regret my extracurricular activity what so ever. While I was rubbing my pussy, I could feel someone was watching me. I have no idea who it could be. Then it dawns on me; It had to be my stepdad. He was watching me get off on guided masturbation porn. I couldn’t believe it, but I just couldn’t stop. I kept rubbing my cunny and could see him from the corner of my eye.

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