Snuff Movie Star

Keep the camera rolling, Sir, and film every move I make for your snuff porn. Before the blood spilling begins, I know it is my duty to get that cock of yours aroused and standing at attention. Let me wrap my tongue around that gorgeous throbbing mushroom head. I love seeing the camera in my face and I know it pleases you to see the scars on my tongue from the last time I dared talk back to you. I can feel them caressing your cock, and I know you can feel their ridges too.

snuff phone sex stephanie
You are cruel to me in ways I could have never dreamed, and I have become the best little submissive bitch you have ever had. Our collection of snuff movies has become enough to fill boxes. I know you sell them all over the country when you travel and leave me alone to starve and heal. How many men have watched my blood spill while they watched your hard cock pound my bloody asshole?

Being your snuff star almost makes me feel like I am worth something. Don’t worry, I said “almost”. I know in my heart I am nothing but a piece of flesh filled with what you desire most – my bright red blood. It shows so well on the camera and I make enough to keep you coming back for only me. Your cock is hard now, Sir, and it is time for my blood to spill. I never close my eyes the way I used to. I have come to love the color as much as your viewers. I look right in your eyes as you sink the first blade inside me right below my breasts.

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