Slavery Phone Sex

Only my master can make me say he is my God and denounce all other Gods but him.  I am solely his worshiper and I do not mind. He is my God making him happy is my only life calling. I was put here as female to serve men, I know my place and I enjoy it completely.  Tonight, I am bond with ropes tightly only my ass and mouth are accessible in these ropes. I am being spread open by my ass and pounded hard. I have a blindfold on, so I know not which of my master’s friends I am entertaining.  I feel a hard member slap my face and I open my mouth instinctively. I want that cock as I feel a leather strap mark my ass as it is being torn apart. I moan in pleasure as another lash is given. I loved being used in every way possible. Being  bound is delightful because I do not have to think about serving I am just tossed and used and that is my purpose tonight as I am gagged by cock and hardcore ass fucked like the good slave I am.

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