Slave Party

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Slave parties are the fuck feast I been dreaming of. I am bathed and a soft piece of wax is molded around my clit to help stop my own pleasure. I am picked up and mounted to a statue with an erect penis just for this purpose. My hands are handcuffed and place behind me on the neck of the statue. The cold marble of the statue is cold and I begin to pump my hips some. I am fucking the enormous statue dick. Master sees me and whips my thighs and makes me stop. People are dressed well and they will pay a high price for the perfect slave tonight.  Male slaves are next to me and they must stay erect as their ass is impaled on their statues.  I am chosen by a tall brunette and a tall blonde man. Money exchanges hands and I am removed and a spiked collar and leather leash are attached. I am on all fours as a but plug with a horse tail is inserted. I lead my mistress and Master to the fucking floor. The mistress pinches my nipples and adds clamps with bells to each nipple. Her leather whip comes out and my ass and pussy are spanked until red. She removes her clothes and I know I must lick her pussy till she comes on my face. I am being penetrated buy Masters cock as the tail bobs up and doww=n while I pleasure them both. I am excited waiting for more play. This night Just got started.

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