Slave Chat

Adult phone char

Adult phone chat with a sex slave. I am that blonde bombshell that has been trained in the ways of submissive slavery well. I can be bound like a hog and still be sucking your dick as I struggle to lap every inch.  I will take loads of cum from a gangbang because that is what you order. I only want to please my master and any that dare to dominate me.

I am a sex slave my cunt and ass are ripe for the taking. I love to be tied up and used. I will be at your feet in my sexy collar and leash subservient as always. I long to please your cock. I know my place in this world.


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  1. Bobby

    I’m gonna titty fuck those yummy tits with my throbbing cock babe.

  2. Roger

    I want you to be my subby

  3. Preston

    You nasty fucking lot lizard you are the best slave ever bitch..

  4. master

    I’d make you my slave any day

  5. Kirk

    Put my hard cock in your mouth and make me feel good slut.

  6. Grant

    You are the best bitch

  7. Zack

    I love to fuck worthless slaves like you.

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