Sissy boys love Mistress Adriana

sissy phone sexSissy Phone Sex is my very favorite! I have no taboos so don’t worry our call will have absolutely no limits. You want to wear my clothes? I know you do. You want to wear my sexy red lingerie and matching thong. You want me to make you wear highest heels that zip up in the back, yeah I know you like that! You want me to make you my bitch; I’m the perfect mixture in control and sexy – and you can’t tell me any different. You’ve been a bad boy you, you know that? You’re going to have to be punished now aren’t you? What will I do today? I’ve got a surprise in store for you, just you wait. Well I’ve already got you all tied up and blindfolded… you love that shit. If you’re lucky I will let you rub that little dick of yours. You want me to let you squirt you little bitch? I would never put that tiny pathetic dick of yours to my mouth, ha, it’s a joke! Now now do you feel that? That’s just part of my surprise! You like it when I rub my big strap on all over your ass? Hmm? I know you like it, don’t tell me you don’t. You like that dick don’t you? You like how it feels I can tell, now stop denying me and just take it! You’re the ultimate little sissy and you’re making this oh so easy… I can tell this isn’t the first time this ass has been fucked too! Mmm, what else do you like that you can’t tell anyone else? You can tell me, I have no taboos and no limits, and I have the potential to give you the orgasm of your life if you do what I say.

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