Sissy Boy Humiliation X3

small cock humiliation phone sex

Here at Fuckaliciousfreaks, we take small cock humiliation seriously. So when you call this big dick loving tramp and tell me you sucked Big thick 9-inch dick for three hours, of course, I am going to run my mouth and tell my big dick loving Sisters!! If any of my sissy boys want to know a real sissy you cant compare to my Richard C. I’d cross the land to see if any sissy boy compared, wink wink. Richard has so many panties and an itty bitty under three-inch clitty stick.  He doesn’t even touch his clitter dick he just comes in his panties for me Lexi and Elaina! Richard smears his lipstick sucking big Redneck straight Men.  He gets called a bitch boy and my favorite…Ball washer!!! Slurp those balls sissy boy!!  We make him turn 50 shades of red from embarrassment. I love it. Every time I get a big dicked caller I think of Richard C. Taking and sucking that big cock right along with me.  Richard is the top Faggot on my list right now, do you dare to compare in some sissy phone sex?  Just because I am feeling generous check out our two-girl specials if you need extra humiliation baby!

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