Sissies need humiliation!

humiliation phone sexLets face it, little wimpy sissy boys need humiliation whether they think so or not! I mean just look at you, you look ridiculous! You could never look as good as I do no matter how much makeup and girl clothes you put on. Clearly you’re just a wannabe but since you wanna be a bitch so bad, lets make you a real one! I am gonna whore you out and let you be the center of attention you’ve always longed to be… you’ll just be in the center of a bunch of real men with big thick cocks for your sissy ass to suck! Oh what’s that? Little sissy boy don’t like dick?? Well that’s just too fucking bad for you now isn’t it? You said you wanted to be a girl, well part of being a girl is wrapping your lips around a big thick cock and taking it deep so lets get it started!

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