Shower Me With That Warm Pee

Golden Shower Phone SexI love being treated as dirty fuck pig, I have that secret obsession with being controlled with a lot of discipline. I guess a punishment would be a nice yellow golden shower, but, to me it really wouldn’t be a punishment per say. You could have me in a white shirt so when I get soaked with your piss it will be like I was in a wet t shirt contest, able to see my nipples right through. I want to hear you jacking off while you tell me how much of a whore I am and how i deserve to be treated that way. I want you to pee right in my mouth and make me swallow it while some dribbles out on my chin and maybe you could even have a few friends and I they could pee all over me and I rub it in my hair and have a collar around my neck so I can easily be pulled. I want those fucks to come in my mouth mixing it with the piss. I love rubbing it all over in my hair and down my shirt with my nipples hard.

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