Shopping Exchange!

I love to shop! So this week end was FANTASTIC for me! Now I don’t fuck around with all those younger whores who love the chase and the hunt. No… I am way to fucking smart for that shit! I wear my sluttiest little outfit! And go to the store I want. Then I go straight to the manager. It doesn’t take long for me to work out a deal. I give him my wish list! And he runs and fills it for me. Hell, most of the time I don’t even have to pay for what I want! When the manager come back. I make sure he cums again for me! This week end I did it 4 times! Marty was my favorite! He called my wish list down to the floor while I was sucking his cock! He was still buried deep inside me, fucking me, when I heard on his radio, my packages were ready for me to pick up at the customer service desk! I loved how big and fat his cock was! He really stretched me wide open! I would have fucked him for FUN! I let him cum deep inside me. And made a date for next weekend! As I was leaving I heard him call down to the front desk and tell them to save the receipt that he would pay for it later! Man I love this weekend!

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