Shoe Fetish

I met a man today at the shoe store. I was looking for something new for work when I spotted this man in the used shoe section sniffing every used pair of shoes. He would take a pair of shoes one by one, put them right up to his nose and take a big whiff. Each time he did that I could see relief come over his entire body. I also noticed a nice size bulge protruding from his pants. I must say I could feel my clit throbbing at each breath he took. I had no idea why it was turning me on but it damn sure was. I walked closer to the guy hoping he would see me before he saw me looking at him. From the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at me. He quickly put the shoes down trying to play it off cool. I knew it was safe to look in his direction once the shoes were down. When we made eye contact he smiled and said he was looking for a gift for his wife. I smiled at him, picked up a pair of shoes and put them up to my face. I took a deep breath in, smelling every aroma coming from this used pair of shoes. The man’s eyes got big and his bulge got even bigger. I looked up at him smiling and said, I just love the way a used pair of shoes smell. That is when the man took me by my arm and swung me through the double doors, leading us to the back of the store. I let him lead the way while he was still holding on tight to my arm, thankfully we did not see an employee in sight. The man swung me on a wooden bench and begged for my sweet cunt. All of this excitement has made my cunt a throbbing wet mess. I told him yes but only if he took my shoes off and I could watch him smell them first. Damn, he looked at me like I was a goddess after saying that. He ripped my shoes off, putting his nose as far as he could inside of them. Seeing a man sniff my sweaty shoes is such a fucking turn on. I grabbed his head and dug his face deep into my wet cunt. He was so horny and hot for me and slurped up every bit of my warm juices. Then the man ripped his pants off, revealing his thick throbbing white cock. I could tell he was ready for me, he laid on his back with his cock sticking straight up. He looked up at me and said I want to see that fat black ass riding this cock. I wasted no time dipping my pussy right down on him. He fucked me so good I squirted all over him. I now make it a priority to shoe shop in the used section more often.

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