She Likes It Rough

strap-on phone sex melindaWhen I saw her coming up the walk my cunt began to throb from excitement! I know she likes it rough and I love giving it to her just like that. I love feeling her body under mine, squirming and grinding her pussy up against mine while I pinch and pull her nipples until they are purple, bruised and swollen. She moans with delight the more pain I inflict. It isn’t long before I am grabbing the biggest fucking strap on I have and fastening it around my waist so that I can shove it deep into her waiting, aching ass. Her legs spread wide and my hands wrapped around her neck. She can barely feel them at first but I know just hoe to increase the pressure while I am fucking that tight ass of hers. I can feel her struggle to breath the more pressure I apply and at the same time her body responds with a quickened excitement as she nears her orgasm. She is one hell of a fuck and a little wild cat. The best part is looking up at the girls watching and fingering their little cunts while mommy fucks her friend!

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