Sexy GFE Hope

gfe phone sexBaby I know you’re bored with your wife or girlfriend. They keep giving you the same thing over and over and only I know how to please you and make you cum and feel that special way. I have a fun little fantasy that we could make a reality. Relax and pull out your cock and picture this peek into my devilish mind. Let’s say we let her catch you and me together, have her walking in while i am worshiping your cock and balls, let her see that i’m not afraid to do that thing with my tongue that makes your little asshole tingle while i stroke that hard cock of yours. I will look her straight in the eyes as I take your cock deep in my throat as you pump your cock in and out of it like a little pussy. Imagine Pounding me from behind as we both watch her stare at us, she’s so mad but turned on watching you do things that she never let you do with me. Let’s have her watch you stretch my eager little asshole. It looks so hot doesn’t it when it puckers and quivers when you tease my brown eye with just the tip of your cock begging for you to push it in.

After she watches in disbelief that you would even dare to cheat on her we should make her eat out the cum in whatever hole you choose to fill, because now I am the top girl and she will just be getting your cum via my holes. Maybe if shes lucky i will let you fuck her again, just maybe though. I much prefer to see her little cunt get wet with need and desire just to be denied because her cock is now all mine and she only gets left overs. This fantasy is so hot to me, i hope you agree! I just can’t wait to make your cock shoot buckets of cum just for me!

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