Ringing in the New Year

creampie phone sexI have very special plans for tonight and the best part of it is that the guy I will be with has absolutely no idea how the night will actually go. You see, he thinks that we are going to get dressed up and go to a black tie event, he even picked out a tux and everything but he won’t be needing it. I have something a little different in mind because I can tell that he is not a real man. He tries to act all manly but I can see his inner faggot screaming to be let out so tonight I will give him no choice, I have a sexy outfit picked out for him and he will be wearing it whether he wants to or not. I will force him to put on the sexy red thong and matching bra I chose for him and humiliate him while he struts around getting used to how they feel. Then he will have to put on the sexy little black dress and heels before I make him do his makeup and hair the way I like it. Once he is completely dressed as a woman I will empty his wallet because I deserve his money more than he does. Then the real fun will start, he will get to watch me fuck several real men so that he can learn to be my new little clean up boy. By the end of the night he will be my brand new little sissy bitch and I will own him for life!

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