Rent is Due

Mommy phone sexThe landlord came by today because I didn’t pay him. I spent all of my money on Powder and my babies haven’t made it back yet. Those little fuckers better step it up. But when he got her he was so pissed and I was so high it made it worse. One of my little ones saw what was going on and walked through the room naked just to distract him. I saw him stare and lock his eyes on her. He said maybe we could work something out. In the end I let him pick which of my two babies he wanted most and he fucked them for hours. I know he was surprised that they could take his whole dick so well but I have trailed them all for a long time. He stretched their little asses and came on both of their cute little faces and then watched them lick each other clean. Now rather than paying him every month I just let him get my babies whenever he wants for free. I guess these little sluts stepped up.

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