Rare China

adult phone chat chinaMy name is really Kimmy Lee, but men call me “China Doll.” I’m actually from Vietnam and not Chinese at all. My father was Chinese and resented my birth. He wanted a son and since in China only one brat is allowed, I was put into an orphanage.
Since I was a tiny girl and very pretty, I was sold to a prostitute dealer. He took me to New York and sold me to a trainer for $500. The trainer’s job was to teach me to please and service wealthy clients, mostly fat white men who liked little girls.
My training started with manners and etiquette, kind of like Geisha training. I was very young and little girls that age were very desirable. I knew my virginity would be sold to the highest bidder. With my tiny frame, no tits, and a bald pussy, I was a goldmine.
Sure enough, I was purchased by a fat, balding pig. The first night, I smiled silently as he pushed his tiny penis into me. I was now owned by a sissy boy. His tastes were unique. He loved it when I put on costumes and made him wear panties. His collection included an array of whips and bondage equipment. His little cock would spurt loads on my inner thighs when I spanked him. I loved to watch his wrinkled face twist up with the joy my punishment would bring.
Soon, he began bringing his pathetic friends to the house. Disciplining these pieces of shit took on a new meaning. Not only did I become an expert at edging, I became the queen of financial domination. These fat fucks couldn’t wait to give me money and buy me gifts. I opened my own line of massage parlors and began to train my own girls.  You’ll hear about them in another blog.
Now, here’s what I expect from you. You will be obedient. You wear panties. No do not talk. You will do as you are told. I may or may not let you come and I will make you spend every dime to worship me. I expect devotion and gifts. I can be sweet and kind or I can be your worst nightmare. What you get is up to you. China Doll is a Mistress of Steel.

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